By 2019 the Democrats had given clear evidence where they want to take America and how they intend to get us there. Sadly, a large number of Republicans have allowed themselves to be steamrolled by donors to be part of this one-world alliance.

We’d been thru impeachment, an undisguised revolt by the Left/ Media alliance to dethrone this popularly elected president, by any means necessary, And now it’s Spring, 2020, and a new opportunity emerges, the ability of states to lock down their economies and the civil rights of people with a stroke of the pen, all under the guise of a national medical emergency. The 1918 flu was many times worse, but the people were less restricted ans would have burned Woodrow Wilson and any governor out of town had they tried this sort of thing then.

I read enough social media to know that our side, as always, shakes its fist, stomps its feet, and speechifies to no end, arriving at a myriad of theories of collusion between the American Left and America’s foreign enemies, this time China. Then with self-satisfaction, they all settle back as if the battle itself has been won…with words alone…without even one prize-winning stand of rosebushes in Nancy Pelosi’s garden ever being yanked up by the roots and destroyed,

I’ve been around for many years and try to see things through their eyes, not ours. I think I know the Devil’s ways better than most preachers. I evaluate every action by the Left by how I think Ol’ Clootie might plan things; not Lady Nan, not Chuck, not even Soros, but Old Scratch Himself. And I know, as has been the case since the Garden and before, Satan is going after something much larger than Donald Trump; namely, to end the belief that the People, any peoples, should be allowed to reach over the river of shit offered to them by the political class and pull out an ice cream cone like Donald Trump, who has already begun to reprove that the second greatest event in world history, the making of America, which also involves an “unnatural” birth, is still viable and ready to go another three centuries of so before we have to do it all over again.

The laws of generations for centuries had always been how Lucifer had carried on his unholy war for political power in this world, until Christ became the Door, and America came through it, squeezing Evil to the back of the bus after 5000 years of driving it.

Just this week, an old friend, now immobilized and half-blind, living a quiet, religious, pacific life of recluse in the far north suddenly came out of his cave and simply shouted, “The Left Must be Stopped”! And for the most curious of reasons; a left-wing attack on a young college football player about a tattoo.

The “Hermit of Loretto”;s logic is infallible.

So now I’m going to tell you how we stop them.

In fact, you’ll have the option of several different how’s, depending on whether you’re dealing with a town, city, state, university, in a red or blue jurisdiction.

For all of them there are ways to blight their path and bring the fear of punishment into their lives…

…without ever harming a single hair on their heads. (Well maybe a bloody nose or bruised shin, or just a fleeting “ouch”.)

The Devil chooses physical cowards like our political Left for a purpose, about which I’m trying to write a book, for they are mere cannon fodder for his immediate purposes, to be replaced by a better system of his own choosing in due course. He captured Europe and held it under his boot for a thousand years and had it not been for God “directing” a bunch of intolerant Christians to the New World in the early 17th Century, he might have captured the whole world by the end of that century instead of having to cringe his cloven toes for 400 years while working out a new plan.

All signs are he thinks this is his time again, and much of that evaluation is based on the belief that we have become soft and even a little addicted to the free goodies he’s laid in front of us over the past half-century, making continued life under his protective wing more appealing.

Scratch thinks he’s picked the right generation, too, splitting America pretty much in half, with full knowledge that half of the half of the generations since 1945 will die off within just a few years and that the generation coming behind them, thanks to his control of the school systems, will know absolutely nothing about the shoulders they stand on, in their family, their state or in their nation.

Inside thirty years Clewfoot believes he can erase 400 years of history just by having it forgotten. Then the rewriting will be easy.

For Patriots our mission is to keep the ideal of America, as seen by the men who did the real fighting and dying in the 1780s, alive.

And to instill good old-fashioned “frontier fear” in the hearts and minds of Satan’s soldiers these next 40 years.

Nothing more, nothing less.

X     X     X      X      X     X

Regular people out here, us, are the intended victims of all those plans, but we still a constitutional majority. But I repeat one last time, half of us are fading into memory. We have to be able to do things now other than just screech on Twitter and Facebook to secure our legacy.

About the titled handbook:

I had a print version in the making before Obama. We’ve had to shift gears more than once. But a print copy’s probably not a good idea anymore, so the links below will have to do. There is some overlap, and each article speaks to a specific problem area; local government, universities- administration and faculty, public school systems, even Leftwing gangs. Each offers unique solutions.

As you will see, our modest sanctions against lefties involve only misdemeanors. I call them “killing rose bushes”, from spraying stinky on Gucci purses or $1000 suits, to simply letting them know there are things out there that go bump iin the night, to have them always looking over their shoulders.

Their greatest fear is that we would do to them. if we could, what they would do to us if they could only find out who we are and where we live. That’s why security is your best weapon.

