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How Many Dead Rosebushes Will it Take to Cripple the Left Without a Shooting War?

This is a serious question.

I don’t want to spend 2000 words restating SitRep’s I’ve been making since for several years. So, for your benefit I’ve provided links to reports I’ve posted since 2013 at the end.. (There’s an element of redundancy there, but each covers a different piece of Leftist operational territory that needs to be considered.)

Today we’re focusing on the quickening by the education sector of the Left since the election of Donald Trump. Some may even say because of it, for there is an understanding in counterterrorism thinking that if you know your opponents’ end game, anything you can do to rattle their plans, causing them to do today what they would prefer to do next year is a minor victory.

The public education sector is the Left’s centerpiece for final victory, taking over America, for it is a sector they can totally control and which can replicate itself without outside interference.

If you ever learn anything about the Left it’s that they live and die by a Plan, and are among history’s worse when having to execute operations on the run, without a plan.

Only grass roots America can blight that Plan’s path.

Every level of government where we live is infested with corruption, and in the beginning, from the articles below, were designed to deal with most of them at the local level.

(I won’t go into histories, but we had four teams operating in four areas of the country. I was the dispatcher of sorts, putting up news bits of outrageous conduct by public officials that might be attended to in those areas. Public schools were among them. Our hope was that we would recruit, train and carry out what we called “dark alley” operations. It never caught on on a large scale although I suspect there are several teams out there still, just covering their territories. I closed the website in 2012. They carried out several small operations, actually killing rosebushes, from whence the name comes, but in locales which were one-and-done. I don’t know of a single police report ever being filed, neither have I ever received any feedback that a corrupt official became a repeat offender, although one college professor did leave at the end of the semester.)

Interestingly, with the new gun-control “war” once again rearing up, the Left seems to have picked up on many our tactics, minor property invasion, encouraged by local universities profs, proving the Left still doesn’t understand one salient difference between our side and theirs:

Good people can make bad people stop doing illegal things with far less threats of pain or loss than bad people can threaten good people to stop doing right and moral things.

There’s a lot of Darwin-type natural science involved in that equation, alongside good old Bible-taught morality. That’s just how it is,

With the election of Donald Trump there is now top-down pressure for states and local governments to attend to many of these issues on their own, primarily because the people at the grass roots are more aware and less silent. They are speaking up, some even “turning over tables in the temple”, (one of my favorite New Testament passages, Mt 21:12), proving that pressure can be applied from the bottom-up against all sorts of government-based misbehavior.

Making public servants afraid for their jobs is an important power citizens have too long neglected.

Highest among our priorities is the taking back of our public a school systems, from Kindergarten through Graduate School, not only as to the curricula that is taught in the classroom, but to the kind of culture that exists on campus; from the manipulation of bullying, to safe zones, to free speech and class consciousness, to the administrative systems that have overseen college professors going from driving Ford Fairlane’s 40 years ago to a BMW today.

Cure the ills that afflict our school systems at the grass roots and you will repair nearly half of the ills that afflict our government at large.

* * *

Unlike pre-Obama days, when I reported 1-2 stories a week on my old website, you can find 10-20 a day now, especially on Twitter, since they are so common major news aggregators don’t bother to pick those news items up anymore. Rev Franklin Graham is telling us that sex-education classes for children is being used to promote sex among children, not just in a few school schools, but everywhere. The purpose is to undermine moral teachings children are still getting at home. Pre-schoolers now come home to tell parents that Teacher tells them they can no longer have “best friends” because it excludes others, i.e, the same premise they used to get rid of Valentines cards a few years back.

This all comes on the back of modern high school graduates who can’t find Omaha on a map, know anything about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, James Madison, or how to balance a check book. And in some states they can even get through college and still never know anything about these things.

Worse, they never get to know about the shoulders they stand on beyond grandma, or the shoulders that paid with their last full measure to provide the things they now have but consider as entitlements rater than emoluments from a free society..

