Every spring, in the bathroom sink, dozens of little black ants come out of the woodwork and dance around the basin. After 65 years of either squishing them with my finger or washing them down the drain by turning on the faucet, it dawned on me to ask the big question: Am I being more cruel by turning on the water, and then watch them struggle for a couple of seconds before going down the drain, where I can’t see them, or by simply, like a giant asteroid out of the sky, reach down and squish them with my thumb? Instantaneous death.

You see, little microscopic bugs have the same survival instinct to survive drowning that humans do…they struggle to get out of the whirlpool and latch their feet onto dry pavement and get their tiny little heads above the water, just any human would. You see, the body, all living bodies, are wired instinctively to survive, whether me at 76, or me at 6 months. Or those little bugs.

Now, don’t think about this too deeply, for you and I both know we’re going to get rid of those little fellows, and in the natural order of things…hawks killing ground squirrels or sunbathing trout, lions killing little baby wildebeest or crippled old grandma wildebeest (the slowest and the weakest law)…this is supposed to happen. It’s just that way. Natural law.

But for 10,000 years that we know, at least since Man was able to write, many Men have justified their killing or enslavement of weaker peoples by what we used to call “Social Darwinist” principles…survival of the fittest. Hitler was such a person, driven by hate. And if you think deep down, so was Karl Marx and his intellectual progeny, driven by deeper reasons, bolstered by a deep sense of entitlement, and a deep, deep jealousy and resentment that lesser men than he should have more wealth and power than he.

I’d wager Vladimir Putin is also of that ilk, only, as are so many dictators, he probably hasn’t internally philosophized (had deep thoughts) about it very much it. See, it’s much easier for Ol’ Clootie just to go directly after the most carnal of viral sins; avarice, gluttony, and greed high among them, all propped up with a general l ignorance (probably in Putin’s case) or indifference, in the case of the Klaus Schwab’s of the World Economic Order, or even George Soros and his heirs, to the deeper philosophies of higher thinking.

Where does this leave the other 90% of Mankind, for the governments envisioned by all of these “types”, what I call “top-down types” see us all living in relative comfort, at least so long as we do what we’re told, allowing us only things…in culture, literature, entertainment…that will keep us fat but not sassy.

Of course, there’s Natural Law to contend with in this model, for it has a built-in life span, based on the type of management systems those at the top will choose to employ. We know, for instance, that bureaucratically-managed government systems fail within a three-generation cycle, roughly 70 years. Marxism regimes. Old Clootie says “What the Hell” and just moves onto a new territory, leaving the lost territory in shambles, such as Russia. He’s already started a new generation in oil rich Venezuela, as well as several more start-ups around the world. Now historically, the Divine Right of Kings system, called the Feudal System, lasted closer to a 1000 years, only it was built on a different system, the ownership of all the land in the civilized world, plus the colonial world Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands and England could then grab after the Feudal System collapsed, which grew the “ownership of land” quotient after the Black Death (Bubonic Plaque) had destroyed the royal ownership of land and serfs that went with it. It would take a world war to finally end the king system.

In short, Nature is always one step ahead of those dreamers’ plan, and so it will always be.

Man cannot destroy the earth…or all life on it. Period. Man can probably destroy Man, but only probably. But all Life? Not a chance, neither nuclear, nor biologically. Only God, however you conceive Him to be, has His finger of the button that could blow the earth to smithereens.

Frederich Hayek dropped out of the Catholic Church because he said the Church saw God in such small terms, who, as the Creator, or Intelligent Designer, however you choose to conceive Him to be didn’t just create the earth but all the things in the heavens; the Universe. Men like Albert Einstein could conceive this grand scope, and stopped being atheists because of it.

This is a thought, a defensive thought, if you prefer, that should always linger at the back of your minds, for then you can know that it’s like to have that giant Hand reach out of the sky and squish us all like a bug in the bathroom sink. Only God can claim that authority because only God can claim that power.

And should that occur, just like that bug who was squished with the thumb, it will be quick and painless, for God will not have us scrambling around trying to swim against an overpowering flood…unless we have totally turned or backs on God.

So, mind those children born after 1981, Millennials, GenZ and Gen Alpha, and take back those schools. I see only a 30-year window to pull this off. And remember the death of the Feudal System, which failed because it was built from the top, down. This “new” system must reflect the origins of the free people of the United States, all God-fearing, from the bottom up.

Or we may all die by being flushed down the toilet.





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