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The Beginning of the Quickening

What a time to be alive!

Because we’re stuck in the middle of it, and even in our small ways, all involved it in, it’s difficult to step back and see the true epic significance of the times we are watching unfold, or even our small place in it. In his famous St Crispian Day’s oration on the eve of the battle of Agincourt, 1415, where the French outnumbered the English 5:1, Shakespeare had Henry V say that in later years these men would feast their neighbors and roll up their sleeves to show their scars, and freshly remember the names that caused it all to happen.

Those English commoners and bowmen then threw down the French nobility, which in history was a big deal, since in 1415 no one had ever thrown down the French nobility. At the time no one knew just how easy throwing down the French nobility would be, but over the next 500 years it would occur several more times. (See the current film blockbuster, Dunkirk, if you don’t believe me.)

The inherent weakness of French nobility has a direct bearing on the character of the type of enemies we face today, both on the Left and within the royal wing of the Republican Party, but watch the clip, just five uplifting minutes, for memeories yet to come about being in the middle of epochal history being made.

Keep in mind h0w these days will look and feel, looking back over your shoulders twenty-thirty years from now.

So, rejoice Dear Hearts!…and dispose the day.

We are winning and we are beginning a process that will explode on a dozen political (and hopefully cultural) fronts over the coming months and years. As long as our “hearts are in the trim” (also from “Henry V”) it won’t matter whether we can do it all before Christmas 2017 or Christmas 2024.

Consider what the state of Oregon and the County of Multnomah just handed us; Kate’s Law.

A 20-time loser, and illegal, was set free by county police and county policy, after request was made by ICE for him to be handed over for deportation. They refused and he promptly went out and raped an elderly woman, then beat and assaulted another. Of course, he’s back in jail awaiting a long sentence this time, but the County and State of Oregon’s bills for his future upkeep is just a drop in the bucket. Unlike Kate Steinle’s killer, who the City of San Francisco tried to claim just fell through the cracks due to an administrative mix-up, Multnomah County had this Martinez dude’s rap sheet, and knew him to be a violent offender. They let him out solely based on their Sanctuary rule, standing alone. Cause and effect. So expect the victims to own half the county treasury, and expect public interest legal teams from our side to appeal every state and federal judge out there who tries to deny those victim’s legal victory and our government’s power to punish the sanctuary practice.

Even though the case will fall off the media radar as it moves forward, so the Left won’t be able to watch, we still have our own watchers now. Winning is what matters and the people of Oregon will win, not the loudest megaphone.

Consider also the recent staff changes inside the White House. While the media are trying to play it up as just another sign of an administration in disarray, as portrayed by the “hopeful Media”, cable news and news outlets such as HuffPo and Daily Beast, some of  the more venerable news organizations and individual commentators who actually do care about taking the reputation as “serious journalist” into their retirement (CNN’s Wolf Blitzer chastised colleague Gloria Borger on-air about shoddy use of WH sources during the Priebus firing) are stepping back and taking a harder look at Donald Trump. They probably still hate him, but no longer think of him as a buffoon. Maybe even a fair-to-middling chess player. Maybe even skilled, since he parried every thrust they made to his midsection on the Russia-collusion case. In fact, it appears he may even have turned his sword on them. After all, their Russian caper (It was all a lie, and they knew it) is all but buried, although no one has found Adam Schiff hanging by his necktie in his office.

But the Russia connection still lives, only this time with real crimes and real victims.

America’s sitting Ben Franklin, Newt Gingrich, has been out on the hustings pitching a legal notion that the special counsel authorization given to Robert Mueller is invalid since, by law, Newt argues, a special counsel cannot be appointed unless there is a crime, and no crime has yet been established.

Well, at least by anyone in the Trump Administration.

