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What is to be Done?- A New Era of Founders

(A Teaching)

It wasn’t the Founders that created America, but “the Americans” who created the Founders, and anointed their ability to create not only a series of documents, comparable to the cosmological dualism of the Bible, pitting Good versus Evil, but a process by which free men and women can create a type of government which can regenerate itself every third or fourth generation, in doing so, outlive the top-down king system that dominated history (and political organization) for 5000 years.

This freedom (the Left thinks of this as ‘license’) has been the key element that had been denied almost all of the world’s regimes dating back to the Egyptians and Sumerians; building something that lasts.

And by “lasts” I don’t just mean those pyramids and other monuments.

America is provably God’s repudiation of that convenient notion adopted by the Church in the 9th Century about “divine rights”, as David Poff laid out in A User’s Guide For Our Imperfect Union (2021), (and to which I contributed), and found at Amazon.com.

We should always be humbled by the things we don’t know…but also embarrassed by the things we no longer even know to ask, for we are entering an age where we let our governments do our thinking and asking for us. There’s much to be learned by simply thinking deeper about primitive Man and the ancients, and it all has to do with the way they put two-and-two together. And it comes down to the simple notion that causes “a mentally and morally healthy person to pause and reflect.”

That’s how things work.

History, if it tells us anything, is that certain laws of nature determine whether societies and nations can long exist in servitude, for history shows that only one-in-ten rulers are Good (let alone Great), three-in-ten are benign, and six-in-ten are bad on several scales, from indolent-to-mean-to-indifferent, indifference arguably the greater killer. History also tells us, without giving Natural Law an ounce of credit, that “the people” always rebel, sometimes violently but also with the one true power they have, and that is denying the rulers that which they want to accomplish, mostly by not showing up to work, e.g., crops fail, production lines slow to a stop because workers call in sick (actually drunk or hung over). Lenin actually recognized this natural law by 1924, and decided collectivization of Russian farms was a bad idea since farm production had dropped by half. But Stalin disagreed and suddenly Lenin died. (That’s sometimes how things work.) But so also did 3 million Ukrainians, from a great “famine” because Stalin had to commandeer Ukraine’s  crops to feed his people in Russia, leaving their pantries bare. That was 90 years ago and the hatred of Ukrainians for Russians persists, after the Soviet Union ceased to exist because the whole general plan of the USSR had failed, leaving 250 million citizens in an existential wilderness, none of them knowing who they ever were beyond just a little more a century ago.

The general survival rate of royal dynasties and authoritarian regimes is about 70 years, three-generations, hence my oft-cited 3-generation rule. So far, Communist regimes have proved it, just as did most of the royal families of Europe and Asia under their own versions of “divine rights of kings”. In their end inbreeding killed a large number of those, but in medieval times, many were conquered by another prince as their reigns became soft and comfortable by the third generation of the ruling family. Easy pickings. This same has even been true of corporations once their founding family had lost interest in the brand, and become content with living off the wealth their “brand” has given them (as I recently discussed about the Rockefeller brand and the Republican Party.)

But the question looms; Why has America been the exception now for over 235 years? I’ve told that story, piecemeal, in over 100 essays since 2011, categorized as American Exceptionalism. 

But it isn’t luck. Something had to be in the water supply that the first Americans drank from. You’ll find most of what I say here in those pages, cited above, as well as Dave Poff’s book, cited above.

What is to be Done?

So, more specifically as to “What is Needed to be Done in 2022 and 2024”, a series which I begin here, the enemies of the America-as-Founded group, mostly Leftists, but also international corporatists, authoritarians, and just plain ol’ elitists and exclusivists, have peered more deeply into what makes this country tick, things we have been advised and warned about since the World War, by patriots and churchmen alike. The Left wanted to know where our weak points are, while we were on a slow roll toward taking all those ingredients for granted. High among them, since the early 1960’s, when Nancy Pelosi was an unmarried Baltimore debutante, was a generation of spoiled, educated children, who at first were targets, but now have been developing a generational plan that has quietly worked for two generations, and is now entering into its third. They believe, after Gen 3, they’re home free…for the family tree of America’s elites will have been blind for three generations. All they need is to find a way to strip away all those guns without serious bloodshed. Trust me, they have backup plans that are as strident as Pol Pot’s or Stalin’s gulag. You’d have to go back to the heyday of Nazism among the young and impressionable in Germany, 1924-1938, to find entire classes of young people literally blinded by this sort of hate and malice. We are approaching that here. And you know the usual carriers; schools, mass media, easy access to drugs, and separation from any sense of right and wrong and moral accountability.