We are now within a generation of losing this cultural altogether. Forever.

And home-schooling won’t fix this if you are trying to save your culture and your country instead of your House, which means you will be one the alligator eats last.

* * *

More to the point, since the rise of the Occupy Movement in 2011, the Left has been trying to manufacture an army of shock troops, ANTIFA its latest prototype. As noted, they are becoming more and more open, witness the Fresno State tenured professor, Randa Farrar, and the NYC prof, Mike Isaacson, who volunteered to shared with Tucker Carlson his involvement with ANTIFA violence. They are out there, and they are strutting-peacock-proud.

Much of their Plan is predicted on the supposition that their numbers will continue to grow, for there are no longer any external pressures either to impede them, or punish them. The university system protects them. And after 40 years their process of recruitment and preparatory indoctrination, going as far back as 4th grade, is now able to replicate itself.

They believe they are immune and impregnable.

Lenin said it as clear as any prophet can: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Their Plan was to take this ground and hold it by simply cloning themselves, while waiting for the last vestiges of old-fashioned love-America patriotism to die out.

So, far that seems to be working. I hate to tell you this.

The Left sees this as a fait accompli,

For the next few years, before my generation totally dies out, I think we are in a position to smash the Left’s plans before they can execute them, and set the nation’s education system back toward its proper course…

…without having to unlock the gun cabinet.

The public education sector is the one part of the Left’s territory where only the people at the grass roots can fight more effectively than can Washington.

*   *   *

Using the accompanying bibliography I’ve outlined here a short roadmap as to how that might be done wherever you live, regardless of the size of your town, city, or county. I’ve described dark alley tactics which should be able set the Left back on its heels, whether on a university campus or a local school district.


In the United States there are approximately 1,700 public 4-and 2-yr colleges/universities and 26,500 public K-12 school systems.

There are approximately 20,000 incorporated metropolitan governments (cities) in America, and 3142 counties.

That’s over 52,000 public administrations; city, county, schools and universities, with hundreds of thousands of administrators, some of whom are elected, 3.1 million teachers, who are being pumped out of by public universities, mostly trained to drive a wedge between students and the moral institutions of our culture.

This means even the smallest town has four-five potential “fields of battle” where the Left has sunk roots. In schools this can be measured by the classroom, in colleges by academic departments, plus several administrative offices, especially, since almost every university has at least one political correctness office, where rules regulating student behavior (groupthink) are formulated and enforced.

Candidate Obama’s criticism of the US Constitution as a “charter of negative liberties” should tell need to know about where much of American post-graduate education is aimed. Every NGO, such as the PTA, and citizens groups are also filled with leftist activist, easy to recognize by the squeakiness of their wheels.. (And great observation posts for gathering intelligence and targets, I might add.)

So: How many dead rose bushes, how many $100 cleaning bills for “skunked” $1000 business suits or $1500 Gucci purses, how many keyed or disfigured Mercedes front doors, how many altered routes to and from work or restaurants, would it take to blight the path of an active Leftist before he or she began to consider applying for a position at a private school?

The things you can do to cause them to think twice are as limitless as your own imaginations, if you only agree to stay within bounds and play by certain rules.

* * *

How to squish a bug so that it can still limp away.

My mother once told me that if I ever said certain words, God would step from the sky and squish me like a bug. When I was 11 or 12 I finally worked up the courage to say one of those words, then froze, to see what might happen. Even though no big foot stepped out, still, after 60 years, I still know that Big Foot is there, and am still very reluctant to test it.

It’s important the we now let the institutional Left know this awesome power really exists. And where it resides.


You will be breaking the law. Keep your activities to misdemeanors that don’t involve physical harm to any living thing (incl dogs and cats). This way police will be less apt to spend resources looking for people they think are kids tagging the walls of vacant buildings with graffiti.

