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Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is a Throwback to Donald Trump in a World of Bureaucratic Management

There are people who can walk into the Veteran’s Administration and fix it with a wrench and pair of pliers. Ronny Jackson is one, but just one, there are many others. They are called medical doctors. And as doctors, just like Donald trump was in business, they see their world totally in terms of “mission” – to first diagnose, then treat, then heal. Good doctors hire paper-shufflers to do the rest. My favorite MD, a fellow named House, said that every correct diagnosis begins with a unified theory and that unified theory in medicine is that the patient get the best possible care.Successful doctors practice this every day, just as successful businessmen do. With this simple rule Donald Trump began a clean-up of Washington, affectionately known as The Swamp, in places where the finest, most accomplished paper-hanging bureaucrats known to Christendom, floundered, many of them brought in from the private sector corporate world. Since the 1980s, the modern corporate world has fashioned itself after the way government has structured itself, and that may well be its undoing.

All because they no longer know, or even understand, what their mission is. In the words of the famous Hot Lips O’Houlihan, “Mission” is no higher than fourth or fifth in their top list of executive priorities.

Ronny Jackson does not seem to be cut out of that sort of bureaucratic cloth. He uses paper-hangers to take care of that part, while keeping his eye on the prize, the veterans rather than the career perks and paths of his apparatchiks.

So it will be nice to see the world reminded that “prescription drugs” (sleeping pills) are not narcotics or habit forming. When a doctor hands it to you, his hand is the prescription. I’ve been given antibiotics dozens of times that way. “Here take this” was all the prescription I needed. We’ll see this “concern” shown for what is, a second swipe at a man who does not live by the Swamp Managers’ Creed.

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