I’ve written before about the symbolism of the hanging scene in Larry McMurtry’s “Lonesome Dove”, which first appeared on TV  in 1989. (You’d be the better for having watched it.)


I’ve written at least three (2014, 2016 and 2020) additions to the original write-up of 2011, all with the film clip, shown below, referring to how various kinds of misbehavior can turn ugly should society just up and say it’s tired of the way the government class is arrogating power over people without clear authority to do so.

Today, in light of the growing discord between parents and their schools and school boards over issues such as curricula, and denying parents any say about it, not to mention masking rules for children, which more and more appear to be for the safety and security of teachers and staff than students (who generally are not at risk) often contrary to their own local medical associations…especially in blue states and blue cities…this is an issue about to reach the boiling point.

Hence, a hanging film.

It’s natural law that parents just tend to get very short on word when basic liberties, such as managing the education of their children in circumvented.

But “Lonesome Dove” is 1-2 generations removed from the current parent-student population, virtually no parent under 50 ever having seen it, and certainly none of their children. I doubt most Democrats ever even have heard of it.

Still, as I said, it conveys some simple natural laws.


Let me set this up. Jake Spoon (played by Robert Ulrich, who died of cancer in 2002) was one of the early members of the Texas Rangers, having ridden with Captains Gus McCrea (Robert Duvall) and Woodrow Call (Tommy Lee Jones) since before the Civil War. A good lawman and cowboy, personable as all get-out, Jake was, well also, a cad, always looking for the easy fix, shirking hard work, and peeping up every skirt he could. In short, Jake was a lot like Bill Clinton, with a “screw ’em where you find ’em, leave ’em where they lay” sort of attitude about women, a “Taker” (from the Kris Kristofferson’s song). (This poem’s worth reading.)

Jake rejoined Gus and Woodrow in time to be a part of their cattle drive north. He left them after stranding a girlfriend along the trail who was carried off into Indian slavery. Then he joined up with a band of killers “just to get across the territory” who proceeded to kill three drovers, steal their horses, then hang and burn two sodbusters just for the thrill of it.

Jake didn’t like this one bit, mind you. Nor did he participate. But you see, neither did he ever do anything about it. Weighing his options of maybe having to shoot his way out of these guys’ sight, then have to wander across part of the prairie alone, he decided to wait it out. At every crossroad where he could’ve chosen a different path, he didn’t.

A common American trait, especially among the rich, Democrats and modern RINO Republicans.

Sound familiar?

This is where the film clip takes up:

There were several symbolic aspects in that hanging, especially that there was no court of law, no judge, no jury. The operative clause of the dialogue, you see, is

“You ride with outlaws, you MAY die with outlaws IF You cross the line.”

Let that sink in. Since Bill Clinton, many of you have been riding with outlaws for so long it has gotten easy to think of this as the new normal…now in its third generation.

By 2016 city governments and school boards were stacked with the people of rank of most cities…but who would have been children when Lonesome Dove was filmed and this lesson screened. Third graders then will be 40+ today, their 1.9 kids being taught about transgenderism or critical race theory, all in accordance with an outlook on society that suited only its most exclusive and privileged wing. Since 2016 we’ve witnessed the misbehavior of their children from coast to coast, bratlings, I call them, often with the assistance of a party-mix of drugs…

…while their parents control what is taught (CRT) and what is not taught (Americanism, morality) in public schools.

It seems the mask mandates for students has become a line in the sand for citizens.

Of course, big money will procure lawyers to tie many of these issues in court. But as you can see in Canada, and possibly at a play date near you, the American supply system may come to screeching halt, as it already is happening in Ottawa, their prime minister high-tailing to a secret hiding place.

I only want to point out a risk factor….the absence of a judge or a jury in this film? Jake Spoon’s only defense was “I didn’t see no line, Gus…” His face gave away his knowledge he couldn’t talk his way out of what was about to happen. The others didn’t even get that much of an appeal. In the end, Jake chose to die with dignity, which made everyone tear up, but his attempt at last-minute nobility belied the far far greater lesson here, and that is the absolute inevitability of his fate, and the unbending duty of his friends to carry it out.

The lesson is, don’t ever paint yourself into that kind of corner because this is becoming more and more a possibility. In some places, even a likelihood.

Most of you think this sort of event is a quaint remembrance of a time past. It is quite ordinary actually, only you just never see it on Twitter. It might show up in the local Thunderstorm, the county rag, but the fact that a school board member was hauled away by masked men from a Walmart parking lot, and returned the next day, unharmed, won’t make national news. Or that that school board member resigned the next day. I know of one occasion where this happened a few years ago.

The point of this exercise isn’t to reform, but warn, and to insure that person is hearing footsteps in the dark everywhere he and she goes, and to steer clear of dangerous people with forked tongues telling you it is to your benefit to steal the children of your neighbors.

You can act as if you don’t know anything about the criminals you’re running with. You can parse the language all you want to show there is no crime, much less criminals. You can lean back and snooze, relying on the system, and your pals, to make sure no guilt attaches to you if it ever does come out.

Well, a man ought to do what he thinks best.  (John Wayne).

What you need to know is that once you cross the line, everything else is a crap shoot. There are no certainties. When you commit or abet a crime you can never be sure it’s just going to be a smooth march to the police station and a consent decree with the judge. You’ll notice the truckers in Canada have removed the lawyers from the issue.


Of course, no one will hang you, (well, not likely) but you must understand, a native justice is about to rear its head again in America that hasn’t been seen since frontier days, and you will have no way to talk yourself out of the sweet loving arms of frontier justice if you overplay your hand.

Many school boards and teachers are doing just that.

You know who you are, and far too many people in your school district and city know who you are. There are many, many ways they can send you untraceable warnings, and you never knowing whether they intend a painless misdemeanor or something that actually hurts.

I’ve been telling citizens for years what they can do, from kill your rose bushes, to muss up your Gucci purse or business suit, even bloody a nose, or stick a bar of Ivory soap in their mouths. The sort of stuff people don’t forget, and sure as hell don’t want to repeat.

This is not hard, folks.




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  1. When I think of Jake Spoon, I don’t think of education. I think of loose lipped, spineless GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy who stood by & let Trump legitimize fascism for 6 years after, in 2016, he had to be shut up for saying—to whomever wanted to listen—that Trump & Dana Rohrbacher were being paid by Putin. I thought of, Gus McCrae who said that Jake had always been a leaky vessel. A congressman, who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut any better than a teenager in 2016 does not have any business wielding great power in 2022. McCarthy is a leaky vessel and he’s going to sink the GOP. We have had to go through all this crap for the last six years because the GOP put their money on a career fraudster. Now they are allowing loose-lips-McCarthy to make dirty deals with political prostitutes like Marjorie, Taylor, Greene, and Amon-Matt-wanna-see-my-porn Goetz. Now we’re gonna have to spend another two years watching the GOP obstruct and ignore all legitimate legislation. When I think of education, I’m more likely to picture the history of wealthy landowners, industrialists, theocrats and conservatives who keep enough of our youth technically skilled and ignorant of anything that might raise the cost of labor or inspire them to think rationally.


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