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The Circle Shall Not be Broken

By God!

I sat up with a start this morning, around 2:04.

It hit me, “Why are we all pretending this is politics…when it’s revolution?”

Their media, our media, their talk-show people, our talk show people, all have to pretend to be matter-of-fact about a situation that is probably the most significant series of events in American history since the southern states seceded in 1860…

…all because a solitary man was elected with a solitary purpose, but which had to be postponed until he could complete the new mission his election forced on him, to win a civil war and restore the Union.

Out of the mouths of babes Beto O’Rourke, three term congressman from Texas, near-miss (by some accounts) senator from Texas, and sure fire presidential candidate for 2020, (assuming there will be a contested one) let it slip this week the dirty little secret that every one but the most self-delusional on his side knows to be true:

“The Constitution of the United States is no longer a fit foundation for a modern government. It is no longer relevant.”

For what it’s worth, I first heard this same concept in the classroom in 1968, as a lecture by a political science professor, his argument being that the structure of our society and economy was too complex for a ham-fisted Congress to manage or, or for the general population to have anything more than a ceremonial say in it.

He was of course echoing the thoughts of Wilsonian Progressivism from around 1910, and slashed me a letter grade for disagreeing with him on the final exam.

In other words, all the elements of disavowing the Rights of Man on the one hand, and keeping academic students in line on the other, were fully in place in the academy 50 years ago. Had I wanted to go on to pursue a masters and PhD, he would have insured I couldn’t. I’d been tagged.

That mindset was so well in place by 1968 that even though he was a state employee, no one would ever come in and arrest him for sedition by openly avowing the overthrow of our way of government.

Still, no politician then would have openly called for it. The people then still had their power.

But today, as with gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, open borders, live-birth abortions and pedophilia, the destruction of our Constitutional foundation has become simply a matter of political discussion…and never put before the ruling majority to decide. It’s been this way so long that no one wants to bring the 80% into the discussion, so better they should stand on the sidelines and watch, with the foreknowledge they likely weren’t paying attention anyway.

Congress has a syllabus (written by the Left) on how this process is supposed to work.

Now I won’t speak about the Left here, for their true purpose has been an open book for years. You’d have to go back to Scoop Jackson to find a Democrat who actually loved America-as-founded. Their’s has largely been a choreography for the Media to pass on to a half-asleep and apparently easy-to-roll populace.

After all, it been the beneficiary of good times, thanks to Reaganomics, and a very successful (they thought) chest-puffing mini-war in Iraq, plus the demise of our arch-enemy of a half-century, the  USSR, without firing a shot.

If Spengler had written of the decline of the United States, 1992-2016, as he did the West, he’d have noted the disappearance (or gelding) of the intellectual Right, especially after 2008. Only a few of the giants survive, most conservatives instead navigating very well on a playing field designed entirely by the Left, never noticing the things they had to jettison in order to fit into that society. Republicans in Congress, also seeking approval and popular recognition, found they too had to bury certain constitutional shibboleths.

By 2008 “fitting in” essentially meant scuttling many traditional notions about constitutional government and the notion that the people were boss. The Democrats has convinced them that the people were no no longer paying attention; sheep to be sheared, so that the debates, such as they were, were not carried out for the benefit of the people, but for each other.

Obamacare changed all that. The people started oiling that shotgun over the mantle piece, with a mean look in their eye, even before acquainting themselves with their true place in the Constitution. In 2010 they, the people, not the Republicans, took back the House. Only the GOP didn’t measure up. So in 2012, the people took back the Senate. Still, not enough Republicans got the message. So, in 2016, they snatched Donald Trump, and at least in terms of the peoples’ hopes and aspirations, he’s working out very well.

Of course, Donald Trump was not a member of the Club that the Democrats and Republicans and their associated intellectual and media elites enjoyed, so of course, there would be very little discussion of redrawing the original playing field and breaking up the relationship they had forged over the past 24 years. Nor, it seems, would many conservatives pause to consider, and reflect, as Rev Billy Graham once mentioned about Jesus, that if you are going to speak of the Constitution, wouldn’t it be nice if you’d, from time to time, mention “the people”, for whom the Constitution was written?

Especially now since Donald Trump is clearly their representative.

So today, it seems, getting rid of Donald Trump, by any means necessary, is acceptable discourse as “politics-as-usual” even though many crimes are involved.