Newt suggests various alternatives; have Congress re-authorize the Special Counsel law, then either fire Mueller or turn his investigative skills toward areas where real crimes are known to exist. Interestingly, those begin at least in the Russian sense, with that infamous “dossier” compiled by Washington DC opposition research group, Fusion GPS, and published by the New York Times in Jan 2017. Immediately slammed by experts as a fake, it nevertheless became the basis for the original FBI investigation and set the legal justification for the “unmasking” of Mike Flynn. What was not known at the time is that John McCain had gotten a copy in December, 2016 (went way out of his way to get it, in fact) and, certifying the information was reliable, gave a copy to James Comey, who then opened an investigation, which in essence serves as the basis for the entire Mueller investigation of Russian collusion.

If malevolence is a crime, John McCain could be the godfather of the entire Trump-collusion Hoax that Mueller is following.

But wait, it gets better, and broader, and nastier. And funnier, as in a Pink Panther-Inspector Clouseau cops and robber romp in a hotel.

Through a letter from the Majority members of the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has formally been requested to appoint a special counsel to investigate and carry forward any and all charges that might arise from the sworn testimony and other public statements by former FBI director, James Comey.

These would include, but not limited to Comey’s relationship with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the matter of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton and her (proven) mishandling of classified information between her office and the State Department, and how that might effect her presidential campaign..

If you sit down and make little boxes, then put names inside them, as  I began doing months ago, and I am sure Rep Trey Gowdy did when he opened the Benghazi investigation, every time you write down a name two or three more names pop into your head, and you connect those names. With the addition of a few new names only recently, many of those names now intersect at more than one place, connecting two or three places we had not considered before.

So I imagined a long hotel corridor, into which empties many rooms and suites, on both sides.

Some of those rooms are for individuals, the Hillary Room, the Comey Room, etc, while others are Suites, containing people whose names we don’t yet know and who may be revealed later, or who are not considered noteworthy enough to have their own room yet; e,g, the State Department Suite, the DNC Suite and Clinton Foundation Suite. Finally, there are also are Investigation Salons, where the actual or suspected crimes associated with the various people holed up in the Rooms and Suites are investigated. There testimony is taken, and, as it seems will be necessary, shared and cross-checked with all the other Investigation Salons. Standard police work.

Hillary will be found in more than one Investigation Salon. As will several as yet unnamed people in the both Hilary’s and John Kerry’s State Department.

In fact, I’ve made a partial list below, and I think, if you set up your own Clue Board with at least two dozen rooms, you will find that most names are found in multiple rooms.

This should allow you to get a feel for just how widely this letter to Jeff Sessions from the House Judiciary Committee can reach. And there is little the Democrat leadership or Media can do about it.

Reserved Rooms: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, John McCain, John Brennan, James Clapper, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Sidney Blumenthal, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Imran Awan (if we can keep him alive), John Podesta, Jeh Johnson, Bernie Sanders.

There are all people about whom there is more than just rumor may have been involved in breaking the law.

Reserved Suites: Hillary Clinton State Department Staff, Hillary Clinton Campaign Staff, Clinton Foundation Staff, John Kerry State Department Staff, Democrat National Committee Staff, FBI staff under Comey, incl McCabe, General Counsel Baker, any government agent that testified under oath in any investigation that pertained to any official occupying a Reserved Room or Suite, and for balance, Donald Trump’s campaign team, (Don Jr, Manafort, Kushner, Mike Flynn)

Investigation Salons: Pay-for-Play; the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting, Russia collusion and Uranium, DNC fixing of Bernie Sanders campaign; the Seth Myers Murder; Libya military intervention from 2011; Libya-guns-for-Syria; Libya-Benghazi redux; Libya-Muslim Brotherhood-Hillary connection; Muslim Brotherhood-Syria connection; Russia-Fusion GPS-Dossier-Natalia Veselnitskaya connection; Arab Spring run-up from 2008, i.e., Google-Facebook-State Dept- Big Labor links with creation of Arab Spring; Unmasking; Deepstate-Classified Intelligence leaks, and Media facilitation of Intelligence leaks…some known crimes and some potential crimes

What you can quickly note is that while each door connects to the hallway, many of the Rooms and Suites clearly must have inner doors as well, connecting various rooms to one another, to keep the darting across the hall, and foot traffic down the hallway to a discreet minimum, or otherwise it would appear too fast and furious as if in  a Pink Panther skit.

