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Advice to Spoiled Little Girls About Abortion

This probably isn’t true, but she sure sounds proud.

I’m not talking to the saved here.

For you girls who are considering getting pregnant, whether by poor planning, or you just changed your mind, or maybe even didn’t like the way you looked in the mirror, or decided you didn’t want to go though the hassle of that whole “come to full term and stretch-marks” trip to the OR,…

…here’s some advice how to avoid problems later on.

Therapists say that girls who decide to have their abortion in the first trimester, when the baby is only partially developed and easier for the mother to convince herself it really isn’t a person, have far fewer periods of regret than girls who abort the child in late term, after it is fully formed.

And, if you later come to believe in God, as more than half the girls who have abortions do, your regret may even turn into repentance, and He indeed can forgive you.

I’m told the pain never fully leaves a woman, but is at least manageable, especially if you go on to have children at a later time, as many do.

Killing a baby at any stage, then crowing about it, according to therapists, is a sign of a deeper dysfunction which these days can actually be conditioned into young people, if they can be gotten to early enough and in the right surroundings. But therapists rarely get to counsel them, as a higher than average number will attempt to kill themselves, or, if very photogenic and articulate, run for Congress or state office.

Think of cults like Jim Jones’, only most universities have five-or-six sprinkled around several departments. Thankfully, most of you will not run into any of these.

Considering the fact that a late term abortion and going to full term both involve about the same amount of time, temporary disfigurement and time in the hospital, it is easier on the spirit to go to full term and give the child up for adoption than to abort it…

…and far less painful in the years to come.

If any of this makes sense to you, find that little twit in the video and slap the taste right out of her mouth, because you may be the only ones who can get through to her that even if it isn’t legally “murder”, it will seem like that a few years later on once the university-drug wears off, for nearly half of abortions bring about some level of regret in later years.

This is why this little lady was “created” in the classroom in the first place, to remove all sense of human decency in her so she can revel in her depravity while young. When she finally grows up, she will either end up in an opium den or kill herself, which is why therapists seem never to be able to get to them.

You know who the evil players are here.  Go find them.

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