Instead, by inference, until Beto bought it out into the open, just going ahead and taking “the people” as the foundation of our form of government out of the picture altogether was mutually accepted.

This too is acceptable discourse among the establishment community, only they now can’t “exclude the people out” since Donald Trump is the dog they brung into the fight.

He’s goring their ox.

Again, I only address this to the constitutional lost who don’t know they’re lost (Pascal) for the Left has always been on a “by any means necessary” mission since 2016. Only vanity has blinded you to just what their end game always was.

As that period 1776-1782, and 1860-1865 proved, there comes a tipping point in the human culture outside of the political world, where “politics” suddenly evaporates and the primal urges of men…on the one hand to be free of bondage…and on the other, to maintain the institutions that keep men in bondage, lead to a bloody result.

Those are existential choices, and they generally transcend politics.

We’re there. And Beto O’Rourke said why, only no one is willing to carry the logic of what Beto said out to its logical conclusion.

Of course there are still a lot of loose ends, moving parts, that have not yet declared, or been fit into the place on the big game board, but the matter-of-factness of how movers and shakers in the political world….remember, they are just a small fraction of the actual players in this drama, once the political options are used up…means that we have reached a crucible.

The fly in the buttermilk, as Sam Houston might have said, is that common sense dictates that if the Constitution is abrogated then the natural law concept of the rights of Man to pursue life, liberty and property without the permission of the state is also no longer valid.

This means that the right and power of the people to choose their own leaders to write their laws is also abrogated…unless, as was used in my classroom, they can be seduced to think they are in charge with a series of Pavlovian rewards and punishments.

Despite getting fat and lazy for a few years, there is a 200 year, ten generation- deep, prerogative the people are unwilling to give up without a fight.

Take my word on it.

This is a crucible of life and death for many Americans and their generations. They are not all old.

I really don’t care whether it ends up that the people have chosen poorly in sending Donald Trump to the White House. They’d sent worse. Besides, that history will be written by the winners in the coming conflict while the losers will either trundle off to Nova Scotia to cut their own kindling and cook their own meals, or wait 110 years for their citizenship to be restored.

Personally I think Trump’s doing a helluva job in the policy department, including (let us pray) in reducing the size of government by at least a third and turning those people out into the private sector to become productive Americans instead of the takers they’ve been for the past 75 years.

But many think he’s boorish, so boorish in fact, they are willing to abrogate their own fealty to the Constitution that defined and protected the right of the people to put men like Donald Trump in office.

Think about it, David.

Trump could have dressed up like Pinky Lee, or Lurch from the Addams family, and not done a better job of revealing to the people who their true enemies are. On both sides of the aisle. And I assume they will project the Trump “power to the people” program forward, over two generations, if necessary, to return America to a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people,” which shall not perish from the earth- Abraham Lincoln.

What we have seen revealed, although not yet with clear definition, has been out-and-out treason by a large body of people in the government, from Congress to the bureaucracies (plural), aka Deep State, to the Media and of course the pundit class.

It’s not for me to slice and dice to determine how much of that behavior is power-madness, greed, fame-seeking, or just plain old “along for the ride”. In truth many of them are not capable of connecting the final two-three dots that would expose this final end we’re all rushing toward, but far too many simply won’t allow themselves to admit the character of the people they have joined hands with all because of some indescribable dislike for a man they probably were raised to hate since childhood.  They are all part of what Dov Fisher described as the “everyone is smart except Trump” crowd.

Actually, I don’t care. For all that matters is that many conservatives would prefer to lie down with barbarians than have to acknowledge the nobility of men and women in work boots.

I knew in college that the New York Times had buried Stalin’s genocide in Ukraine in 1930 so they are certainly no surprise today. But Bill Buckley’s National Review? I honestly believe a few of those writers could easily sit at the footstool of whatever new authoritarian regime that should emerge, and serve as their loyal opposition, just so long as they can remain a part of “their establishment”.

The majority of the House of Representatives and large portions of the US Senate are in open revolt against this president…all the Democrats and a plurality of the Republicans, at least with secret supplications of their hearts. So are many elements within the federal agencies, State, Attorney General, FBI, EPA and in the deeper sense, it is not Donald Trump, but the notion that their status in life depends on the approval of ordinary Americans.

