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Shutting Off the Bratling Valve at the Tap/ Part I, Identifying the Types


I’ll let you give your own names to these various “types” of bratlings below. They have a rich and storied history in the United States, one which is a little different from their histories from the Old World, going back centuries. I’ll add a chronology of that in a future chapter, for it’s important to note the basic differences between the two types of “coinage”. There are many connecting points that are universal, but they are different.  And there are natural law reasons for that.

But the main value of identifying these mental and social quirks is about the most recent editions of Americans for we now find ourselves at a juncture where something has to be done about these people soon (very, very soon) for it’s clear many are now being created in laboratories, much like Tolkein’s orcs, and are doing the bidding of others; dancing like marionettes’ for invisible hands that have specific political goals they want to achieve.

The pool the puppet-masters can now rely on to be useful in America now numbers in the hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions. Even their handlers don’t know for sure. But you all recognize them. Some of their faces have almost become trademarks.

Give them any name you want but they all represent a “type” many of which most of you can recognize from your middle school years the past three or four generations, probably college since the Vietnam War.

There is nothing innately political about these types. The one on the left I recognize from my high school class in the early 60s. She was an overweight only child, but as a daughter of company management was invited to every party. The girl on the left is more easily recognized, girl or boy, if you’ve visited the toy aisle at Walmart…or even FAO Schwarz…whether in front of dolls or Legos.

One does just not pick these facial expressions up at age 18. The Left has no Teat-fit boot camps, only finishing schools. And whatever drugs they may be using by that age has less to do with defining them than merely sustaining them.

For years you have been treated in these pages to a view of how these mobs of young people ended up as centerpieces in this dystopian world. Some may have a longer history, going back to the Occupy Movement around 2011, (which is ancient history to today’s GenZ), but as I mentioned in my opening piece on Wokeism, on the timelessness of this sort of narcissism, the modern marketing practice is to rename them periodically just to hold onto that sense of newness that is so important to “selling” political activism to modern youth. “Woke” is only the most recent.

And no, they aren’t just females but for the most part males and females do stand at arms length; guys preferring to throw things, the girls preferring to scream expletives. A little bit of natural law there. And it may help explain why so many males choose not to go onto college nowadays, leaving so many degree programs (soft science, esp..sociology, psychology, education) to the girls while guys a can jump straight into programming and tech support with only the assistance of in-house training. (As I mentioned previously, my dad became a professional civil engineer via a six-month course of the mining company who owned our town, and four years of apprenticeship before being certified by state boards.)

Debates continue as to which are the better paid, but socially, the ring-knocking females do appear to have down better, as I’ll discuss in the next chapter, and you will find these molotov-cocktail throwing males

…are not the ones who find steady work with security and tech companies, but are more apt, like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 13 and wounded 21 as seniors at Columbine High School in Colorado on Lenin’s birthday in 1999, which then was the largest mass school shooting in American history (on Bill Clinton’s watch), to satisfy other needs. Bottom line, their technological educations stopped with internet war-gaming.

These photos are of “the herd” to which most of them belong. But you have to wonder, did they flip coins to determine who would be out front, banner girls, and who would be back in the pack? In all likelihood there is a pecking order, and a stage-master, just as if this show were about to be presented at The Globe.

Did these young girls win an audition to be the weekly “Princess of Sheer Hatred” or is she so commonplace that any street photographer could have found one?


It’s no different than the boys who showed up in Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville, Louisville, Seattle, etc, after Donald Trump became president, mostly under the flag of Antifa, but also BLM or Black Lives Matter…and also, if there is no counter-mob present to acquire the best photo ops, many will come dressed under the banner of mysterious opposition groups. (We first noticed this at Charlottesville.)

Note: You may recognize the pics, but has anyone bothered to learn their names, or histories?

Antifa was often recognized as simply a second generation of the Occupy Movement, where indeed many received their initiation. I was able to follow many of those through their introductory seminars at Washington University in St Louis, to first round initiations in New York and Oakland, and even here in Richmond. Through friends who walked the beat in those early days I learned that the organizers of Occupy had people on the ground to approach volunteers who showed potential in enthusiasm and talent, to offer them employment and further training. Just like any start-up, those kids of 2011-12 would have matured (with several “battle ribbons”) and become senior line officers and even staff planners, by the time Antifa arose in 2017-2018 as well-organized troops in all sorts of anarchistic tactics. Payrolls may run into six figures.

And yes, mom often, dad sometimes (just look for the castration scars) contributed,

Boys went from this:


to this:

to this:

and sometimes, if they had a high school or college teaching gig, with this:

                     (“Pencil Neck”, One of Tucker Carlson’s star guests a few years ago)

Today, they can carry out all sorts of missions, from parade marches to mini-riots to some fairly serious property damage, and have developed their own types of infantry and artillery.

But tell me, can you spot the wealthy, spoiled bratling with a privileged background, from  the drugged-out street kid whose dad was a factory worker or mom an office secretary from these photos…all taken in Portland?

Study the eyes first.

Would you recognize them 10 years later in a corporate or university office?

