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The Media and America’s Schedule X

Schedule X is not a tax form. During the Vietnam War the Schedule X was a government form that offices in military commands used to tell higher ups how we spent our day on the job.

It was a simple form and you wrote down everything you did in the work day, from Interviewing Client #1, Client #2, etc, to the mid-morning break, to legal research, lunch. You had to account for every minute on duty.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could sample a large cross-section of voting-age America about their day’s routines?…people with jobs; factories, service jobs, corporate office and government office work are all different. Then there are the retirees, stay-at-home moms or dads, and college students?

I could easily make a list of a hundred, across racial, age and gender lines, and get at least 5 to 10 each.

Wouldn’t we all like to know how much these time modern Americans spend on their cell phones….talking, texting, looking at social media…

…and especially where they get their news.

Would it surprise you if I told you most get their news by word-of-mouth, talking with friends, at a bar over beer and pizza, or just water-cooler or break-room chitchat? In other words, mostly gossip.

So, just how effective is the Media in getting its news stories (and biases) on the lips of people in conversation?

This is why the “survey” I’ve suggested will never happen. You see, it would completely undo the myth that the Media any longer shapes the public opinion of the masses. Virtually nothing they say is believed except on the Moon, a satellite of Planet America, populated by only a few million among almost the hundred million who voted in 2016, and are ostensibly their employers.

Today their Moon is very detached from America. But it wasn’t always that way, although it was long enough ago many no longer can recall that time, which is why the people on the main Planet sometimes have to jerk a knot in their tails. We’re in one of those periods now.

Their Moon consists of the government establishment, including Congress and the top floors of the executive branch. Career management. By rule, this Moon is supposed to protect and tend to the well-being of Planet America, in part because the Planet pays for everything. Moonbeams are all employees of the Planet.

There are still smaller satellites, which are not moons for they have been captured by the gravitational pull of the Moon, not the Planet. The Media are principal among them, but so are we, Observers (Joyriders) even smaller. We are unpaid, but make other people rich. We are just nosy citizens who want a closer look. And our opinions go unheard or unheeded by the inhabitants of the Moon, for we largely identify with the 80% who inhabit the Planet. Still, we have a front row seat. Call it a hobby.

There are even smaller satellites then we, less significant, but which, like a flash mob, can suddenly become very bright before burning out. Those are the social media satellites; here today, gone tomorrow. They only beam to inhabitants of the moons. Almost never found on the Planet.

The principal objects in the sky are Planet America, the Government Moon, and the yapping dog minor satellite, the Media.

There are laws that govern their relationship, and it’s those laws that are under attack.

And the way that attack is being carried out by the yapping dogs is to convince the members of the Government that public opinion (the people of the Planet) strongly favor the actions being proposed by their government partners and the Democrats, while finding disfavor in the People’s Own Choice, Donald Trump.

And the Media is trying to accomplish this on reputation alone. They have filled the airwaves, ether-waves and printed media with lies of extraordinary depth. And since they are almost all colluding with one another, and are even in concert with many deepstaters in the Government, there is little in the way of a public counter-attack by media competitors. Simply a matter of numbers..

So the Media is naturally assuming they are winning this war for public opinion.

I disagree, as I stated in my opener, for neither the Media, the Government, (certainly not the craven Republicans) have the tiniest clue what the people know, believe, or even how or where they get their news.

Two years and they haven’t even reduced it to a scientific template from their many pollsters.

So as long as it’s just me who tells you that almost none of the 80% actually believe the Media anymore, about anything, very few will know for only about 100 will ever read this. The Democrats have solid numbers who vote the D, no matter what. And they have legions of  mindless “anti’s” and “Haters” but they also know there aren’t enough to carry an election.

The power of the people are so strong over elections that the Media and the Democrats have completely surrendered on the idea of winning elections legally. Anticipating what they will do next, the people know there has to be extreme measures taken to clean that mess up in “high-election” crime states by 2020. Shillelagh law if necessary.

Rush Limbaugh is imputing too much power to the Media, playing his Media card from a deck that has already been discarded by the people and being dealt from a new deck altogether.

