The Eternal Left’s War on American Exceptionalism

You know me and my thing with Lucifer. Still,  I’m not one of those who believe that Satan personifies himself in any man. We are too quick to say that so-and-so is “pure evil” when in fact, that is likely not the case. For one, that is not how Satan works. He uses people, especially the vain and arrogant who think they are too smart and too clever to be beguiled by any ancient superstition. Marxists, lawyers, and academics, are all among Old Clootie’s most prized and juicy possessions for that very reason; that they don’t even believe He exists. I remember that line delivered by Tom Hanks, as Professor Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code sequel, “Angels and Demons’ where an archbishop in the Vatican asked him if he was religious and he answered, “No, I’m an academic”. (More on that at another time.) So-called cult Satanists are joyriders only, poseurs. Satan doesn’t seek worshipers, but only to stand between God and His.

If you study politics, remember this, for the Modern Left does the same; stand between Men and Liberty.

Most people, when they think of pure Evil, think of Adolf Hitler first, more often than Stalin or Mao, (which has always bothered me), but I can find nothing about these men that makes me think they ever gave Evil a second thought. They did evil things, for sure, but because they were types who were disposed to behave in that way in the first place…if only they could get away with it.  It was only for them to beat the odds by choosing politics than other forms of crime, to get where they could kill millions instead of just killing puppies with a ball peen hammer. These were people with holes in their souls. Satan didn’t put those holes there, they were just “easy marks” to do his dirty work. It was always just a crap shoot whether they would be end up in a reformatory, prison, death row, or some day become Senate majority leader. Both Nature and civilized society have always set seine nets out to capture these poison fish before they got too big, and remove them from the gene pool, but some always escape it, and have since Attila first learned to ride a horse. The law of averages.

Which brings me to the Modern Left.

I actually dislike Bill Clinton more than I do Obama, in part because I was a couple of  law school classes ahead of him, and recognized the “type” always instantly once he thrust himself onto the public stage. In those days every class had at least one Bill Clinton. But I’ve never thought of Bushel Britches as “evil”, although he clearly has enabled Satan to do his works at several levels in American cultural and political life. Obama, on the other hand, while I don’t consider him to be evil either, does seem to have been “placed’ in certain circumstances and positions that seem to have been laid out for him in advance; part of a larger scheme. Clinton’s rise I considered “fortuitous” like Hitler a naturally draw for every kind of deviant thinking their respective societies could produce, and probably something of a fluke which probably won’t happen again, while Obama seems to have had the road to power paved for him, a slot-filler, just as Josef Stalin was and who mass killed in the ordinary course of political necessity, not hate.

I could write a book of all the things Satan hates about America. In fact, I’m working on one now. But highest among them is this idea of  American exceptionalism. Obama’s distaste for America isn’t just elistist (French) it’s almost religious (olde French, even pharaonic), which is why I think Obama’s being “handled” in this regard.

There are three components to American Exceptionalism, all three of which Lucifer, and the Left, despise: 1) our ability to arise above our common origins, 2) our selflessness and 3) our sense of reciprocity with one another.

Our Lowborn Origins

It was our common origins that bonded all the Americans in the beginning, separated only by the passing of generations, for at any given time there were always first generation families, just getting off the boat, second generation families, finally beginning to make the climb up the hill after they’d spent a generation learning the rules of the road, and third generation families, who had made it. By that third generation, few if any could recall any of the tales of the suffering of the first, and that suffering was beyond calculation. American didn’t come to these shores with skateboards or a “skip-to-my-Lou”, but with luggage filled with sorrow. We all began on this same road, yet so easily forget by the time it’s a grandmother’s tale instead of one we witnessed personally; the pain and suffering, the children they had to bury, the privation, not to mention that sorrow at saying goodbye to kinsmen and the home hearth in Ireland, Poland or Italy, alone and afraid, and barely able to “speakada Anglitch”.

Getting an education was no mean feat, either…especially in English. Some churches did it better than others, just as some immigrants came better prepared, with at least some rudiments of reading skills, and even some semblance of manners. But we were all Europe’s detritus. If we’d had nice homes and eaten well in England we wouldn’t be coming to America in the first place. Not all were uncouth rubes, but many were.

Katie Hopkins, the British gadfly against immigration policies in England mentioned that African and Middle Easterners who came to Europe brought their local feuds against one another with them and carried those “tiny wars” forward once in Europe, alongside their natural animus for the gracious European hosts.

