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McAuliffe Augustinius

Former VA governor Terry McAuliffe spoke about parents’ control of schools just recently:

 “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Sound bad? Even authoritarian, I’d say, especially when coming out of the mouth of a 60-something who was alive when parents ran the local public school systems. And had for close to 200 years of America’s existence.

Let’s put this in context.

Terry McAuliffe was elected governor in Virginia, 2014-2018. To win (with some help from dishonest vote counting) he had to kiss up to the electorate. Make nice. He had to appease  middle class sensibilities about fair play and fair government, to appease Republican sensibilities, while muzzling radicals. He had been a major backer of the Clintons, 1992-2000, only the VA GOP wouldn’t play that card. It wouldn’t have been seemly.

McAuliffe did not control the Virginia legislature. It was still Republican. But like Obama he was able to use his executive powers. Democrats did not regain control of the House of Delegates in Virginia until 2019, after McAuliffe left office, but he paved the way. He elevated political crime above the petty simply by daring “the respectability party” to do anything about it. And slowly but surely the tide turned at the precinct level, and the Virginia Senate followed suite by becoming Democrat in 2020.

Terry McAuliffe and Mark Herring, Virginia Attorney General were then able to set the table for a legislature-centered Virginia government, not unlike American government after Andrew Jackson, with one after another subpar presidents, most of them of Jackson’s party, but a strong Democrat Congress, who slow-walked America into a civil war in 1860, all because they believed America couldn’t survive without it.

Today’s Virginia government is headed by a man who couldn’t lead a horse to water, Ralph Northem, who is only a couple of cognitive points ahead of Joe Biden. The perfect patsy, if you can find them.


Ralph Northem could not have been a better place holder, so that, a returning Terry McAuliffe no longer has to be Mr Nice Guy for voters.

That comment McAuliffe about parents and public schools (above) was half dare, half threat. It was no different than the threatening tones from Democrats since Clinton, who, when caught red-handed, always doubled-down instead of retreating. We’ve seen this in spades, of late, and saw with naked lies, from the Afghanistan tragedies (plural) to multi-tiered lies about Covid.

Of even greater worry (to me at least) is that the top levels of the military have closed ranks to back up this heavy-fisted play, as witnessed by the jailing of a Marine colonel, who has become a new national hero, LTC Stuart Scheller, who made an uncomplimentary video about his leadership, then simply resigned, throwing away 16 years of accrued retirement benefits. Only his resignation was denied and he was arrested and brigged, now awaiting trial, which, if they want to, can take months. Today he’s without access to habeas corpus relief by a court outside the military jurisdiction until the military system plays out…not unlike what we passively sat by and saw happen to Police officer Derek Chauvin, who will serve 2 or more years before his conviction will eventually be overturned.

It’s the showcase of power, and selective use of it, is what the Left wants to convey.

So, finally, how many handpicked DOJ-appointed “DEFENSE COUNSEL” have sat on their hands while clients who refused to plead guilty and allocute to a lie, while only looking at fines, are into 120+ days in pre-trial lockup…while those “defense counsels” have done nothing to gain their release.

Terry McAuliffe seems to have adopted a screw-you attitude about public opinion as if to say no matter how angry the voters get the official election count is still pretty well known inside the Democrat Party and under control. What, me worry?

And unless some people start turning over tables in the government’s temples nothing much will change.

The Democrats believe if that can win Virginia again (they stole 3-4 district House seats in 2020, which with Marquis of Queensbury style, Republicans,keeping to the script, never made a peep) they pretty much know what 2022 and 2024 will bring…

….so, knowing how we will react, why not give the Virginia citizenry a taste of what’s in store for them in the future if they buck the new regime in town. No more Mr Nice Guy. That’s what Australians are learning now.

This change in tone, a full year out, using Virginia as their canary in the coal mine, may signal a real belief Democrats can get over the final hump in 2022 oif disposing of “democracy by the many”, with this new royal inyerface look. Let’s face it, the bratlings of the millennial generation, it’s the world they’ve been waiting for, and believing they’ll be part of new management in, just as Peter Stzrok, FBI and Dr Blaisey-Ford at Stanford, believed they would be.

They believe the New Royalism is Good.

So, if Youngkin forces McAuliffe’s hand, he could save the whole country. Only, does he even know this? Men like Kemp and Doucey didn’t.



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