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The Set Up…William Barr’s Last Fling? “Cheaters Cannot Win!”

Sub-Theme: “Book’em Danno”, from “Hawaii Five-O”, a popular crime series 1968-1980 about a special crime unit, starring Jack Lord. “Danno” was Jack Lord’s #2.) Both Donald Trump and William Barr will know this.

This  “Set Up” will be brief (sic).

Premise: The Supreme Court in Bush v Gore (2000) ruled that George Bush won because four counties had committed errors amounting to depriving other Florida voters of their vote, citing the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution as the protection every legal voter in a federal election enjoys.

Seven justices agreed that there was an Equal Protection Clause violation in using differing standards of determining a valid vote in different counties, causing an “unequal evaluation of ballots in various respects”.

In doing so the Court also inferred that crimes may have been committed in applying those different standards. And, by inference that the State of Florida had license to pursue charges criminally, which it may or may not have pursued. (Jeb Bush was governor.)

If there was any “dicta” from the Court in Bush v Gore it is that “Cheaters should not be Allowed to win.”

So it is in 2020 that cheating a’plenty has not only been alleged, but proved, and it may be on that basis alone, that an abundance of evidence does exist, that has caused federal courts all the way up the line, including the Supreme Court in the recent Texas v Six States  case, to not take any evidence, nor even provided a forum for evidence to be presented, so as not to have to adjudicate the “cheating” issue.

William Barr announced his resignation effective in a week’s time, at which time his position will be filled by an acting-Attorney General named by the President who will continue in that roll until January 21, 2021…unless all hell has broken loose in the intervening days….36 days from now.

Now, I know there has been much mood language about the state of William Barr’s heart, good and bad. I am still of the position that it is Good. I also know that in the remaining seven days he has in office he can 1) lay out a blueprint of actions his office can take to charge, arrest, and arraign well over a hundred named actors in at least seven states, (closer to ten) so that even if Joe Biden-in-name-only should be able to thread that needle of House and Senate challenges certifying his in-name-only win, Biden’s-in-name-only new Attorney General will find his/her first duty to find some way to scuttle those several hundred cases, for they will be the hottest potatoes that his in-name-only administration’s newly-appointed District Attorney’s will have to deal with.

You may not be aware, but it isn’t over until it’s over, and that it doesn’t end with the Electoral College vote. The electors votes can be challenged in the Senate provided that challenge is made by a sitting member of the House and signed off on by a member of the Senate.

We already know that the DOJ and FBI have already seized Dominion voting machines and other evidence in several states. We have seen live witness testimony from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona, and a list of well over a hundred of named individuals, at every level of the voting and counting and machine-management process, from on-site hourly-paid floor workers, to supervisors, to “second-floor” managers in the employ of the County, State and the machine and software manufacturer (Dominion and Smartmatic) all the way back to some officials in the state offices, including at least one governor (probably two) and one secretary of state.

I don’t know William Barr’s heart, but I do know that even in six days, he could create a dragnet of frog-marches before federal magistrates, replete with fingerprinting and mugshots that would stagger the mind. Then go home, kick back with a Tangueray and Schweppes, and watch the fur fly.

And I think I know how the Media would treat this. But what the Media can’t do is undo those charges. The charges will all hover in limbo until the next Senate-approved Attorney General deals with it, beginning January 22, 2021. There’s still a fair chance it will be a Trump appointee.

How the Biden in-name-only Administration will deal with it, I can’t say. They can immediately begin appeals through favorable judges, but risking those appeals reaching the Supreme Court, only this time, with evidence, requiring to hear the case and vote. Too risky. When the truth is at issue Democrats are always risk-averse and so would cause their new DA’s to withdraw all those criminal charges in Jan-Feb, 2021, under the protective shield of the Media, so that only viewers of Newsmax and OAN would see Bonaparte’s retreat in detail, leaving the rest of the Media’s reader-and viewership to  deal with it as just so much flatulence from a  party of sore losers.

And indeed, that may well be the end of it…unless national and state Republicans decide to shut the new regime, from Washington to Oshkosh, out.

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