Within a year, the police will be the least of your worries once it dawns on the Left that there is an organized group “out there” set against them. They will hunt for you, set traps for you, and assume you are ten times your real size.

Worse, they will believe you intend to harm them the same way they would harm you were the roles reversed. Real physical harm.

They will also assume you are in league with known conservative activist groups. This is why keeping your team small and generally out of the limelight is a good idea.

This is also why you internal security is of paramount importance.

Forming a Team

I call them cells, from the Cold War days. Four or five members should do for all but the most target-rich environments.

If you are a student, be extra careful, for your age-group is known for being loose-lipped, and reckless in security management.

Example: During Obama’s first term one of our western members, an ex-Army Ranger, drove three hours to punish a student who had participated in a mean, anti-religious stunt on a campus at the behest of an art professor, all because that kid had bragged on Facebook about his crime. Within 72-hours that college kid had been face-planted in a #10 washtub of fresh cow manure, had his cell phone stomped into a hundred pieces, and left to walk back to town a couple of miles while ruminating about his short life in crime.

(Don’t try this at home. This Ranger captain had skill sets most of you don’t have, but I do plan to tell his whole story at VeteransTales soon, where you can also go to contribute to our work.)

Be selective in picking people to work down dark alleys with. Beyond belief in a core set of values, some skill sets will be needed. (See below.)

You will be breaking the law, of the vandalism variety, so go in with eyes wide open should you ever slip up. Most lefties come from affluent homes, so never have to worry about being bailed out of jail.

Your nameless and faceless anonymity is your greatest protection as well as your greatest source of terror. Bad people are afraid of eyes that might be watching them they can’t see.


NO ONE should know of your team’s existence or its purpose, including family (Husband/wife, unless you are absolutely of one mind.). Save that for your memoirs when you’re 70. Try to keep the number of people, including other cells, who know you by sight, or name, to a number under ten.

If you are already known to the Left via blogging, Twitter, campus or citizens’ group, become two people. You will already become a suspect once dead rose bushes start showing up.


I favor the Algerian terrorists of the 50s who used only handwritten notes, (it’s a good habit to acquire) but email should be okay, but only on separate email accounts, not shared with your other email accounts. And keep nothing on your computers or devices. Print out, then delete everything. (Another good habit to get into.) Avoid Twitter and Facebook to communicate. Read only.

I’m old school about modern tech so know little of newer technology as it speeds past me. You will never merit an FBI team to swoop in and confiscate your computer, but it’s best to plan in those terms.

I have burner phone and a phone card (pay cash) and use only with four people beside 911 when I have a heart attack. I keep dialed numbers separate in a small notebook.

Develop code words for certain unexpected events that can be sent in the clear on open accounts.

Intelligence Gathering

There are two kinds of intel involved here, the first being just creating a general network of dossiers of people (faculty, staff and the usual student rent-a-mobs, see ANTIFA below). You can learn a lot simply by attending a rally and learn how they arrive on the scene. (Many are ferried.)

You want one team member who is good at this kind of work.

If you are involved with any university campus the Left likely has already opened a page on you.

In every school system you have to know how things work inside each administrative unit, schools, who answers to who, and how decision-making is made. They are all different. Process rules are rarely the same, as every military veteran knows.

For instance (true story); A school teacher calls the cops because a 5th grader draws a picture of a gun instead of marching the boy down to the principal’s office, thus costing the parents about $1000 in legal fees. Options: 1) Teacher could simply be a solo rogue zealot (there are lots of them), or 2) simply ignorant, or 3) he/she could be part of a larger group inside the school community with Leftist elements. In this last case, the teacher knows someone up the line has his/her back, which is important to know, since killing one rose bush may be a wasted exercise.

You need to try and get a sense of what kinds of tugs of war are going on inside to know whose, and how many, rose bushes need to be killed.

