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Searching for Democrats who Still Love America, Is There Such a Thing Anymore?


The rift between Chuck Schumer and the Far-Left of his Party has exposed a division in it that few actually knew existed.

Since the late 70s, the Carter era, the Democrat Party has been made up of three constituent parts having nothing to do with identity politics (race, gender, etc.) These are 1) the Far-Left, or True Believers, 2) the Profiteers and finally, 3) the base.

The True-Believer faction’s end game is to entirely dismantle the Constitutional framework of the Republic and exercise power in a manner consistent with their statist world view, which appears to be part Marxist and part Fascist, but largely totalitarian. They are a minority in the Party, but they wield the greatest financial stick, for the Profiteers only scavenge and plunder, their careers based on their ability to run on the “D” alone, and garner votes in traditionally Democrat districts and states. Going to Wsahington as mendicant public servans, then retiring after 20-30 years a millionaire has been a staple business model for Democrat politics since FDR.

What has happened of course, as we first began to imagine during the Trump 2016 campaign, then saw become reality with the election, when Trump’s “lost army” emerged from the shadows to carry him to victory is much of that base has disappeared. Maybe even all of it.. These were the “Love America” Democrats, largely expelled by Obama in this second term, only there are many more than just the “white working class”.

They made up the bulk of that 3) third part of the Party, its base, which, until only a few short years ago, scarcely more than two decades, still carried some fond memory of Americana. They have been driven out by the True Believers, forgetting perhaps that the Profiteers need them for sustenance..

So no one is sure how many Democrats there are that actually love America anymore.

Only it seems the black working class was sent packing with them, only few people inside the polling business knew they even existed. But black folks still carry the flag too, only not so much in territory commanded by the modern Democrats, places such as inner cities, government office buildings and universities.

These are all No-Go Zones for the flag.


A Fourth of July celebration. St. Helena Island, South Carolina, 1939. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Marion Post Wolcott. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

To replace them the True Believers, over a period of years, created a new class of voters to march toward that goal, across whose lips a “God Bless America” has never been uttered, probably not even in grade school.

Problem is, these Alinsky True Believers can’t count. That high. The simplest math tells us that A-students, even people who only see themselves as A-students, cannot achieve electoral power in a voter-based democracy without convincing a majority of the voters to let them lead them. There just aren’t enough angry women with pink-p**sy hats, and vulgar placards to make up the difference. The Democrat Party’s problem today is, demographically, to try patch together a voter-alliance consisting of “black professional women who work in government and the academy”, union workers, (at their lowest membership in 60 years), disenchanted professional football players, Hollywood screenwriters, a diminishing welfare class, and a few angry college kids who may or may not show up to vote, because they can’t remember if Election Day is this Thursday or next. and still come up with a working voting majority. 30%-35% tops.

And in garnering this mob of misfits, they have also smitten the far larger Profiteer wing of their party, who still need these ragamuffin bands of working class Americans to keep their rice bowls filled.

At least you understand why Democrats need a near-perpetual open door to immigrants from the poorer countries of the south, with a faster-than legally-allowed track to voting rights than any real citizen can be expected to approve—and why the vast majority of them must come here with their allegiances already turned away from the United States and its flag, with great pressure to keep them that way.

I’m sorry, but no one actually believes any sitting Democrat member of Congress has even an ounce of love or respect for the United States of America as founded, although a few may have distant memories of childhoods filled patriotic themes. Did they have flag-waving parades in Brooklyn in the 50s and 60s as black folks enjoyed in South Carolina enjoyed in 1940’s, Chuck?

Outside of Tucker Carlson I don’t know of a single Fox anchor, much less CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBS or CBS, who would ask of any sitting member of Congress what it is about America they love. Seven questions only (and let me provide them) and watch Chuckie, Lady Nan, Gerald Nadler, Tim Kaine, Cory Booker, Adam Schiff, not to mention the entire talking-head staffs at all the network news shows, dance and fidget, looking for words they may have heard in fourth grade, but not since.

Ted Cruz can. So can Rand Paul. In fact, most Republicans can—but not all. It’s part of a Republican politician’s path, for it defines the path taken by almost all their voters. Loving America is not a subject they have to go fumbling around in their coat pocket to find their reading glasses, or crib-notes to answer.

Even Jeff Flake once knew the words, even if he had to take a seminar in Faking Sincerity to be able to say them “sincerely” to Arizona voters. “Hypocrisy is the price that vice pays to virtue” (La Rochefoucauld ), making Flake a hypocrite, but Democrats have erased the virtue of patriotism, thus, no hypocrisy occurs.