When the Mediterranean and Balkans emptied their detritus on American shores in the early 1900s, they brought the same kinds of feuds, only they largely never materialized,—

—-simply because they had to hit the ground running or they would be trampled underfoot. They were there to build their House, not to lounge in the luxury of a welfare state. I knew a retired steelworker from Chicago, from Macedonia, who lived next door to my Dad (in Arizona) who lived next door to an old Croat from Pittsburgh. They were best of friends. You won’t find these things occurring in Europe today and their No-go zones. Smart, bright, cultured and sophisticated, the Euros never knew squat about assimilation, especially their technocrats, in part because the culture of the technocrat-political class was (is) not the same as the cultural mass of their people.  

That Americans, all Americans, could and would arise from such low-born origins tweaked deeply the  near-religious principles of the reigning aristocracies in Europe, and later, old-money Americans, and today, by a cult-like group of elitists who have no claim by birthright, business success or even educational merit to count themselves among an American nobility. THIS IS Satan’s doing, his handiwork, for a new class of Americans, with these elitist attitudes, are now peeing all over the shoulders the once stood on, defining “ingratitude”. This is something no one has ever done before.

Only Satan can hate America in this way.

What I am trying  to relay here is where the origins of this notion comes from, for it is how Lucifer, and the French, have always viewed America, and how Obama, and Hillary more than Bill, do today…with every fiber of their being. For Satan’s purposes, Obama is a “natural”, and like Gollum, may still have a role to play in this unfolding American drama.

When De Toqueville came to America and wrote his famous books on democracy, his purpose was to persuade the French aristocrats back home, forty years after the French Revolution, that such a free society built by low-born commoners was a good thing. But since it was the French who actually institutionalized class consciousness, they would have none of it, and it formed the entire European notion of culture for a thousand years. It was so religiously and closely-held that by 1914, had World War I not ended the European royal lines, insanity would have killed them off from in-breeding.

So while De Toquville’s arguments were smash hits in England and America, they failed in France. The French had created a caste system of sorts, where birth decided station, with virtually no means by which a commoner could move up, or a rich merchant could buy in. American proved the fraud of the nobility’s belief that the lower classes couldn’t be educated, or become successful on their own merits, or taught to appreciate the finer things of life.

The French idea of class wasn’t just that low-born people shouldn’t be allowed to move into the higher classes, but that they couldn’t by their very nature. It wasn’t that they were backward and couldn’t be taught good manners, appreciation of the finer foods and arts, (remember Liza Doolittle. “My Fair Lady”?) but shouldn’t. It would be a sacrilege to their class. This is why Thomas Jefferson, a 5th generation American, was considered to be a traitor to his class by other American gentry; Jefferson believed they were all “created equally” with him. In France laws had been written in the 13th Century that commoners could not wear dresses, coats, hats or shoes that looked like the clothing of the nobility. Tailors were threatened with jail time if they sold better goods “out the back door.” The poor were forced to be poor so that the nobility could think highly of themselves by comparison. The French patented this idea of “defining oneself by he is not.”  (Do you recognize this sentiment in our poverty programs since LBJ? How about the government class today?).

So when De Toqueville reported back to France that, instead of only two floors in America’s food, clothing, literature and fine arts stores, a basement and top floor, there was the making of what would turn out to be several floors, so that while most Americans could not buy the same quality of fine linens, or cheese, or jewelry as the rich, they could still have their own markets, from the middle to the basement. What worried the French indeed came to pass, that some Americans would then discover that mass market in the middle, and figure out how to make assembly lines for canning food or building cars, to sell them things, and then pay the children of Polish washerwomen who had become engineers outrageous wages, who then created even more floors in the American store, where some could then buy Oldsmobiles instead of Model A’s.

And the whole orderly world of the nobility would go straight to hell in a hand basket in less than 75 years from the time De Tocqueville wrote those words. What the aristocrats feared indeed came to pass…that all the finer things restricted to their select palates, who were born to appreciate it (part of that divine right junk they believed in) would be diluted, and that even the finest wines would be cheapened because they had been allowed to cross the lips of the sons of Irish bog farmers, like John Kerry (who would have been a perfectly good wine-taster in most any 18th C French court.) Worst of all, great wealth would accrue some day to those mass producers, or as the English nobility in the 19th Century derisively called them, “tradesmen”, never knowing that in America such an appellation was a title of honor, much higher than a politician, and most certainly a lord, for the word meant people who had earned their wealth.  See Donald Trump, and both the outpouring of love and hate for him, on that very account.

To certain people, then, opening this wide world of freedom to create, from canned beans to airplanes to iPhones,  great wealth for people who simply are not able to spend and appreciate it wisely is a threat to a vital world order.

It was also a world order in which Satan was the undisputed political head.

