Pay no attention to the slugs in Quebec. The next American wave will be more discreet. The young college students who are setting this in motion do so at the instruction of college professors, not pied piper Adolf’s on a soap box.

The last Jews cards will be played when these college kids have long since put miles between themselves and their radical thinking as youths, many even marrying people of the opposite sex and having children who are themselves in high school or college, before it is leaks out that most Jews had been moved to various places in west, or maybe even Alaska. Long after they had forgotten to even think about the Jews they hated from afar as students, the new government they helped to sanction, and as if answering a dog whistle when certain words are spoken, or perhaps they receive a Queen of Spades card in the mail, or more broadly these days, on a private members-only web site, maybe they will hypnotically rummage through the closet for their old hand-me-down jeans and join their child in the protest line like some deer-in-the-headlights Christine Blasey-Ford.

There will be no crematoriums or lampshades made of human skin, although don’t discount the possibility of medical experiments. No gold teeth. No yellow patches. No “Kick Me” signs taped to their backs as they walk down the school corridor of street. But there will be camps, just not called konzentrations or internments, but rather re-education centers or possibly the acronym of the agency created to administer them, much as Lenin and Stalin did with GULAG (Glavnoye Upravleniye Lagerey, Главное Управление Лагерей). In America there might even be an internet Google-sponsored competition to name this micro-population. Or just to show how badly we want to blend in with the rest of world mediocrity, we may let the UN name it for us, as it did with co rona vi rus d isease.

But those facilities will be shared with many times more Gentiles than Jewish, their only price of admission to publicly practice any religious persuasion. Jews backbones just seem to be more rigid since in just out of range of living memory, they’d seen it all happen before. Much like Democrats with Jim Crow and slavery, its those memories our new keepers most want to erase.

But those college students, once grown into parenting adults will see come to the marketplace, for their rank’s eyes only, many works of art, gold in all shapes, jewelry, cloisonne tea service, furnishings, a potpourri of up-scale belongings known only as “collectibles”.

Having never known names like “hymie”, “kike” or “heeb” they will never make the connection to their source. Their hatred was not taught by generation after generation of hatred for “Christ killers” but simply because “teacher said.” There will be no sense of justification of righteous spoils of a two-thousand year old war. Once out of sight, out of mind. These children will march entirely to the different beat their own particular dog whistle, approving, only never know why they approve, or even how to inquire.

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