The notion of federalism is that the Constitution grants the states the leeway to set up their own laboratories about governing that do not conflict with the rights it guarantee to the People, (Art IX and X).

It helps to reread those few simple words from time to time.

There is no doubt that in the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency blue states have pushed the envelope and, even burst it, especially as we’re seeing now with mayors and governors actually prohibiting their police from protecting their citizens…instead allowing the children of their wealthier citizens to run amok and break and burn things.

The constitutional theory is that citizens in other states will see this and common-sensically double down in their own resolve not to allow their own states to follow this path. Also, since they also will likely have small(er) armies the same kind of wealth, and of these riotous children, they will create ways to stop (and punish) these brats in ways the blue states aren’t.

But as history suggests, at some point the federal government may have to send in troops to quell the rioting in wayward states if their state leaders refuse to do so. We’ve done this before, as far back as the Whiskey Rebellion, 1794. There are even means, martial law, where the president can temporarily remove a governor or mayor from power until order is restored. There’s a process.

Such acts are less a punishment than a deterrent for they warn the voters that if they refuse to provide the people of their states with the necessary security for all citizens to “pursue life, liberty and happiness” then, by God, the federal government will take even larger steps.

In our history, no individual state has had to be warned more than once.

Today, we have as many as 20%-30% of our population, mostly of that upper affluent class, parents and children, who are dead set on tossing away the Constitution, not figuratively, but open-faced, on behalf of their own class interests, mainly privilege and power…the same class interests that have run the rest of the world for thousands of years.

G K Chesterton wrote, almost a century ago, about anarchy and the rich:

The poor have been rebels, but they have never been anarchists; they have more interest than anyone else in there being some decent government. The poor man really has a stake in the country. The rich man hasn’t; he can go away to New Guinea in a yacht.

The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.

Give that some thought.

In Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, the list goes on, most of you are seeing things occur that you have never seen before, but actually happened only you weren’t paying much attention.

But never has the overthrow of the Republic been so openly and emphatically urged by an entire class of people.

So while I often chastise our side for minding other people’s business in blue states, largely because it distracts our attention and effort in tending to matters closer to home…and God knows Virginia needs some hands-on nose bleeds much worse than Oregon…it is important that we pay attention to what is going on in places like Oregon for we may see it closer to home unless deterrent larger than a bandaid is found and applied.

I try to stay ahead by trying to guess what’s in the minds of their schemers (the Soviets taught me well) and believe they have gone all-in in trying to steal the November election, including, should they feel they can’t make that happen, to cancel it, or, throw the outcome into such disarray as to cause no winner to emerge, which, according to the 12th Amendment, would throw the election into the House. (Think about it.)

*   *   *   *   *   *

Last evening I just saw a national network television add for Black Lives Matter. It was on the Grit cable network, which I watch on weekends for better western classics. Last night was “True Grit” and in the middle of it was a quick ten-second ad for Black Lives Matter. Just their printed logo against a black back drop, and the name. No pitch.

Since we dropped major cable stations about a year ago, Grit is one of the freebies, and carries a lot of alternative lifestyle sponsors, e.g., HIV-prevention drugs, but since it’s a cowboy network for old-timers, it must be a cheap ad-buy since they know that when an ad with black male dancers making moon eyes at one another, and the voice-over is telling us about some pill, to a room full of John Wayne, Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea fans, you know they are in the kitchen making sandwiches, or in the bathroom, throwing up.

So what’s the point of the ad-buy? Most likely that the ads are cheap, but still reaching a national audience. Street cred. And with BLM, to achieve a semblance of respectability since there are two diametrically opposite visions of BLM in America, just as there still is about the IRA in Ireland vs the 6 counties of Northern Ireland.

On BLM turf, which right now can be as small as a single car going through a Wendy’s take-out window, you can get seriously beat up, even killed, if you utter “All Lives Matter” within earshot of either a roving gang of bad-assed black guys who may or may not have ever read a book, or lately, an unattractive, overweight, loud, spoiled white girl with a Marine boot camp haircut, often with a megaphone, who can be triggered simply by a curled up eyebrow….which I swear, I can’t help doing. She’s there in the store demanding I  leave because I have no mask, but of late, has become the chosen spokesperson for the mob on the street as they storm an Amazon store. (This is not new as images of Chicago ’69 Dem convention come flying back to me, and those were not flower-children that Scott McKenzie sang about in 1967.)