This is all bottom-up, so steer clear from the federal government in Washington. Let this President use the hammer of justice against them from the top-down over the next four-plus years, going on thirty. Think of it as a process. It will take time; a generation. They will be doing their own housecleaning as we do ours at the bottom.

Learn to know the limits of the Constitution. Do your homework. Private colleges will still provide safe-spaces for snowflakes and restrict free speech, but public schools will no longer allow transgenders to teach Story Time for 1st graders. Reinstitute real math, real history, no more state-approved socialization, and let retail store chains build their sales staffs with ex-elementary school teachers who can’t teach Americanism with enthusiasm.

Look for public streets, even in Portland, to be less welcoming to groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Don’t alienate police unless you have one dead-to-rights. Most don’t like City Hall, and we want City Hall afraid.

Once communities know what they can do simply by paying more attention to their civic duties, shearing public institutions of their front office power and replacing it with good sense and honesty in the front line of government will begin to come together…so that little stealth squads who ignited this reversal for a few years can quietly fade away.(Don’t worry, there will a need again in a few years.) Good city government has a general life span of eight years, bureaucracies last about as long until they become arrogant, lazy, indifferent, and sometimes incompetent or crooked. Those things depend entirely on a vigilant citizenry, most ready to take the city head-on in public meetings, even court. But outcome often depends on those unknown few that specializes in killing rosebushes.

Our purpose has always been to use low-grade “inconvenience-misdemeanors” to property, to let the bad people know we mean business, then let his/her own imagination fill in the blanks. After all, he/she already knows they are guilty. They just didn’t know they’d been caught. Or how. Until you tell them.

True to our original compact our cells didn’t take credit for making them stop. The secret of heir continued success was that no one ever knew they were there.

You’ll see the wisdom in this as you go along.

Just give fear a chance. You and only you are in the catbird seat s long as you remain unknown, unnamed  unseen, and unfindable. (All these things are covered in detail in the cited articles.)

  1. You will be committing real crimes, albeit misdemeanors. You have to be okay with that.
  2. You also have to “not get caught”!. Or even let your name get out. (See my links to the film “Battle of Algiers”. Watch the film and forget you’re watching Arab terrorists kill French cops in their home country. Yeah, I know, hard to know who to root for, but it is history, and we try to learn what we can.) None of this on-line bragging on Facebook or Twitter. Yes, you can lead two lives, just keep it as closely held as possible. Even at my age, I still don’t tell my wife. If you are publicly-active anywhere, you will be one of the first they will scrutinize. And trust me, they do know how to create dossiers once they get a name and a face. So, no bragging. No loose lips. These are impulses you must resist, or do so at your own peril.
  3. Do not place your teammates in peril. To this end, we’ve recommending setting up cells of four or five for active operations, using the tactics employed by the Algerian terrorist-rebels against the French in the 1950s. As I’ll explain.
  4. Since you will want, in a city of any size, to collaborate with other cells, make strict rules for communication that avoid compromising the cell.
  5. Intelligence gathering means both scoping out a target, his/her routines as well as residence, places most often visited, as well as creating dossiers in your city and in government that can be shared with other cells in your area. Our side is ruefully short on this skill, while the Left, with left/fascist-wing money, already have large files. Also, create after-action intel files.
  6. Use of snitches, hirelings, even available “hit” people. You can create an outer circle of contacts, particularly for key-scratchers and skunk-slingers for hire, but only under the same strict operational rules of self-protection.
  7. Communication: Start with burner phones, $15/mo plan will do it. Use only for Dark Alley work, nothing else.
  8. Rules of Engagement: In 2007 we had a hard and fast rule that the perp had to have been guilty of a real crime and gotten away with it. That has changed, but you do want to set a line which you won’t cross if it is a genuine police matter.

For a general Outline to Plan and Execute ground tactics, Read this first:

A Strategy Down a Dark Alley  (2013)

Then copy and look at the Bibliography found here:

How Many Dead Rosebushes Will it Take to Cripple the Left Without a Shooting War?

Finally, two articles on “The Battle of Algiers“, the first the full film, (which you should watch) and the second, some observations about rebel Algerians’ tactics that can be of benefit to you (paper messages, no cell phones). If I were in China, I would be teaching these same tactics. Being blind and not knowing it is the CCP’s great vanity and greatest weakness.

(This is all free as there will never be a book in print. But if you’d like to pay something, please drop a donation at, which helps our Vets in Class teaching program.)

 Final note:

Be like Sam Adams and his Sons of Liberty. Learn how to teach small groups. Know when to quit. Don’t become a Mob, not even Vigilantes, who almost never know when to hang up their guns and let the legitimate forces of law take over. Don’t hurt animals.



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