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War-Gaming Part V, How Citizens Can Fight Back When the Left Goes Rogue

I had intended to do a section on the Left’s War-Gaming of the Academy, but have incorporated it here as that marries up well with what people can do to combat them when (not if) they cross the line from legal peaceful protest to criminal behavior.

This is already occurring.

In June, 2015, after SCOTUS’ decision legalizing same sex-marriage, I wrote here “It’s Not that Revolution May be Coming, but That it Has to Come.” (You may want to read it for historical context.)

Well, 15 months later, the Revolution came, and we won.

And it was peaceful, at least so far.

With violence in mind, you can’t fully appreciate what this victory means in terms of removing a whole battery of authoritarian options from the Left, as part of a worldwide arrangement they believed they would seal in November.

For one, as we continue to pinch ourselves just to be reminded, we’re now up on the horses and they’re down there, afoot. Therefore their police and para-military will not be able to ride us down and shuttle us into corrals as originally mapped out. They still may be able to snoop on us, but no longer under the color of law. Nor will there be any midnight Elian Gonzalez-style raids with SWAT teams.

This isn’t a done deal, though. We could still lose. But by the numbers, we should win going away.

So I really like our chances, if we continue to play our cards right.

You see, the role of the stay-at-home citizen isn’t done. Not by a damned sight. In fact, it’s only beginning, for while we can begin to use government to bottle up the more criminal aspects of the Left’s resistance, there is much we can do at the grass roots to blight their path, hastening the day they will give up their criminal ways and go back to sucking their thumbs.

First, keep the faith, by letting the President know you haven’t abandoned him. And let your elected representatives know you demand no less loyalty from them. Trust me, most Republicans still think this is just a political game, even as it ratchets up in violence. Most of them still don’t get it.

From 2013, in Phil Robertson and the Art of War, I listed key rules:

1) Never say anything you don’t mean and you’ll never have to apologize. Besides, it’s a sign of weakness. (John Wayne, Leroy Jethro Gibbs).

2) Stand by your words, even if it hurts as it sometimes may. Be prepared to pay a price, but never retreat. They won’t always surrender, but neither will you. (See Sun Tzu.) So calculate ahead, and never be impulsive. Be sure you’re right, then go ahead. (Davy Crockett). You’ve never played the game until you’ve played for more than you can afford to lose (Steve McQueen), but if you are right on all the right things, you can never lose. (Jesus)

3) Never misstate facts or lie and never get angry, for that makes you equal to them. It gives them an edge. You can never win a battle in which you’re angry. (Vinnie and Augie)

4) Know exactly what or who your targets are. Things, ideas, are better targets than people. Try not to personalize it. Defend Honor, Truth, God, Justice, Integrity, and attack lies, meanness, indifference, cowardice, and sin. This way they will personalize it instead of you, giving you the upper hand. Make them personalize it and they will lie, and you will win, as Donald Trump has proved. (Vassar Bushmills)

5) Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. (Cassius Clay). Don’t get caught. (VB)

About the counter-war on the colleges, make sure you distinguish between public universities and private ones. For we now have a lot of power over the public ones’ purse strings. Turnabout is fair play. I expect, though quietly, the President and Education Secretary DeVos and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin will begin squeezing Congressional palms to see if we can’t put some limitations on federal spending to schools in several departments, telling university chancellors, “if you want these departments, ask your own state taxpayers to pay for them”…much like we’re already supposed to be telling Planned Parenthood not to commingle federal funds with abortion spending.

And with the pulling back from the climate change “science”, EPA will soon begin to kill thousands of funded programs at American universities, and those profs will have to trade in their Lexus for a Toyota. The same should happen in Women’s Studies programs and Race-based Programs, where the only real jobs they create are with still other universities where their graduates will go to teach, ad infinitum. Break that job cycle and there will suddenly be 5000 useless professors competing for seasonal Santa Claus & Elves jobs, or swapping in their tweed jacket and pipe for a blue and gold Best Buy vest..

But leading up to that time, OFA (Organizing for America) boasts 30,000 street-agent/provocateurs, and the ACLU is forming its own street action-groups, totally discarding the Constitution in favor of taking over the streets using OFA’s planning template (Here the ACLU calls the police when a conservative woman, Ginger McQueen, stands and asks the audience to “think for themselves” during a Q&A at one presentation.), while college profs promise to form their own band of brothers and sisters, each with small armies of student idiot-savants to spill forth around the country, cannon fodder in concert with BLM and Soros-paid shock troops who will garnish the event with violence and criminality.

We’ve seen it all  before. But how big it will get, or can get, it still a matter of speculation.

How citizens meet them on the streets and how we meet them on campus or in the planning rooms of their seminars are not the same. Different rules apply.

For one, they can do many things…except shoot. This is important to know.

So, as long as they are marching, with or without those silly pink hats, even when chanting filthy words, we must stand back and give them their space. After all, it’s not like they’re attracting new members.

