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Neither the Media Nor the Left can Delegitimize Donald Trump’s Win. Period

So hear me!

hear-meHear Me, Rush Limbaugh.

Rush once said that the media cannot destroy what it did not create, and it did not create Donald Trump. Now he tells us that all these machinations with recounts and the prospects of throwing the election into the House are all part of a plan to delegitimize Trump’s right to be in the White House.

In whose eyes, Rush?  The same Democrats who voted against Trump? And lost? The same Democrats that actually fell several million voters short of a majority, if you exclude California and New York. In other words, Trump carried 48 states(or 54, I’m not quite sure) with a 4m margin, while Hillary carried two with a 6m margin…which also explains the genius of the electoral college.

So, Hear Me, you conservatives who want to be a part of a media who can create and bury, and certainly delegitimize any politician. You aren’t really conservatives. Just liberals in drag.

While the Democrats lost, the media also lost. Going forward the mainstream media of every bent is now little more than a fly in our buttermilk.

And Hear Me, you squeamish Americans who still go to bed every night thinking the Media bogeyman is lurking underneath your beds.

The stark reality is that those bogeymen were banished from America’s bedrooms by Donald Trump and his voters. They are outside, and no longer inside under your beds.. We are the masters of our own houses once again. It’s only for us to mop up the greasy spots where we drug them out..

Donald Trump, whether by design or just blind luck, has reset America back onto its original track, however you choose to consider that track to be…life, liberty and happiness. So just pursue it. That bogeyman is no longer in your house, and nothing the media or the Democrats can do, short of a military coup, can change that. (And they’d lose that, too.)

The only person alive who can delegitimize Donald Trump is Donald Trump himself…by abandoning his promise to us to restore America, and make America great again. (I’m not going to hair-split about those many promises now, as we will see them evolve next year. Nor will I hair-split about his appointments, but overall I’d say they have been a bumper crop  so far. A classical intellectual called “Mad-Dog”? How cool is that?

As long as Trump does that one thing, staying faithful to the majority who voted him in, we (they) will reciprocate and our majority entitlement to be in charge, to be legitimate, rendering any talk of illegitimacy just coffee-klatch talk lefties and media have always carried on among themselves, while dreaming they are the majority. Now we know they aren’t.

And politicians, the weakest of Americans anyway, have always imputed this sort of power to the media, only now, in fear for their political lives, will either fall in line under our new system of oversightt that is about to engulf them, or, quietly retire with their ill-gotten millions to some getaway in the Caribbean.

This is on us.

Rev Franklin Graham has as much as said that God took sides in this election. He never once endorsed Donald Trump, only asking that God’s will be done. But Jerry Falwell of Liberty University did endorse, saying the very un-Christian thing (as it sounded at the time) that evangelicals needed to save the American ground first if Christians were going to continue to go on trying to sow that ground for our fellow man. Very bold, we hadn’t heard this sort of talk in over a generation. More common sense than scriptural, the majority of evangelicals understood.

What Donald Trump will do for all Christians, first and foremost, will be to remove that bulls-eye off their backs. The Left will not be shutting down any more pizza stores in Indiana. Trust me. Even Oregon will be on notice.

But to Graham’s larger point about God’s intervention, I believe He gave us, My Generation, Our Generation, the chance to make it all right after many years of dithering..

I’m a few months older than Donald Trump, and figure, with luck, I can stay healthy to vote in 2-3 more general elections. We (My Generation) have a duty to prepare the way for our children, now in their 40s, to be ready to assume control over those next twenty years and then have the presence of mind to pass it on. Starting this, we must insure we have passed on what was bequeathed to us from the beginning, for we all know that our generation was split down the middle on that duty, as to what not only is our true history, but its true meaning of our culture and our institutions. That split was not by accident but by design.

Our legacy revolves around the shoulders we stand on.

What I know about Donald Trump most of you don’t is that he is very aware of the shoulders he stands on. If you knew much about his Scottish mother, you’d understand. One of the first articles I wrote about Donald Trump was “Donald and the Law of Generations”, in Oct 2015, and it’s found in my Kindle Book at Amazon, about “Donald Trump and the Common  Man”, which turned out to be prescient, as I think those essays were the first to recognize what was going on with Donald Trump vis a vis America even then.  (Also available by eBook, also $4.99, just contact me at vbushmills@yahoo.com)

Since I believe as Rev Graham believes, Our Generation has been granted permission, or a stay of execution (your choice), to spend our last days in making sure the field is plowed as well as it was back in the 50s and 60s when  it was first handed to us, when so many of us decided not to give it our best effort in trying to break up the clods as walked along behind our mule team.

Donald Trump needs to do what Reagan failed to do when he passed his torch to an amiable but unvisonary Pappy Bush, to continue his first “Make America Great Again” march. It stopped on a dime in 1992. Donald Trump has to have a vision much like the classical age of the Founders, who kept the original flame alive from 1789 thru 1825. He knows how that is done, for he is the beneficiary of it, and seems to have passed it onto his kids.

But he can’t make that happen alone. Most of what has to happen has to happen at the bottom, not the top. But we can make that happen, especially since, in taking back the schools for our grandchildren now, insuring that American history and government are not just restored to the American curricula, from 4th grade thru college, but taught with enthusiasm. We need to our history is made relevant to children who are now, at best, blank slates and worst, lab rat anti-American thanks to current public education regimes. , We need to teach kids to connect more than two dots (to think critically) and understand that indeed, Darwin was on the same page with God about reciprocity and common morality, and that our form of government was designed because it is “survival-enhancing” for the entire herd, instead of just the top 2%.

Then, alles gut!

Then we can all die in our own good time having accomplished something lasting, so that when historians write of the Trump Era, they will include “and his Generation.”

That said then, we cannot just crawl back up on our couch, pop some popcorn and start watching old “Laramie” reruns again. As it was in the beginning, making America great again is as much a “bottom-up” operation as it is top-down.

We have work to do.

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