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Was Arizona a Robbery or a Giveaway?

They say it’s official, that Kyrsten Sinema is Arizona’s new senator-elect, in the US Senate until 2024.

Think about it.

In an election year when this election had all the smell and taste of a heist-in-the-making, as I’d been warning for several months, August thru last week, it only seemed natural to assume that Democratic Party skullduggery would be involved.

Florida was a no-brainer, since, even under GOP election control, the same old mobsters are still controlling voter-counting in Florida’s south side like Capone did the whiskey business in Chicago’s South Side.

But there’s also Georgia, Montana, Wisconsin, and even several shoulda-been-winners in Virginia are waking up to find anomalies in the vote count, some of only a few thousand votes, that might have kept their district red.

So the Mob connection is still my theory about Arizona.

But conservative friends in Arizona argue to the contrary. Rush Limbaugh theorizes that Sinema won because conservatives, whose candidate, Dr Kelli Ward, lost to the moderate Martha McSally in the primary, just decided to not vote the “Senate” part of the ballot, so that every other GOP statewide candidate recieved approximately 260,000 more votes than McSally, and enough to beat Sinema. I’m told that over 350,000 in Maricopa County alone, a Republican stronghold, vote for the GOP governor, but were silent on the Senate race.

Hard to believe, but yes, plausible. Vanity and teat-fittery the likely culprits. If true.

Since we saw this occur just last year in the Virginia gubernatorial race, where a lame brain factotum named Ralph Northem defeated a really good old-style conservative Ed Gillespie, all because the conservatives, headed by Corey Stewart, who had lost to Gillespie in the primary, had burned too many rhetorical bridges to be able to give Ed full-throated support.

Of course, this may have been a kind of payback for the way the Virginia GOP establishment treated Ken Cuccinelli, when he tried to succeed Bob McDonnell in 2013. When George Will provided back-handed support for a Democrat of Terry McAuliffe’s caliber, (by supporting an empty-suit Libertarian, and only admitting out loud after the election that he didn’t like Christians of any kind, especially passionate ones) you knew the Democrat’s Sicilian clan had found a permanent home.

The only lesson we can learn from Virginia, 2013 and 2017 is that vanity can kill. And a cure is still not being sought, for no one seems to be looking for it.

While Virginian Republicans  were trying to prove whose vanities were most self-destructive, their combined forces ignoring the true Evil in the room, handed the state over to one of the founding fathers of the Democrat Mob, Terry McAuliffe, with a resume going back to the Clintons. The modern-day Saul Alinsky of election fraud, I can see his handiwork everywhere these days.

Not that I can put Terry McAuliffe’s fingerprints on Arizona any more than I can Alinksy’s on Antifa, still, as Alinksy dedicated his book to Satan, you can find unmistakable fingerprints of what we’re seeing today.

And small-ball vanities play a great role in their success.

Then Limbaugh went on to concede the new demographics of Arizona, like that of California, with less a call to arms as a concession to a force of nature. A new reality.

I respectfully disagree. But if it requires a new Pershing campaign into Mexico, so be it. One retired military infantryman said it this way:

We can build a wall tonight with military capabilities and technology.  A half dozen Predator UAV’s and three Armored Cavalry Regiments.  Fly the UAVs 20 to 30 miles deep in Mexico, patrol the border with the ACR’s and their thermal imaging tech.  Then let the Army steer the Border Patrol to each and every scumbag trying to cross.

Personally I’d arm the UAVs and the ACR’s and let the Border Patrol have a month’s leave.  We wouldn’t need a damn thing by the thirty-first day.

Ironically this recent election criminality highlighted some of fixes we suddenly need, but suddenly can’t, because we can no longer get any legislation passed for at least two years. Of course, Vinnie and Augie could pack a picnic lunch and take a few Dem congress-people out by the lake for tea and cakes, and try to talk some sense into them. (I still believe in the old PJ O’Rourke axiom that sometimes we should “give fear a chance”.) But short term, I have to assume new legislation is out.

But my friend, Lady Penguin, is right. We need to exert federal control over federal elections, and if that means the states have to pony up extra money to separate state and local elections (where states can allow, by law, the participation of no-citizen voters) so be it.

Since paper ballots are easier to exercise quality assurance in handling and counting, I suggest eliminating all others. By law. And as every soldier knows how many signatures it can sometimes require to draw weapons and ammunition from the Quartermaster, a uniform quality assurance program should be easy to design, from California to Nebraska to Maine, even Florida, so that crooks like Brenda Snipes can’t go solo anymore.

In trials, it’s called a “transactional chain of evidence”, where every ballot, from the time it’s unwrapped in its package, to the time it is bundled and sent off to safe storage, for every station it passes, there should be at least three signatures, one Democrat and one Republican, and one third witness.

The Democrats are not trying to invalidate the election process but redefine it subject to one-party control. Their model, the Soviets, who held elections as regular as clockwork, with one Party candidate on the ballot and another picked up off a loading dock in Smolensk. He was guaranteed to get 8% of the vote, and they always had 98% voter participation. I remember the Chicago union boss who told me they’d call in a group of union stewards and assign jobs to each in polling places under their authority from downtown, including choosing the one man who would be put on the ballot, and lose.

Democrats love designated losers.

Limbaugh says the Democrats want to invalidate the vote, and in a way, they do. Thanks to our public schools, they now have several million young people who believe, actually believe, it is every person in the world’s inalienable right to vote here, if only they can get here. They see this as the highest morality…in a world where they is no (fill in the blank. God, justice, freedom, etc.) Every iguana that crawls out from under a rock should be allowed to vote.

But a Soviet-style government control is where they not only want to go, but have to go. I won’t list or argue the fallacies of those ideas. They are uncontrollably drawn to getting there, likes moths to a flame. They can’t help it.

But here we are, at the edge of an abyss. What to do, what to do? We have to move quickly, with a clear vision of what they really want to achieve, and, if need be, give fear a chance.

At the top of the list is to reclaim voter integrity, for as Virginia will prove in a few weeks, once the analysts can get their bearings, in some places it only takes a few hundred, or few thousand illegals, to swing some elections.

And as I said in an earlier article, those illegals are now very mobile.

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5 thoughts on “Was Arizona a Robbery or a Giveaway?

  1. Absolutely correct: We need to exert Federal control over Federal elections, [FEC what else are they there for?] If these FEC legal requirements necessitates separate state and local elections so be it. Secure verification of citizenship to vote in Federal elections. Since paper ballots are easier to exercise quality assurance in handling and counting, as each voting machine prints out a marked ballot, as you have cast it, that goes into the ballot box mechanically secured to each machine. Quick machine counts backed up by paper ballots in the box to correlate with each machine. Perhaps each voter should get an ‘I voted’ ticket If someone neglects to drop in the ballot in the box then should a recount occur that vote will not be counted. Conversely, have the review done on screen and the printed ballot reveled behind a glass window to allow voter verification, then a deposit button pressed for ballot to automatically be deposited into the ballot box, allowing an irregularity to be dealt with at the moment.

    1. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it. I didn’t know the federal government could blaze a trial out of corrupt darkness into the Light of honest elections but this may be the time and place. It happened once before in America, 1787-1824. All the people have to do is take charge, really take charge.

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