I’m only going to give an outline here, but will expand as we get through this 2022 election season, for tactics and strategies will change regardless of which side controls Congress in January 2023.

We just need to look outside the box as to how 2023 and 2024 may play out, beginning with scuttling ideas that the political alliances of the past in state and national politics will be carried forward. If we try to continue the old processes we’ll end up on the chopping block of history, and all that thinking that went into 1776 and 1787 will have to be re-thought, re-learned, and probably re-fought all over again, in the next century. Kiss your children and grandchildren good-bye for a generation or more.

If we win in 2024, with or without Donald Trump, we’ll have to come up with new plans, for the old ones won’t work anymore. Trump’s fingerprints will be all over them, since he single-handedly brought about 40 million Americans (who I call the “hidden army”) out of the dark and back into the fight. He didn’t create them, they created him,

…but he had the longer vision to know what that meant and that what we will have to do is lay the groundwork for a 40-year revival, or “great awakening” which will sweep away the dirty bath water of the past 30 years…without also throwing out the baby.

Trump probably had that 40-year vision in 2017, only, couldn’t find team members with the same sort of long-vision in key critical areas. I think DOJ, FBI and CIA caught him off guard as to how deep into their bureaucracies their swamp-loyalties ran. Now he knows that 50% of most of their bureaucracies need to go, as well as a few agencies in their entirety. And I think he knows the sorts of people to hire to accomplish that. (John Bolton will not be one of them.)

America’s survival history vis a vis the Constitution was framed by our first five presidents, all of whom had a personal connection to the Revolution and the Constitution. And to General Washington, who, as it turns out, became the national symbol of the Revolution and Independence. Washington was the symbol that re-generated us as a people for generations to come, for he stood for all the things ordinary people felt was necessary to be passed onto their children, for the benefit of the survival of the family. It wasn’t just national, it was personal.

And Washington was the best strategic thinker of the lot!

I can think of several others, Federalists and anti-Federalists alike (right now I’m partial to the Sam Adamses out there, since we’re not out of the woods just yet), but George Washington was the name that was passed from generation-to-generation, and whose biography was even read by an 11-year old kid by the light of a cabin fire in Kentucky around 1820. That kid was Abraham Lincoln, who historian Richard Brookhiser referred to as Founder’s Son in his 2016 biography of Lincoln, for Abe bequeathed Washington’s torch into the 20th Century, where my father joined to fight in America’s last existential war, in 1942-45, and my brothers and I would follow in a lesser war, in Vietnam.

George Washington and those first five presidents outlined the sort of constancy to the Constitution for close to 40 years, not 4, not 8, but 40, that was required to have it embedded into the American soul…which was regenerated into the 1960s, when the Democrats turned Left and a new plan of action evolved. We are seeing (they believe) the last edition of that process, three-generations later.

They thought they had things well in hand going into the 2016 election.

Love him, or hate him, it was Donald Trump who mobilized at least 20 million Americans to unexpectedly come out of their hobbit-holes in 2016 and catch the Left off guard. He them added another 10 million-plus in 2020, many of them disaffected Democrats who saw the light…only the Democrats were ready and the midnight steal began. And Dinesh D’Souza has proved it. Will the courts hear this proof, knowing the calamity their decision, either way, might cause? I hope so, because it was keep the violence at a minimum.

But we have been witness to a slow-rolling “great awakening” since 2010. (See Schweikart & Allen’s Patriot’s History of the United States, and simply go to the index and look up “Great Awakening”. Its authors lists two, but I believe we’ve had others, and are watching another unfold now, and this one may very well define who will win in the upcoming test of national will.

So, you need to lay aside politics as you’ve known them in the past.

We’ll have a better picture by Spring, 2024, after the 2022 midterms.

But any ideas right now about what might happen these next two years is pure conjecture, for the political Left may not be disciplined enough to manage their own more radical elements. Either way, politics-as-usual is over…and you should have known this with the J6 hearings and trials. So stop wringing your hand wishing for a return of the good old days. Even Ronald Reagan left office regretting not cleaning house in the federal bureaucracy, but truth was, he didn’t have the front-office brainpower to know how to handle it. Trump does.

In the past, I’ve suggested Oliver Cromwell thinking as a possible 5 year “Lord Protector” which allowed him to restore Parliament without all the delay games. English history was split about 50-50 on him through Margaret Thatcher, but they all agreed he saved the country.

Donald Trump will decide what his role will be, based on his own knowledge about his health. But he commands the allegiance of the majority of the Republican Party plus sizeable minorities inside Democrat ranks (crossovers) who are likely not to vote for anyone else unless he endorses them.

Don’t begin this next critical phase of this so-far non-shooting war by trying to pit any other good person against him. It’s his call.

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