Why Barack Obama, the mulatto son of an Anglo camp-following atheist-communist mother, and a ne’er-do-well African Muslim-turned-Anglican-turned-communist father who never loved him, and who it cannot be determined when he first used a porcelain toilet, so early in his life decided to believe he has a royal birthright is beyond me. (Nature or nurture?) He is so low-born as to make most Americans’ origins seem positively uptown. But if I were Satan and wanted to create a class of Americans who could psychopathically hate their origins by being conditioned to believe they have a birthright to be admitted into the ranks of the nobility, and I needed a Pied Piper, I would look for a Barack Obama to lead them, for unlike any other American politician Obama can understand the unfairness in the world without the existence of that specially anointed elite, which he represents.


Secondly, the Left is working hard, especially recently, to establish in the American consciousness that selfishness, not selflessness, is the proper way for people to think and behave. “We got ours, now let them get theirs.” How many members of the administration, including Hillary Clinton, have loudly proclaimed this notion since ISIS arose and split Iraq into three pieces?

No sense kicking that cat around the room. What the Left preaches is that 4866 Americans didn’t die in Iraq to procure democracy for 55 million Arabs, but rather they died, and let this be a be a lesson to all of us, because there is nothing so stupid and parochial as for a man “to lay down his life for his brother” (John 15:13). Who ever heard of that? What Frenchman ever did that? Even as Obama cynically sent over 2000 Americans to their deaths in Afghanistan for a policy he never really believed in, he lectured the American people it is not worth a single American life to assist that failing democracy in Iraq, or justify any of those 4866 lost lives. 

You already know my opinion on this, for America is the only country in world history not just to invest it treasure in the corporate sense of the word, but to send its sons and husbands to do what began with the Civil War, when half a million died freeing black people they had never seen. (How’s that stack up with “black lives matter?”) Since then tens of thousands of white, black, Latino and Asian Americans have died to free people they had never seen or known, with no kinship whatsoever.

In this sense, America is the only non-tribal nation on earth. American Exceptionalism is the essence of non-tribalism, or “Nativism” as it’s now called..

But when seen from the elitist point of view, this is a horrible thing. And the Democrat Left means to drive us, like cattle, back to a time when it was every man for himself, not because it is really a bad thing per se, but that it is a concept modern royals can never get their arms around, and damned if they they can permit the lower classes to practice a philosophy they cannot even comprehend.


I’ll be brief here. Reciprocity is not the same as selflessness, but similar in many ways.  Reciprocity is the antithesis of selfishness, not selflessness, only the Left doesn’t know this, which proves something about their relationship with the Devil…for Satan does know the difference, and he hates reciprocity above all the other purely American characteristics. 

The idea of reciprocity is one of the fundamental building blocks of the American House and our Republic, for in order to build their House, men must establish reciprocal arrangements with their neighbors so that neither can gain power over the other, so they both could pass their House on. The Constitution was designed to protect this free association from government, and the Rule of Law to protect Americans from each other. This is a major understanding among free men.

But reciprocity is not in man’s DNA. It must be learned, and to be learned it must be taught, in America’s case, by a kind of osmosis from observation and casual contact. That’s why “to be American” is a three generation process, for when people first came to these shores in that first generation, they knew nothing of these things. They were (still are) suspicious of anyone not of their ‘tribe” or their neighborhood, or their church. The voluntary commingling of public values takes awhile, as we walk the public streets, or these days, visit Facebook, we are never quite sure which generation we are observing, especially down at Walmart. And lately, we are not even sure of our own place in this evolving generational scheme of things.

Of all the lynchpins to make this constitutional scheme work, reciprocity is perhaps the most iffy in the American arsenal, for it is entirely voluntary, and hard as hell to teach, even to your children. Think of it, that we should struggle and climb to the top of that hill, however we conceive it to be, then to feel this subtle tug that we should have to reach inside ourselves and then reach around, and gratuitously offer a handshake to some poor schlub  just plodding his first steps up the hill. Well, you can how easy it is to convince so  many Americans not to bother with it anymore.

This is all beyond the Left’s understanding, and in the larger Evil game, way, way above their pay grade. They’re stuck on selfishness. Obama did not make war on reciprocity for he didn’t even know it existed except in the purest political sense, as in “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. This is also why we know he was only doing the Devil’s bidding, a minion among many minions. Satan has despised the idea of reciprocity among men since the beginning of history, and has tried to keep it snuffed out by having men live on the edge of survival, where they can never think thoughts about any thing other than themselves. Satan wants us to revert to a world where men’s spiritual awareness can be snuffed out entirely, and then return to a kind of life-on-the-edge survival and nothing else. It’s the sort of world he once ruled for nearly 5000 years as its political head.

Then America took it away.

Reciprocity frees men and the Devil knows it.

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