(Yeah, I know DLT’s not on Twitter…but play along with me here. There’s actually a couple of people I know on Gettr I wish Trump would ask for advice…John Bolton not being one of them, but @DanScavino is still on Twitter.)

We know Donald was plagued by bad advice, most of those advisors coming from the political sector since he was never a part of that mob, having been hired through third persons who were more often as not greasing their own resumes thinking his was just another presidency. Their priorities were never quite the same as Donald’s. (Ronald Reagan had the luxury of heading back to California and spending time with friends, his Kitchen Cabinet, who were not part of the political establishment.)  Trump’s “loss” last November, actually magnified by the size of the heist and the size of the voter mass that voted for him from the other side, especially working class Americans of every race and ethnicities, has removed all doubt that he is standing atop a volcano which, if properly organized at the bottom, can lay the groundwork for a popularly-elected string of leaders for two generations at least…and from it, the creation of a kind of secular political Bible as to how to pass that process onto future generations, something the Founding Father’s generation was unable to do, in part because it was unable to predict the damage that slavery, and the rise of the Democrat Party and its ability to profit from slavery, would do to it.

Let’s just say Donald Trump released a white paper, or gave a speech, asking Americans to compose an executive summary of around 1000 words (which is why he’d never contact me) and then give addresses where they can send send via internet or snail mail. Trump already knows how he would sort these things. And would have people he’d trust to look them over and develop them, to do Summaries for him. You know, committees.

Here are the things I’d suggest


  1. Declare a limited type of martial law (which probably shouldn’t last more than a year or two) to restore order at state and local levels, just to cause much of leadership the political opposition to move to the Bahamas, or go underground, or just generally be afraid, which would be a clear indicator they knew they were acting illegally in the first place and that we may be coming for them.
  2. A 5-year plan to restore Federalism, which I believe he was en route to doing anyway, had the real election results prevailed.
  3. Un-rewrite history, and I’d recommending calling on Dr Larry Schweikart to head that committee. I’d begin by re-cataloguing much of “History” as political opinion or political philosophy, and moving those books to a different section of the library where politicized student never venture. Let the next Saul Alinsky guide them there. (I think the Left call’s this “being cancelled”.)
  4. Clamp down on media interference (knowingly using illegal leaks) punishing both leaker (govt employee) and leakee (press) as criminal equals.
  5. Impose free-market limitations on Big Tech, about which all sorts of plans are already on the table.
  6. Regularize Federal elections, which probably would require Constitutional amendment or a strong grassroots effort, (see my notes on Precinct Project, below) including photo-ID, limitations on absentee or mail-in, and a general preference for paper ballots since, no matter whatever cure we come up with today, Tech will come up with a new back door quickly.
  7. Reorganize, from the top floor to the bottom floor the Department of Justice and Intelligence Agencies. Clean house, by first arriving at a skills and loyalty test that will allow the truly honest lawyers, cops and spooks to keep their jobs. (In the private sector big corporations routinely, pre-1980s, did this just to clean up the accumulated filth that naturally clings to any bureaucracy.) And, find ways to shuttle cases off to other agencies, including state courts and offices.
  8.  A contemporaneous reduction of the size and scope of the CFR’s (Code of Federal Regulations) where the Congress has been able to shift its legislative responsibilities to the Bureaucracy since the Administrative Procedures Act was enacted in 1946. Gotten way out of hand. A danger to our Republic. And a source for unearned millions for Members of Congress, as President Eisenhower alluded to in his 1961 Farewell speech.
  9. In that vein, reduce every federal bureaucracy by half, and require them to vote federally only in the District of Columbia (by absentee, if living elsewhere) so that their votes would not affect state Electoral votes, which was why DC was created in the first place.

This is how I wish you’d see America’s freedom-loving 2/3rd’s mission right now, not as a cause for complaint, but as a project, probably lasting 40 years, that requires not just action at the grass roots, but also steadfast vigilance, awareness, and a refocus of your attention to issues you actually can do something about. It’s not unlike church, which we need to reacquaint ourselves with as well, a place you gather face-to-face for an hour or so, and jointly consider an issue important to both your home (House) and community.

America’s strongest pillars are those erected by its citizens without too much thought toward building a national government and more directed at building and securing their own homes, and from them, communities, and from them the third and fourth floors of their national office buildings. The course of those upper floors were always designed to be defined by those people on the bottom floor, and their clear judgment of the sorts of men and women they believe should represent their interests. And to perpetuate that relationship between the floors and middle and upper floor, that it clearly be understood who’s boss, that largely dictated by the bottom floor limiting how much of their money they are willing allow the upper floors to operate.

Returning the Nation to a moral society is both an act of survival by struggling society as well as a spiritual. A free society has always protected the immoral, but the reverse is simply not true, as we now know and have seen with out own eyes.

Taking America back and returning it to its proper rhythm of the people regulation money and power requires volunteers to protect their neighbors, not mind other people’s business.

I have a friend, Dan Schultz, who founded the Precinct Project over a decade ago, to broaden grass roots voting activity. I was with him when he first pitched it to Herman Cain in 2010 (and whose eyes lit up—still one of my favorite memories—watching Herman’s composure change as Dan detailed his plan.) Designed for the Republican Party, it remains to seen whether the modern Republican brand will be carried forward under that name or another one, since, as Nature dictates it, and Dan, I, and others, knew would eventually come to a head, the corporate GOP brand and it’s original doctrine no longer seemed to jibe— until Donald Trump came along and got the grass roots American involved in politics again, which they, and a good number of younger “untested” conservatives, think is not a good idea. I wrote about this in 2013. Things such as who controls the “GOP brand” (it does have corporate properties that lawyers might fight over will just have to go their natural way, much like the AOC and Lady Nan wings of the Democrats, will eventually have to sort out their own different visions of Marxism and World authoritarianism).

As you can see, i couldn’t get this “partial” list in under 1200 words.

But imagine thousands of these flowing into a central Citizens Idea Bank (CIB…purposefully chosen) and shuttled to various desks that were set up like the Brits set up their coordinated early-warning systems during the the Battle of Britain.

I know Donald Trump and Company would know how to organize this and move things forward.

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