Schools are like most hierarchical bureaucracies where “management” resides at the top, while teachers are considered rank-and-file by front office management. Many teachers are patriots, while many others are products of the New Left’s laboratory. Lean who’s who.

The School front office administrations are different beasts altogether, for while political, they are driven more by preserving rank than ideology. Activist teachers and middle management administrations rely on the front office closing ranks if this arrest (above) should come to light in a negative public light. People may be calling the school’s front office, or expressing outrage on social media, or writing letters to the editor or local Channel 6, but most will blame the school instead of a political agenda. In the end, the public may never know how the school handled the situation (restitution, reprimand, suspension, or firing) because it’s the belief of most public school administration that it’s none of the taxpayers’ business.

An unholy alliance, that is the Left’s ultimate safety net, institutional cowardice, self-preservation and ignorance. There are certain immutable laws of bureaucracy involved here.

The second type of intel, once a target has been identified, (noted in the links) involves finding out where your target lives, his/her haunts, habits, where he/she parks her car, routines, saloons frequented, as well as the location of security cameras, etc. This could require stake-outs, stalking and a string of snitches.

Plans and Operations:

What  once was easy only a few years ago is now difficult because of the rise of home security systems. This caused us to consider going after “the person”.

During the Oakland Occupy one of our west coast members concocted a spray of liquefied fecal material, put in a  Sinex bottle (See Skunk, below) and spray it on the back of a young radical’s clothing. One of his team filmed it, to establish the getaway time between the spraying and the reaction of the victim (over 10 seconds).

Imagine spraying a white collar professional’s pants leg or hem of her skirt with “skunk” entering or while on an elevator, of a professional office building. Imagine the smell, and the (proven) almost apoplectic desire to get out of those clothes, and the resulting embarrassment and cleaning costs.

There are hundreds of ways to kill “rose bushes” then, from tagging, to keying, to skunking clothes, handbags, shoes, even car door handles, and of course, rearranging the yard work…once quite easy, but with modern security, more difficult.

Just let your imagination be your guide, keeping in mind security and retreat, and the joy of causing annoyance, discomfort, and some expense. And eventually fear.

The Coup de Grace: THE LETTER

There is no profit in creating damage if the target does not know why his rose bush showed up dead.

Depending on your own intel about the type of person you’ve targeted, you may want to tease him with small doses, but at some point he must know that these acts are not random acts. Surely after the third key scratch he’ll figure it’s personal, At this point you must let him know his crime. This is called THE LETTER…a handwritten, sanitized envelope, no-lick stamp, telling him of his crime and what will happen next should he persist.

At this moment will the target know he/she’s an intentional target.  So your letter must leave no tell-tale clues as to who you are, how many, etc. I recall one time when a fellow drove 20 miles just to post the letter.

Don’t say you’re from the “Committee of Anything”. Just a simple statement of the crime, (“You did this”) and a strong “don’t do it again”. No drama. Once received the target will have several options, including calling the police. I have no knowledge of that ever occurring in the past but we’ve never dealt with campus idiosyncrasies, so you may develop some interesting case studies of this particular subject.

But once the letter is sent the game changes.

The police will open a file, as it is no longer vandalism,. AND, depending on the overall politics of your jurisdiction, be aware that even though these events are misdemeanors, like mobsters, the Left will view your intentions much more seriously. So never treat these events lightly.

Finally, at one time we tried to shop this idea to create a national organization, and it really wasn’t a good idea.

The sorts of things we’ve been proposing are not conducive to seminars, (I done a few), nor can one easily hang out a shingle, like a lawyer. I’ve drafted manuals, but publishers won’t take the risk (can you blame them?). A clever TV producer could create a really great series; docu-drama, as the stories write-themselves. If I had the money and connections i’d go this route.

If you find these pieces beneficial, it would be nice if you’d drop by, and make a donation and we’ll call it square.  We actually have an annual budget there, and need to meet it. What I’ve provided here and below is for free.

Good luck and good hunting.



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