This was mentioned in a different context a few days ago, but today, President Trump flew to Jamestown, VA today to make comments at the 400th Anniversary of the First Legislative Assembly in North America, which occurred July 30, 1619 at Jamestown.

Governor Ralph Northem invited President Trump, probably as a matter of protocol, since Northem then refused to attend, instead giving a speech to a different gathering at the old Jamestowne Church a couple of hours earlier. (Democrats generally boycotted Trump’s speech, we were told.)

There Northem said:

Among those who were not included were the first “stolen Africans” who arrived weeks later and were sold into enslavement here, he said. “The story of Virginia was rooted in the simultaneous pursuit of liberty and enslavement.”

Not exactly, but Northem has been at the foot of the African-American Racism cross since his mug was captured in a college yearbook as either a blackface minstrel or sheeted KKK member (No one’s sure, and Northem ain’t saying…after all, he’s still in the Democrats’ racism purgatory.)

Northem echoed the false historical narrative that slavery first came ashore a few weeks after this historic legislative gathering in 1619, as if Virginia was aching to become the first “slave state” so it could go to the head of the line of racist penitents flogging itself with cat-o-nine-tails. But there is scholarship that says those 19 slaves taken from a Portuguese slaver, because they had been baptized by a priest, were quickly converted to indentured servants, and treated just like all the white indentured servants already in the Colony.

This included being freed at the end of their contract term…just 7 years!

It could be argued then, ironically, that this was the first instance of black and white equality in America. Only no one’s buying that argument right now. Imagine 19 black men who saw a life sentence reduced to 7 years. (Other perqs were involved too.) So figure that by 1630 those 19 blacks were as free as birds. Arriving in America before the Mayflower at Plymouth Bay, they were free while the Mayflower folk were still trying to figure out to survive harsh Massachusetts winters.

But with racial penance at the top of the Democrats’ agenda today, and Northem’s own penance placing him at the front of the parade of penitents, you can see there is no truth that will deter them until voters finally wash their collective mouths out with soap. If video of rats in Baltimore won’t sway Democrats’ into agreeing, “Yes, those are rats, and yes, that is Baltimore” nothing will dissuade them from saying the first Republican to speak this truth out loud has to be a racist for saying it.

(For what it’s worth, President Trump echoed this prevailing truth in his remarks later on the 19th, as well, but Schweikart and Allen’s Patriot’s History confirm this notion of indentured servitude for the first blacks, as noted in American Slavery, American Freedom by Edmund Morgan, 1972)

In that vein last week, Levar Stoney, age 38, mayor of Richmond and acolyte of former governor and Clinton pal, Terry McAuliffe, resigned as a member of the Jamestown-Yorktown Commemoration steering committee because of Gov Northem’s obligatory invitation to President Trump to attend.

Stoney’s stated reason was that July 19 is also “the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans in North America”.

So here’s this 38 year old “kid”, New York City born and raised, as mayor of the capital of the old Confederacy, barking out loud the Democrat Party line about the invitation of a racist President Trump, his party’s Public Enemy #1.

An easy political gambit at the time, I’m sure he thought, but now his entire political future depends on his bluff going unnoticed.

You see, Levar had to refer to Donald Trump as racist, when in fact, in his short lifetime, born in 1981, Donald Trump has probably put more black people to work at real jobs in the private sector (vs those pretend jobs in the government sector) than all the Democrats since his parents were children….combined. And a large bloc of those black workers had previously lost their jobs to the indifference of America’s first African-American president, Barack Obama.

I’d normally call Levar a liar, knowing he’s not stupid. I could say he doesn’t know nothing except to be loyal to the white political hand that feeds him, for which Elijah Cummings gets straight A’s.

But Levar Stoney is the perfect example of how a really smart kid at 12 can be indoctrinated and passed along until he is as dumb as a bag of rocks by the time he is 30, able only to do certain kinds of work.

It’s a sad thing to see any good mind go to waste, but our country places itself in a dire circumstance when we then subsidize that mis-education by finding jobs for them in government service.

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