This type of acting out is an animal display, only a vanity, so we can stand back and watch, and maybe take pics, and names, and try to figure out who the group’s leaders are, and who the chumps are, for future reference.

Neither are they willing to take extraordinary risks. The professors largely in the rear, at a safe distance, to most of the student cannon fodder, it’s still just a lark to put on ski masks, and maybe a silk scarf and bomber jacket, a la the Great Waldo Pepper, so they can break windows, set fire to cars and make grunting sounds to disguise the falsetto of a late- blossoming puberty. But now that we are up on the horses, our police are more apt to rush in an arrest them and throw them into the paddy wagon more roughly. So notice how they only feel safe on blue streets in blue towns, where judges may be more simpatico, especially if it means easy release from custody instead if having to spend a night or two in jail first..

A real war for national control requires the taking of territory, and I’m not sure the Left has seriously taken this into consideration now that Hillary has failed to tie up this critical loose end. The far larger part of the country, 80% or more, is controlled by the citizenry, and we can shoot if someone tries to storm troop our neighborhoods.

So while the Left’s street shenanigans appear threatening, they are largely defensive in nature. The Left is not so much trying to take things away from us anymore. Politically that question is settled, and will remain so as long as the people still have a vote in saying so. So they are trying to hold onto to what they have…which are largely those little fiefdoms they control in  government agencies, but especially on the campus. Because of the last election, it is now problematic that even if the Left were to be able to seize political control of the government, a la the Bolsheviks in 1918, they could mobilize an army who can shoot to actually hold any major portion of the country.

So, as long as they keep it non-violent, and use the current laws that protect their current level of civil disobedience, I favor letting them have their space.

So, for the Establishment Left, instead of storming their walls I favor laying in for a long siege and starve them out. Over time they will simply fade away; Lady Nan, Maxine, even Hillary by attrition, and most of the children by boredom.

This generation of Leftist is not particularly suicidal. In fact, they are soft. And they’re on the verge of being set back to the communism in the 1920s, when the “new order” was but a dream, and all they can do is bide their time and wait for a stroke of good luck… in another 60 or 70 years. This appeals to the Bernie-type, not the Obama or Clinton or Kerry type, and in every litter of 100,000 there will always be one Bernie. So, he will always be with us. Mark these words.

But for today, considering the lab rats they’ve brought into this world, and nurtured through hour-after-dreary-hour about white privilege, entitlement and safe space, students haven’t the kinds of attention spans one can expect to ride out a long siege. They will drift off into other things in a matter of months.

The Left’s strategic managers even know that if our strategy is to chip away at their institutional protections, one state, one court jurisdiction at a time, diluting their power by legislation and controlling their purse strings, drip, drip. drip, as we’re already beginning to see with the reduction of federal money to regulatory agencies, there’s little they can do without going rogue in a war they also know they will lose.

So the places I feel we need to be pro-active and aggressive are in the places where the privileges of the Left have been institutionalized; small government and the Academy. I believe here we should hasten their retreat and defeat.

It’s in this environment that I believe a restrained, selective scheme of non-violent stealth operations can impede the path of the Left’s organizers, by making them pay a price commensurate with the damage they cause to innocent citizens, from students to shop keepers, to poor old schlubs who happen to be wearing a MAGA cap on their way to the grocery store.

All we need to do is to slap their wrists, and let them know we know where they live, and since they are criminals, have them fearful that we may be as criminal as they would be if the roles were reversed.

To that end, over the past several years, I’ve drafted various programs for specific Left-wing sectors, and generally outlined  Dark Alley Strategies. (Just search the term.)

I’ve given seminars. And I’ve lost some dear friends who believe that spraying a $500 Gucci purse or Armani business suit with “skunk spray”, or killing someone’s favorite rosebush, is criminal per se, so is not fit retribution or deterrent for having a 5th grader arrested for drawing a picture of gun in school, incurring $1000 in legal fees to get the kid’s record expunged.

That’s a point I won’t argue. But for those who agree, I invite to partake…of the sweet knowledge that someone who is doing something bad, and with seeming immunity, has suddenly stopped…all because someone slipped a note in his mailbox explaining why he carried that “offal” smell on his pants leg into his office and had to scurry home to change clothes.

“And don’t do it again”, the note almost always ends.

For the most part, they don’t. But they always look over their shoulder, just in case.

But certain rules apply and protocols have to be adopted in order to separate yourselves from the barbarians you’re fighting.

Our battles in the coming counter-revolt won’t be bloody, although I do like to see the occasional bloody nose, (especially from a rolled up newspaper). But they will be just as romantic, and will be remembered and retold in the hundreds of cities and towns in which they occurred. Like the civil rights movement, folk history will outweigh both national media and historical chroniclers in telling this story of how the Left was finally thrown down..

Our mission is simple: Blight their path, wherever situated, giving our leaders time to begin the re-constitution of America process all over again. Then, know when to hang up your rose bush poison.



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