I’ve already done a series on the general class of these children of the sun, and their very conspicuous mental and social disabilities…and what might be done with them from the top of our government, where we are still up on the horses and in charge. For the past 2-3 generations these children have been made parentally immune from the various rites of passage children have had to go through when not under the direct protection of adults, such as on the playground, and the after-school bloody nose, where the natural pecking order was always established regardless of the family wealth and station in the community. (As I wrote many years ago, and republished here in 2016 because of its relevance to the Trump candidacy, I was acutely aware that my status-conscious mother insisted that her first son be treated with the deference my father’s rank suggested that was owed, while my father, himself from those same mean streets a generation earlier, insisted that I walk through that valley of the shadow of growing-up as he had.)

Girls had to go a different path, no bloody noses or hair-pulling, but their tongues were a thousand times more wicked and the pain those tongues could inflict on a girl of poorer station, or in hand-me-down clothes, or a less pretty figure was enormous. It was the one sin my mother would spank my older sister over, which I think she did around age 12. I believe girls’ wicked tongues and their immunity partially accounted for the school shooting at Parkland, as a case in point.

That young mouthy girls are out pimping for Black Lives Matter, and that many street actions of Black Lives Matter are manned and womaned by white kids with dubious first hand qualifications of knowing what being black is like, tells us a lot about what they are taught these days at Cornell or Stanford. (I have noticed, while perhaps there is some black bias in how these videos are recorded and put out into social media, such as three girls throwing not just a fit, but anything else they could get their hands on at a Florida departure gate because their flight to Philadelphia had been delayed, that spoiled white girls just can’t tear up a departure lounge, an airport luggage carousel, or for that matter, a Burger King take-out counter when they’d run out of pickles, with the same frenzied skill as young black women.)

So, since their street tactics are different, as are Antifa’s with BLM’s, I assume these children of the damned, tactically and strategically, are working different sides of the same street with the military arm…sort of like Sinn Fein did with the IRA. A political wing and a military wing…and somewhere off in the nether world there is a Mr Big, or more likely, a Mr Big Council. (I make a closer analysis here, both tactical and political.)

Common sense, and just knowing a little about how several different things work, should tell you this is so.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

If you want to be a soldier in this war instead of a squawker from the bleachers, you might consider worrying less about what’s going on in Portland, and consider more what’s going on in your own state, and even school district, for you’re next if the Left can succeed in any of their plans, such as steal or even cancel much of the November election.

Twitter and Facebook know more about you than you know, i.e, when your tone changes, especially from defiance to outrage or whine. Or minding Portland’s business a bit too obsessively. They worry more, and report that worry forward, when our drums stop beating as much. It may mean we are going to meetings and having conversations they can’t sit in on. If you’re going to fight the Left at home, you need to consider security first.

As I have said for years, when the people (The People) begin to actively take charge of the things that are within their peculiar jurisdiction, even Republicans in the Senate will find their courage. It’s called the “handwriting on the Wall syndrome.”

You want educational reform? From the top down, it would take three 8-years Trump-like administrations (e.g., Washington, Jefferson and Madison, back to back to back) to accomplish that, beginning with things they can do in reducing the size and reach of the bureaucracy. Reforming the education system would be the most difficult. I doubt Trump even has a 30-year plan.

But if from the bottom-up, the people of any state can have those professors back to working the floor at Best Buy inside of 5 years. It won’t be as pretty.

I know local politics isn’t as romantic, but it will be far less violent. You’ll even have the chance to give those ratty spoiled children at least a chance for a second go at life in the civilized lane. It won’t save some but it will deny all of them a professorship at one of those universities like Bill Ayers was able to nab. Even rich kids eventually run out of money.

*   *   *   *  *

Obviously, this is a conversation that has to continue over the coming weeks, until November 3, and then off in different directions as military tactics on the ground dictate. Buckle up.


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