Hating America has become their secret handshake for admittance to the Party.

It’s been 50 years since Democrat voters demanded to hear a “love America” in the concerto of politicians’ promises for free stuff, or special status, whether native-born or border jumper.

Today, no one who loves America has any reason to tolerate any person coming into this country on a Democrat-Party subsidy, for “loving America” is not on the ticket.

Neither Democrat True Believers nor Profiteers any more have a core set of principles about America that makes them warm and fuzzy inside, and that is just what they project, a cold, even mean and angry dispassion for America. Just a generation ago, when men and women and their families struggled more than any modern American has to anymore (including our welfare class),  just to make ends meet, those working families still took one day a year to give Thanks, another day a year to celebrate the resurrection of their Savior, another day a year to celebrate the birth of that Savior, and finally that one day a year to celebrate the birth of the Nation that gave them those 60-hr work weeks, whether on the job, in the kitchen, on the back porch with that new Whirlpool ringer-washer, in the yard, in the garden, on the roof, in the garage under the hood, or for me, that $2/ a yard cutting grass which netted me a clear $10/week in the summers.

They owned something by the sweat of their own brow. And they could pass it on

My first memory of 4th of July was when I was 10 and my dad gave me a whole dollar to spend any way I wanted at the high school football field, where dozens of booths were set up, with candy-corn and soda, with greased pigs contests, and men stood together in quartets and drank the only (public) beer their wives would ever allow and sing songs and throw their veterans’ caps in the air. It was probably the only day blacks and whites were allowed to share, and hoorah together in those times.

Twenty years later I got to introduce my son to a 4th of July party in a small town in Arizona where he rode a Big Wheel wearing his Japanese super-hero helmet in a parade that marched four full blocks, consisting of a 10-piece band made up of locals, no uniforms, and an honor guard of flags made up of Yavapai Apaches. At the end of that 300-yard parade everyone adjourned to a small park where we chowed down to a Baptist-style picnic feast-under the trees, but with a distinctive Mexican flavor.

Times and manners change but there still is a core set of beliefs in America that can still be brought out into the fresh air as music everyone can sing along with, and cheer, but it rarely occurs on the 4th of July.

We know this why? Because I saw it several times in 2016, when Donald Trump came to town and made a speech. It was 4th of July all over again.

It was also then I leaned just how much and how many Americans had learned to hate America. Any why.

I now know there are millions of Joe Btfspik’s out there—

—who find no joy in seeing other people finding joy, or freedom.

They are not morose by nature, but by breeding, so they are not likely to go away soon. They were never excluded from the circle of people celebrating on July 4th, they somehow just stopped inviting themselves to the party, preferring to stand outside the circle of celebration and eventually sneer and curse. Ayn Rand called them “Haters”. I refer to them as a race of people who define themselves by who they are not.

In America almost all of these people are Democrats, although not all Democrats are these people. Or are they?

Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

Since they voted in lock step since 2006, when Lady Nan expelled the Blue-dogs from the Party, no one has given much thought whether the True Message of the Left—destruction of the Constitutional Republic and replacing it with a totally new (actually very, very ancient) form of government—actually applied with equal fervor to all 49 Democrat voters in the Senate and the surviving 193 House members (down from their high of 233 in 2006.)

Byron York reported that 10 of the Senate nay votes against ending the government shutdown were possible 2020 presidential candidates, and all considered to be of the Hard-Left persuasion. Byron wondered out loud what this means for the Democratic Party going forward, since clearly a main tenet of the Hard Left’s political strategy is to legalize as many immigrants as possible as quickly as possible so as to re-seize political power in the United States.

California has already revealed a way forward toward voting rights that circumvents the entire citizenship barrier, a nullification issue of the first order, calling for an immediate response from the federal government, as other states seem to be signing onto California’s way forward.

Should the “old pro-American Democrats” suddenly turn on the Democrat Party and disappear altogether, and take with them all their “Love for America” and put them into the Republican camp, it will be the end of the Democrat Party, or the end of a democratic America. Personally, with so many spineless Republican shrimps, I prefer to see a risen Democrat Party, and a move back toward a Constitutional playing field, or, a guns-drawn civil war, which may well begin in California this very year.

I just know it is not a real election, not even a real democracy, when the two sides are divided by whether they love America or not.

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