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How Democrats Tipped Off Their Game Plan—in 4 Photos



Judge Juan Merchan

Chain of Events Leading to the Trump Conviction:

In May, 2020, just over four years ago, George Floyd was killed during a confrontation with a police officer, Derek Chauvin, who was photographed with his knee over Floyd’s neck while carrying out a drug arrest. Medical reports concluded that the knee, and not the drugs in Floyd’s system, were the cause of his death.

But this was in Minneapolis, so even the medical case was quickly politicized, and George Floyd was quickly enshrined as the reigning victim saint of Racism. Chauvin is still in prison, and George Floyd had become a national icon of racial injustice. Protests and memorials, even statuary and art, sprung up all over the country. And criminal violence spread, particularly in major blue cities in the American Midwest.

So, in August, 2020, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a second wave of violent protests occurred commemorating the “Event”, where gangs could cover the streets, burning property, and menacing people with their firearms. A 17-year old kid named Rittenhouse, from Illinois, joined six other friends to help defend their Asian friend in Kenosha to defend his business, And it was on those streets that Kyle Rittenhouse was confronted by three armed males. In the photo above you can see part of that engagement. Kyle shot and killed two of the thugs, and injured the third.

Bottom line, with this shooting the use of violent gangs in public streets has been been ended. Why? Because violent streets no longer paid off, It was no longer fun. “Volunteer rioting” simply stopped after the Kenosha jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse and it hasn’t been seen in public streets since. Over 2 years now.


The American Left and their financial backers have learned they can no longer achieve anything political by paying goons to go shoot up a public street. And it will stay that way until something better comes along.

So, now, with violent street dollars no longer paying off, the Left has had to turn to lawyers and courts. And as you know, especially in the Blue states, the American Left has had success in those regions of America in getting hand-picked candidates under the auspices of various left-wing Secretary of States Projects.

Then came the J6 Capitol riots, which clearly was an inside job, led by a combination of state and federal governments and compliant DC media, exposing a newer kind of template of government/police overreach which appeared to the public-at-large as being outside their ability to do anything about.

Suddenly we’re finding individual states, now New York and the Trump trial, presuming the ability to reshape and mold federal law, including jurisdictions, in matters of national importance and interest….with the voters largely unable to do anything about it….as we’re about to see in New York, where Alvin Bragg, (pictured above) has stood out and has now wormed his office into ground zero of what is about to happen next.

Remember, in 2020, the fear of pandemic from Covid didn’t just allow, but mandated voters to be able to vote without having to appear at a specific polling place, allowing all sorts of substitutes, thus magnifying the possibility for voter fraud. At least five states, interestingly “swing states” all, shut down counting votes for several hours. And yes, several courts, including SCOTUS, refused to intervene.


Now, what I’ve been doing here is connecting a few dots between the American Left’s belief it can manipulate the criminal court system in key venues, as they did in the DC Circuit after J6, and now in New York City, by being able to hog-tie Donald Trump.

And they have started this in the image of Juan Merchan, the acting New York Supreme Court Judge who presided over the recent case where Trump was found guilty of all charges in the hush money case involving  his former lawyer, Michael Cohen and the stripper/aka/hooker Stormy Daniel. I won’t go thru the disputed facts of those cases, but simply that Judge Merchan oversaw the entire case….and because Judge Merchan had little in the way of connection with Trump’s previous court appearance, one has to pause and ask “How did Merchan get such an important case assignment, since he was not a part of the New York political workings?”

Who is this guy?

You see, Juan Merchan came to the US at age 16, and came up the hard way thru college and law school. An impressive rise, and one that was not tied to politics, or so it seems.

So Merchan’s authority and rulings in the recent Trump trial came out of the blue. It’s from his model we have to try and consider the Democrat’s game plan and our response, for nationwide, I suspect there are dozens of Merchan’s waiting in the wings, as well as dozens of Alvin Bragg’s waiting for their stage call, as well.

If you will recall, after the arrests and trials of all (or most) of the J6 defendants in the DC jurisdiction, little was known about the judges who tried those cases, and who handed down an exorbitant array of jail time without much in the way of national or even regional attention to fairness vs unfairness of those trials; i.e, jury trials, almost no media outrage, or just plain ol’ attention. Most news readers didn’t react because it was too convoluted for citizens around the country to know.

The same occurred the with recent Trump trial.

So look for more. I only see two possible routes to defeat this, a direct intervention by the Supreme Court, which would throw the shoe upon the other foot, forcing the Left to turn to guns (where the citizens greatly outnumber them…and can shoot straighter…yes, a kind of civil war)…or the core of the government fires approximately 65%-70% of its staffs, including education, or returns those job descriptions to the states..

In short, there is a 40-year way to fix this (2-generations) or a 5-year way, which the Founders had thrust upon them

Today, I much prefer the latter…and 90% of the writing in this Vassar Bushmills website has been dedicated to that theme.

Vaya con Dios


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