Will it be a Republic Anymore?; Thoughts at T-Minus 6 Hours and Counting

Donald Trump has worked in mysterious ways before, and has proved himself to be over the past five years a master at 3D chess in public affairs, keeping the Marxist Left in America, which in my lifetime was still a criminal involvement in America, the works of Lenin actually illegal to import, always a step behind.

Knowing where the Left and its Democratic Party wanted to take America has been obvious since Barack Obama became president in 2008. And he could have snatched power then had they the collective spine. But they pursued a Menshevik strategy instead of the rampaging Bolsheviks, by beguiling America, especially its nomenklatura (the government class) instead. They took over America in step-by-step fashion, simply waiting for the day that people like me, who could remember the “old America” and the shoulders it stood upon, would simply die off, to be replaced by a sizeable enough minority from the wealthy, private-school sector, that had been educated according to the modern NIV version of Marx. By the 1980s Harvard and other schools, many of them tax-paid, had become little more than national and regional War Colleges and Social Experimentation Centers. Barack Obama was their first alum to become president.

That model of a slow, inexorable transition blew up in 2010 when the unlikeliest of people, actually The People, rose en mass, to take constitutional power away from the Democrats by claiming the House of Representatives for the Republicans in 2010. Unable to pursue goals through legislation, Obama resorted to extraconstitutional powers of the executive. (There are still the murders of American citizens abroad that have gone unpunished from those days, at the hand of the executive branch.) The Left was strengthened by the ability of the allied national media, in the model of Dr Goebbels of Germany in the 1930s, as the Russians had no such need of a popular media crusade in a country where 90% of the population were peasants, to seduce (gaslight) the people

“The People” had become a bother only no one really knew how to reach them, since neither media nor pollsters ever bothered with them since the Civil Rights days or Martin Luther King. It would be 2014, after Obama was re-elected (quite possibly by the same hanky-panky, albeit on a smaller scale as the 2020 election, when no one was paying close attention) that the People rose to also regain the US Senate for the “out-party” the Republicans.

Then in 2016 there arose this Trump guy, who put “Republican” in front of his name, as probably the only genuinely self-admitted “In name only” Republican in history to win anything. And he trounced, repeat “trounced” some of the biggest names in the Republican Party.

And the People loved him for it; their first true spokesman since Ronald Reagan…who, legend still has it, ended the Cold War. (Possibly not for long, however.)

Never forget that every success Donald Trump has had is because of the strength of those “People”, 63 million strong in 2016, 46% and 304 electoral votes.

This past November, 2020, “the People” had risen to 75 million, and God only knows what percent of the total vote, since five of those states and their electoral votes, PA, MI, WI, GA and AZ were stolen. And by “stolen” I mean so bodaciously openly stolen than even a fair-to-middling federal prosecutor like Andy McCarthy could prove it. Were he so inclined.

But this is Donald Trump, the Real RINO, and Andy has shown no inclination to be inclined to view the evidence as a true prosecutor might.

My association with the Republicans is that it was the Party of William Buckley, who wished to carve an intellectual liberty-based wing inside that party. This was in the 1950s, and my father became a follower of WFB, and later, Barry Goldwater. Buckley and his friends considered President Eisenhower too benevolent toward the liberal at a time when it truly was “liberal” and only marginally-leftish (took the Left 20 years to finish the job on “liberals”) Democrats.

Republicans had ceased being “Doctrine of Liberty” Republicans (the original brand from 1863) as early as 1870, when Industrialization had brought great manufacturing wealth to the winners of the Civil War, mainly in the northeast. Mitch McConnell, from Kentucky, was a Republican in a state that had been Democrat since before the Civil War. Kentucky’s only claim to fame then was that it did not secede, thus being among the first to lose its slaves to that 1863 Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln. Mitch graduated from my state law school the year before I entered, 1968, and was a Louisville politician while I interned at a state mining agency.

So modern Republicans come by their name much like southern Dixiecrats did, from a culture they were born into and never really questioned, attaching no deeper philosophical meaning to what it meant to be either. Having been raised in the rarefied air of a philosophical Buckley-view of history, I’ve always looked upon the Mitch- RINOS of America as just another generation of political beings that had been around since the GOP gave up the Doctrine of Liberty.

But while the Party did give it 150 years ago, because of the People’s power to control the educations of their children through local school boards, the Doctrine of Liberty was strong into the 1960s-70s in public schools. It was largely those people and their children, who brought Donald Trump to power.

Knowing this, Donald Trump formed in Nov, 2020 the 1776 Commission, which included several noted historians and thinkers, Victor Davis Hansen, Ned Ryun, e.g. Larry Scheiwkart, the American historian (“People’s History of the United States”) told me he’d also been named, only had been moved to another commission when it became obvious in December that the 1776 Commission would be de-commissioned early in the next administration, as Joe Biden announced only yesterday.

This is what the classicists would call an “augury”, a sign, as to what will happen and perhaps Donald Trump has always known it.

In terms of the future education of our children and grandchildren, saving this process of  “becoming American”, this small, unheard-of Commission was a vital cog in our road back.

So, maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump has always known.

It is now 0730, so there are four and a half hours remaining of Donald Trump’s term of office, and yesterday he announced he would be leaving office today at Noon.

He did not mention the stolen election. Nor did he mention the foreign interference in the election. Nor did he mention the criminal scandals that had been going on as early as 2015 in the deep-state government of Barack Obama.

In the remaining 4 1/2 hours, can we look for indictments to be issued against Mssrs Comey, McCabe, Strozk even Andrew Weismann, from perjury to suborning perjury at the low end, to higher crimes at the high?

In these remaining 4 1/2 hours, can we look for indictments against senior state officials for their participation in the theft of millions of votes using tech-companies associated with Marxist regimes, especially in Georgia, where they boldly stole state elections twice.

Donald Trump promised us he would clean up and rescue the American election system, which could have been easy with both chambers under the People’s control. But now we are looking down the barrel of a new ruling ideology that can insure so such power can ever be allowed to the People again, therefore, no procedural way for the People to ever regain power. The math is quite simple, all they need is PA, MI, WI, GA and AZ.

Has Mr Trump got a plan in his mind how we might do all that through legal process when the legal process of the Constitution has just about been assassinated? What will happen when the Supreme Court issues a ruling that the Democrat administration simply decides to ignore? Obama already blazed a trail around that impediment before. But since it is not yet known whether the Menshevik wing or the Bolshevik wing of the Democrats will emerge victorious in the next four years, will the Democrats continue feel constrained to but on the air of civility, or will they simply go “Gulag” as many scholars are calling for, and justifying?

It’s now 0800.

Donald Trump was being rewritten and redefined in History months ago. But he will be remembered in the end, at least by me, if I should live so long, as for what he promised the American people and knew would happen and what he allowed to happen these past 78 days without using any of the enormous powers his office holds even now, with 4 hours still remaining in his presidency.

In the end Donald Trump will be remembered for what he could have done, and either did or didn’t do these last 24 hours.

I’m content to wait and see.


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