(Who do we hate more? Tough call, but people in work boots, American Indians and African Americans who can remember Jim Crow all hate the lying smiles of their “friends” more than the racist.)

Beto O’Rourke expressed their understanding perfectly.

We are witnessing traitors carry out a concerted plan to destroy and replace the Constitution of the United States. Trust me, it won’t suddenly reappear a few years down the road. That road will be mined, if they can only get control of it.

It doesn’t really matter whether our intellectuals are cross-eyed, craven, or just plain goofy with status-envy, we are speeding toward a point in history where they will only be known by the company they’ve kept and the choices they’ve made.


5 thoughts on “The Circle Shall Not be Broken

  1. “The Constitution of the United States is no longer a fit foundation for a modern government. It is no longer relevant.” … This, of course, is bullshit.

    The Constitution – in its fundamental purpose – was intended as an agreement between 13 colonies (not individuals) as to a form of government designed especially to allow individuals the maximum amount of personal freedom. It did this “negatively”, that is it limited the power of this proposed government, separated and dispersed the ability to exercise governmental power, and most importantly, it reserved a number of “rights” that the government should not infringe upon. In short, it is not about who shall lead or what powers the leader shall have, but rather about what Liberties are retained by the people.

    Those citizens that voted to adopt the Constitution in the 1780’s clearly understood it promise (with a shared understanding that was universally agreed to at least through 1860). It was and remains today the world’s best effort in providing a government intended to promote Liberty.

    And the only reason that liberals and progressives believe it ill suited to 21st century governance is that they do not believe in the ascendancy of Liberty … and in fact for over 100 years have managed to pass liberal programs (from public education to social security to health care and public welfare) that diminish Liberty – both for individuals and the people. The only real problem with the Constitution is that it preserves and continues to restrain these anti-Liberty fools and concurrently to permit the people the rights to oppose all of the anti-Liberty programs and mandates that have been imposed to date.

    No, the relevant discussion should not be about turning away from our Constitution, but how best to restore it power to restrain government and promote Liberty.

  2. I continue to hope, increasingly it appears in vain, that we can restore government of the people, by the people, i.e., constitutional republic rule, by peaceable means.

    However, the question is, where is the tipping point where the 3-10% of the population that will NOT abandon the constitution, get so sick of the craven attempts by our politicians to overthrow constitutional rule, and take arms to prevent it.

    i fear we are approaching that Rubicon rapidly.

    What do you see, Mr. Bushmills, as the tipping point, the straw that breaks the camel’s back? What will finally light the fuse?

    I would have thought the transgender bathrooms, or the unrestrained illegalities of “spying” on the opposition party’s Presidential candidate, or the cost of unrestrained millions of illegal immigrants, or the rampant vote stealing had the potential to get the ball rolling inexorably toward armed rebellion.

    We are indeed frogs in water being boiled ever so slowly that I fear by the time we are aroused enough to fight, it will be too late.

    1. Thanks, Mr John Rogr, I almost never get any mail here.

      On the brighter side, I’d say our numbers are closer to 50%, and that would be a solid, not wishy-washy 50%. Since 2010 I’ve never seen constitutional literacy grow so quickly. I’ve chastised the young kids at National Review, now that Buckley has passed, that the Tea Party is the new intellectual center of constitutional ideology in America. And we also own 90% of the guns. I think 75% of the police forces and military would also stand behind the president.(We have a veterans site, veteransTales.org, and that is my sense.) And constitutionally we’re up on the horses, and the Left is afoot. They only pick fights where they on safe blue streets, e.g, Oregon.

      So I’m not afraid of a fight, in fact, would rather have it in my lifetime than have my children wade through it 10-15 years from now. It is true, my generation is dying out, and the Dems are relying in a demographic shift (our Veterans Teaching program is designed to attend to that) but for the foreseeable future the only way than win elections is to cheat, which they did and failed in 2016, but succeeded in 2018. I hope the president will attend to that, as you’re right, we cannot rely on the current GOP Congress.

      Right now this is a fight between the President and the People against everyone else. But if Trump continues to act like a winner, and we old guys stay true to the end game, I’m very confident about the outcome, for, as in every street brawl I ever witnessed, the by-standers want to be able to walk up to the winner, and whisper to him, “I was always rootin’ for you, Butch”.

      I like our chances. “our hearts are in the trim”

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