Expert at Mob Looting, Can Democrats Now Prove Themselves as Penthouse Jewel Thieves


It comes down to this:

As of 7 AM the morning after the election, Seven states remain in play:

% Votes Counted    STATE   Votes Counted Remaining Votes   BIDEN TOTALS                TRUMP TOTALS                                                   ———EV                                                                                    %    –  Votes                       %    -Votes

80.7 %    16         MICHIGAN     4.7m               1.12m                     48.6%  2.29m                   49.8%  2.34m

75.3 %    20         PENNSYLV    5.3m                1.7m                      43.1%   2.28m                   55.8%  2.96

100%      15         NORTH CAR  5.5m                  0                          48.7%   2.68m                   50.1%  2.8m

99.4%     16         GEORGIA       4.7m                 28,000                   48.3%   2.27m                  50.48% 2.37m

50.45        3         ALASKA        172,000             87,000                   33. %    56.7K                   62.9%   100.1K

99.2         10        WISCONSIN    3.3m                30K                        49.6%   1.64m                  48.9%    1.614m

74.7         6          NEVADA          1.2m                 300K                      49.2%    590.4K                48.6%    583K

Easy to see who has the steeper grade to climb:

 Biden needs to get (steal) 16 of the electoral votes right now leaning to Trump.

Pennsylvania would be the best snatch-and-grab, but Trump seems to have been one-step ahead with his anti-corruption SWAT team, and although there are 1.7m outstanding, Biden has to make up a 750K deficiency. An in broad daylight, with eyes everywhere.

Michigan and North Carolina would give Biden the winning margin too, only North Carolina has no more votes to wait for (they say) and Biden is short 120K votes.

Michigan is doable, but that only puts him up to 254, 16 shy of a victory, 15 shy of a tie.

And Nevada, with only 75% of the vote counted is still in play with 300K votes still outstanding and only a 7000 vote lead for Biden.

It seems we’ll hold the Senate with a net loss of one.

And like Trump’s prospects in the presidential race, it looks our side will take back the House with at worse, a 218-to-217 advantage. Maybe more.

So, Advantage Trump  and America, and I don’t foresee any unforced errors in the coming days, when his experts clash with their experts. The media, by now very wobbly, will play their cards to the end, but in the final analysis they will wilt, just one club short of a flush.

While pretty effective in tearing up cities under the obliging eyes of Democrat mayors and governors, and a long history of wholesale smash and grab of jewelry stores at street level, I don’t think they are very apt second story burglars, much less penthouse jewel thieves that can get past Donald Trump’s expert security systems.

He’s always managed to be one step ahead.


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