This is just the beginning.

When Trey Gowdy took the Benghazi hearing I implored him to seek to learn the history of events there, and let the politics, and even justice of those times play out in their own time. There were lies aplenty in those hearings, and now is the time to throw the cold light of truth on them, for it seems that Libya, an original Samantha Powers policy (whose name has suddenly popped up again, in the Unmasking Salon), entailed much more than we have been allowed to know, and indeed, many of the names mentioned above had fingerprints on some aspect of America’s involvement in Libya in 2011 which brought about not just the fall, but the Washington-ordered death of Qaddafi. (I was beginning to wonder if Rick’s café wasn’t in Benghazi instead of Casablanca.)

Over weeks and months in 2017 and into 2018, we will watch a checkerboard of cat prints between Rooms, Suites and Salons, across the hallways, revealing what would be Borgian in intricacy and design had Bill Clinton designed it, where such creations were totally manufactured in the mind and never put down on paper. But Hillary and her gang of stumblebums used too much paper and left too many loose ends, and probably relied on politics to cover their tracks.

Now is the time. Our time.

This is a cheer-me-up letter, not a stern call for Jeff Sessions or any other Trump official to do the right thing. Quite frankly I don’t think they can do a wrong thing here, however they choose to proceed. Nor do I believe Robert Mueller purposefully would move ahead to do the wrong thing, and end up on the wrong side of history, unless he is in day-to-day phone contact with George Soros, or his family is being held hostage in Transylvania.

Short of an intervention by the Dark Lord Himself this will all unfold as it should.

So, this is not a time for outrage but joy that finally we can begin cutting the head off the snake that has permitted and encouraged these outrages.

Rejoice Dear Hearts.

Looking down the road, the America of Summer 2018 will not be the same as it is today, so the elections of 2018 will not be the same. Sitting Republicans don’t know how vulnerable they are. This includes the RNC itself. If you know anything about the original Republican brand, it’s not certain the RNC will be the holder-in fee-simple of it in a year’s time.

Still, no matter how poorly the GOP has performed, the Dems still have nothing to offer. Trump, all by himself has made them look like putz’s.

Donald Trump will not, or at least does not appear to ease up about “his loss” on the Senate Obamacare repeal. It was not his loss, as Democrats and Media like to report, but the people’s loss, for their premiums will rise once again in just a few months, and Trump knows that the Senate reflected the wishes of more than just two very vain female senators and one maverick.

So, not so fast, senators. For one, voters no longer believe the crocodile tears, and may well send a few packing in the primaries. And expect Donald Trump to help them in their quest to hold onto their office as much as they have helped him so far hold onto his. The same for the House members who think they were also saved by McCain’s Revenge, which could feel more like Montezuma’s Revenge before it’s over.

The people now know many of the Congress are in the pocket of Big Insurance, so will strive to prove in 2018 that big money from Big Business can no longer buy elections if there is a better message for the American people free-of-charge. It really doesn’t take that much money to capitalize an insurance company for basic care, so look for new entrants into the market, not less. Also look for a loss of many of the freebies Congress and Big Insurance have been getting as a part of their original pact. If new companies have to rise to replace the old, they likely will.

No one ever cashed in underestimating the capacity of Donald Trump to get even on behalf of his voters.

It all looks good. But chaotic.

Donald Trump may well come out of his entire presidency as having had the cleanest hands in that whole damned town, save a few intrepid Republican senators and congressmen who may well serve as the nucleus of a new Republican Party. And if that name is taken, then MAGA is just fine.

They may even start building Little League ball parks in Washington where swamps used to be.



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