Recent revelations that China hacked Hillary’s illegal email set-up for most of the years of her service as Secretary of State, and probably beyond, are being underplayed in the media.

For obvious reasons.

But it’s a game-changer, for no longer is Hillary the central bad guy in this little criminal escapade. In fact, she may even become the Democrats’ designated fall guy to protect even more culpable, and important crooks.

From the moment the world knew that Hillary was using an unsecured server, everyone knew of the security risks, and the possibility of a breach by the Chinese, the Russians, possibly even the Macedonians and Mongols. Even high school students could have listened in.

The cavalier indifference, not to mention criminality, was stunning.

And of course Barack Obama was part of those email exchanges, as well.

I don’t care if all Barack will admit to was telling Hilary about his hopes for own his daughters’ weddings someday, just as Hillary blathered on about daughter Chelsea’s, the salient fact is, now that they both have been caught in this public lie that they even corresponded, that it no longer matters what Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton discussed in those emails.

The fact that China and probably Russians, even those guys in Ulan Bator and Kavadarcii saw those conversations in real-time is just that…a FACT.

And by fact, I don’t mean a CNN-Fake News fact, a New York Times-Washington Post unnamed sources fact, but a real live evidentiary fact, the sort you can present to a judge for authentication, then present to a jury for a guilty-not guilty verdict.

Don’t look for that to happen against Obama and Clinton, by the way, but it will come out “about them” in such a way that it will be irrefutable. While they will not (in my view, should not) stand in the dock of a court room, they will have to stand in the dock of history, and there will be no place they can hide. And the Democrat Party will be unable to point fingers and claim frame-up, or fake news, for all the evidence will have come from Democrat conspirators and collaborators.

At some point, what Nature dictates, no man, let alone political party, can prevent from occurring. There are inviolable laws involved.

What began before the 2016 presidential campaign as a leisurely chase of the Democrat Party by careerist law-dogs, at the pace of a mosey, allowing the Democrats to stay just ahead of “disturbing facts” that might upset Hillary’s election chances, quickened by some unforced errors by the DNC and Obama’s DOJ, requiring FBI clean-up crews to be called in, which ultimately caused them to be ham-fisted in covering it up…followed by shakeups at the top, to the point now those disturbing facts are literally snapping at a hundred peoples’ backsides, not one or two.

It is no longer just about Hillary.

The mistake the media, including CNN, has made was in thinking this slow-evolving story was ever about public opinion, something they felt they could control.

It was always about cold-hard facts, and a kind of gut-check for many key former Obama and DNC officials if they really want to take their chances with a jury, especially once they know there is no deal they can make that will keep the facts of their complicity under court seal. I still predict a couple of suicides.

The deluge is about to begin.

It may take years, just as it took the Nuremberg tribunals several years to finish their work. The public is already in possession of tons of evidence that did not arrive on the whispers of “unnamed” or “reliable” sources. Sworn testimony, paper trails, probably even fingerprints. Cold hard facts.

And even if the new FBI and Justice Department wanted to keep it buried, “for the sake of the institution”, the voters would never allow it. And neither would Donald Trump if he wanted to keep those voters on his team. As much as Jeff Sessions wants to protect the institution, much of its culture cannot be salvaged and will have to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch, and then await the appropriate decade or so for full credibility to be restored. The same for the FBI and intelligence community.

Some historians I know know this to be so.

Conservatives also have a “speculation wing” of investigators and commenters, but I am content to wait and see cold hard facts, because there is no longer any way for deep state embeds in the FBI, DOJ or intelligence agencies to keep us from those cold hard facts. They are already risking additional obstruction of justice charges just for getting in the way.

The tide has turned, and on verifiable, triable facts, alone. Not a scintilla of politics.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party has a 20-30 year plan for national domination. They’ve been dropping little hints about what that plan might entail for several years now. They really are quite radical, and as we are seeing in Europe, even the most civilized of leaders will go along with them once they realize there is no other way forward. This is how Stalin’s, Hitler’s, Mao’s and Maduro’s are born. You will always find a Bernie or Ocasio-Cortez in their genesis. Hitler had an occupation plan for England once he’d conquered the island, which was amazingly detailed, down to the color of paint the Nazis would use to redecorate British schools. The speed with which the Nazis transformed German society in just five short years, before the first shot was fired in Poland, should make any freedom-loving American nervous. Stalin was more ham-fisted, starving and shooting millions, but he was behind an iron curtain where no one could see except for a few western reporters. And the New York Times’ guy who was there never saw a thing. (Just to close the circle.)

Seeing now what might lay ahead, if the Democrat Party thought they (the true grand designers behind Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) thought they could throw Hillary and Barack under the bus, they would.

If they should contemplate that, just look for the grand planners in the high castles at NYT and WAPO and their colleague in the academy, to launch the first trial balloons.

This is why I have always favored leaving Hillary and Barack alone, for their conviction in court will only allow the Democrat Party to make martyrs of each, while secretly breathing a sigh of relief that the Party, and the movement, can live to fight another day. (This will be the New York Times third or fourth go’round of being on both sides of tyrannical despotism at the same time, so they have some history of being able to survive sudden misfortunes.)

There is not a single indictable figure in the Obama administration, going back to Fast and Furious and Benghazi, that I would not willingly cut their maximum sentences in half if all they would do is publicly allocute, count by count, fact by fact, to the crimes they committed, facilitated, or looked the other way to allow, while Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton are forced to look from a public dock, with a get-out-of-jail free card firmly in their grip, and watch their names, reputations and places in history, alongside the Democrat Party they served, forever seared into the People’s and History, as forever damned.

Sounds fair, don’t you agree?

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