The people are not just a collection of Ma and Pa Kettle’s. Professionals, MBA’s, lawyers, doctors, (my cardiologist, fergodsakes) are ardent Trumpsters. And they don’t hide it.

The only people who don’t know this are the people who let the Media guide them. Because the media didn’t report the real make-up of Trump’s crowds in 2016, instead portraying people who looked as if they crawled out from under rocks, the target audiences of the Media, establishment elites, which I contend was very small them, and getting smaller now, never knew how formidable the size of the Trump base really was. And it has grown.

My view has always been that Trump didn’t start this People Power, but the ACA (Obamacare) did, and that was because those ignorant, backward hicks were still able to find out from their tom-tom circuit that their way of life was threatened. And Obamacare, at many levels, from out-of-sight premiums to “keeping your own doctor” lies, to suddenly seeing dozens of small businesses go out of business was felt everywhere. People don’t have to watch Lou Dobbs to know that if there’s an earthquake in one part of the county, and windows are being shattered in the other part of the county, they must be related.

That happened in 2010, not in 2015 when Donald Trump jumped in the race, so even a red-headed step child would have been able to make that connection.

But the gurus of polling, the masters of the methodology of finding out what voters are thinking, never picked up on the fact that millions of voters had been coming out of the woodwork for five years, looking for a Rescuer, and Donald Trump was the one who stood out from the crowd simply by echoing their complaint, “We’re being screwed.”

What’s shocking is that no one in the professional community ever bothered to try to find out who these people were, are, or what made them tick. Worse, they’ve never bothered to find out if they’ve gotten larger (they have) or, that all important question, Why?

Since then, the Resistance has largely coalesced. They’ve just run out of tricks, though, because the Media can’t trick anybody anymore. It’s mash-mouth football from here on out.

This is America. Not Merkel’s Germany or Macron’s France.

You can do simple Media math; television news, radio news, internet and social media news. You can look at CNN and see that ratings have tanked, which means they are the Media’s Solyndra, loss leaders, prostitutes “with no visible means of support.” This is common among the modern Left, and has been since they saw that wealthy, oligarchical leftists dressed out better than Mao suits. Even Putin figured that out.

Just compare total audience versus how many people voted in 2016, over 95 million. Check your 6 o’clock local news, 7 PM network news, Cable News and compare to that 95 million.

I just tallied my local news radio station, WRVA-AM, where I get Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity. I used to do 5 hours, now only one.. Although a conservative station, when Trump was elected the station turned very Establishment, and all their network news-feeds (ABC) were negative about Trump. You’d think David French was writing their ledes.

So I looked at the radio market in Richmond, and found in a market of over a million my station has a 4.5% share, or 45,000 listeners, actually down about a point in the past year. (Go figure). 70% of the Richmond market is music; Rock, Country, in every variety, from Classic Rock to Ear-Bleeding. But every station has that top-of-the-hour headline news, usually a network feed, so virtually every car and every office will hear Trump’s name negatively 2-3 times a day.

So the people know what the Media wants them to think about Trump, and they have consistently rejected it for two years.

Obviously that 80% get their news by other means. What?. Social scientists would call it “asymmetrical”.

Much of it is by word of mouth, and I know enough retired black workers to know that while they may have kept their mouths shut about Obama they had no problem is discussing the things he did. Or in voicing their approval without mentioning his name, Donald Trump. This is how and why Trump’s voter base is growing. The unspoken word.

Other bad news for the Left is that the generational pull to the Left is dying out. I have it on good authority, from the classroom, that the next generation (not sure they have a name yet) but 14-18, are almost opposites of Millennials; no narcissism, or self-indulgence, but with a pronounced leaning toward critical thinking, and, per one coach, probably because their driving ambition is to “not be like those other guys”, the Millennials, who’ve gone before them.

Our Veterans Teaching Program is predicated on reaching these kids before public schools can sour them. So kick in.

Big Media should realize how small they are in the total market place. which, not to rub salt on old wounds, the constabulary at National Review should have known as well. Bill Buckley was proud to have the likes of my father, a professional engineer, even in Who’s Who, but who had never graduated college and me another, as readers. Who would guess that after almost 40 years I would finally run into a cadre at National Review who believe that their magazine was ever for the likes of my father.?






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