Actually, the question should be: Can you tell the upper-middle class kid versus the Antifa recruit living in an abandoned storefront?


At least Portland PD took the time to take them in, book them, take their photos, before releasing them, which is also how it was in 1968 in Chicago, when the Chicago PD rounded up the same mix of college students and anti-war anarchists at the Chicago Democrat National Convention, where America’s hippie culture preferred Eugene McCarthy over the Democrat Establishment’s Vice-President Hubert Humphrey, who echoed LBJ’s war plans in Vietnam.

Some city PD’s don’t even bother with that, often on orders from the mayor’s or city district attorney’s office.

All we know is that media has no interest in any of these faces beyond “the moment”.


In Chicago in 1968 they were also tossed in the back of paddy wagons, taken to the precinct, and mug-shot before being released…only…unlike these Portland kiddos, some of those in ’68 may have had bumps, bruises and black eyes. Chicago cops used billy-clubs.

Linkage No 1: 1968 was when the Vietnam War was no longer LBJ’s and the Democrats’ war, and would quickly become Nixon’s and the Republicans’ war in 1969. The out-of-power Dems would then have to do a U-turn and vilify a war they had started and glorified (and possibly even started as a proxy war) four years earlier.

Why that matters is that the Vietnam anti-war effort expanded to go directly to the heart and soul of the American Left’s love affair with both the Soviet Union and the more “romantic” China, which had just begun its own “Cultural Revolution” in 1966, using, you guessed it, Chinese youth, to grab up all the old timers (except Mao, of course) and shame them out of their decadent managerial ways. (Which, incidentally, is how China ended up anyway, rich and bourgeois, only keeping Mao around as a kind of totem.)

Like Lenin’s birthday (Earth Day in the US) they parade these posters from time to time just to try and keep the connecting knots tied. (Not working, by the way.)


Members of the Xiangyang Commune in Jiangsu Province take part in the campaign to “Criticize Lin Biao and Confucius”, one of the last large “campaigns” dictated by members of Chinese government in charge of the Cultural Revolution.

The next year, 1969, with a Republican in the White House, the Weather Underground was established, (without Soros money) as an action wing of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).

Student radicals were among the first to abused and overused of the same term “democracy” in much the same way they abuse it today.

Now connect this:

The Weather Underground was headed by a Michigan grad, Bill Ayers. Ayers is a year older than me, but we both received our BA’s in Political Science in 1968, around the time of that Chicago Convention. He was already a campus activist, and when things didn’t go as quickly as he liked he joined SDS, then formed the Weathermen Group because SDS was too tame and too slow for his tastes. Ayers demanded quicker results…a typical foot-stomping toy-aisle-at-FAO Schwarz syndome, “I want it and I want it now”. See his pic, below.) But Ayers also liked to design actions on the ground…tactics, something I also lean towards, if you read my “Dark Alley” posts.

The Weathermen made bombs that killed people, including a couple of their own, with bad wiring. (Just look them up on Google, and thumb through the Image gallery.) They were designated as a Terrorist Organization by the FBI. A few were caught and sentenced to hard time, but Bill and Bernadette Dohrn went into hiding, and didn’t emerge until 1980. (Read their bios as well as the history of the Weathermen on Wikipedia, for you’d hardly know they even knew one another, which is probably due to their later involvement with Barack Obama.) In 1980 they came out from hiding after the Justice Department decided to drop the charges against them based on some FBI investigational misconduct, and they hadn’t any fingerprints on any other deaths that had occurred in the 70s.

So they just took up residence in one of Chicago’s more prestigious residential areas, both immediately accepted in the academic communities there. I had a client who lived there, also as a child of privilege, so I knew the area. (I went to a thrift store in Highland Park that had about 15 tuxedos. No, really.) And it was there they came to be acquainted with Barack and Michele Obama, and likely began planning out his career. How that connection was made has not been made known, another carefully guarded secret, along with all of Barack’s pre-Senate rise to national notice. But even Amos and Andy could tell there was clearly a coordinated rise in the proper leftist circles.

And the Ayres were in the middle of it.

Also, of note, for connection purposes: Those 1980 federal refusals to risk trial against the Weathermen came from an FBI and DOJ that had just moved in with the Jimmy Carter regime, who, I remind you, was chosen at the first Democrat National Convention after the Party had declared itself to be “of the Left” in 1976. But it selected Jimmy Carter; a Joe Biden-lite, a Christian man without guile, so one who could be led around by the nose. But he made very few decisions on his own.

(I raise this connection because the person who played a major role in stealing the party away from the center and to the Left that year was a California convention delegate named Nancy Pelosi, who would not enter elected politics for another decade, 1987. Since the resonant chord throughout this series is the existing sense of privilege that has made its radical home in the Democrat Party since Woodrow Wilson…if there is any continuity throughout this story, it would be Nancy Pelosi, who can lay claim to most of the last half-century, for she was the daughter of a Baltimore mayor, a congressman, and was a debutante, so one who could afford her vices very young. Her only job has been in politics, for over 40 years now.)

Next: What happens when the Harridans grow up and enter society?


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