On Socialists and Fascists

Watching Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on stage has caused many observers to draw portraits of two aging socialists, or progressive, as Hillary prefers to be called.

This isn’t quite true.

Bernie Sanders is a true American socialist, but should not be confused with his European cousins, who went through their Bernie phase with the Revolution of 1848. A long time ago. Europe long ago slipped out of their corduroy jackets and strings ties and into smoking jackets and brandy snifters, and today await the collapse of their 70-year dalliance with command-and-control economics and social engineering. Bernie’s kafe-haus socialism is so yesterday to the modern manager-rulers of Sweden, Germany, Benelux, et al, who are today trying to figure out how to reverse engineer what they’ve done to the family, moving their women from marrying each other to having babies again, for over the past 70 years they’ve killed off the European blood line.  (Some 1950s Euro-version of Jonathan Gruber figured that if two Euros married and had only had one child, they could both still  live fairly well. Then some other Euro figured they could live even cheaper if they could wear the same sized clothes, preferably a size 4. This way Europe could survive as long as the money for the social safety-net held out, which we can estimate today to be 2040 on the money part, and 2050-2075 for the bloodline…assuming the invading Middle Easterners they want to clean their toilets don’t bring their rabbit hutches along, which they invariably do. In not that many years more Swedes will be named Ahmed  than Sven. Europe’s economies have passed the failsafe point where their private industrial taxpayers can outgrow their bureaucracies’ need to spend it, so there is no way to grow out of the inevitable collapse. It’s not a matter of if but when. Simple math, actually.

By European math, Bernie is still locked in his kafe-haus tweeds, so the good news should be that he would still have over 100 years before his American socialism could bleed our lake dry. But as always, the damage assessment from the Obama years has not yet been calculated honestly, so will be revised downward, probably by a full half century. So, America’s clock is also ticking. Again, simple math, a subject Bernie never seriously studied..

Old Bern is still a brooding, basement-dwelling socialist lost in time as if he were still holding onto an old girl friend from those halcyon days of torching cars in ’68. Bernie’s socialism is his religion more than his politics. And his facts are as dated as the days when they actually did put kids in jail for using marijuana. Did Bernie ever get that memo?

But he’s cute and cuddly and romantically archaic, just what always seems to attract young people who never seem to know anything about anything anyway. I’m sure many kids under 20 still believe toking on a joint will get you five years, just as many young women still believe the average redneck religious governor can take away their contraceptive and gynecological rights with the stroke of a pen, never knowing those rights were chiseled into stone by the Supreme Court twenty years before they were born.

But those kids were all indoctrinated into their time warp. Bernie was born into his. His self-righteousness is more like the Puritans from Massachusetts Bay Colony than modern leftism. Rowan County, Kentucky’s county clerk, Kim Davis, is more worldly.

Of course Bernie won’t be there in the end, if that’s of any consolation. And we all know it. Like Gollum, he has a role to play, just, no one seems to know what it is yet. We simply know that the Democrats have been aching for that smoking jacket, brandy snifter and Euro-style social respectability for too long now to allow any wigged-out visionary of the 19th century to come steal it away from them.


That said, let’s discuss that real Democrat vision. Borrowing from another European model popular in the 1930s, Dem’s think they’ve found a magical math that will allow them to live off the fatted calf in perpetuity, simply by controlling the herd instead of stealing it, and picking winners and losers inside the herd so that at all times there is a phalanx of industries and industrialists who are completely beholden to the Party. A renewable fatted calf.

Now, there are all sorts of math that makes this model as unworkable as Bernie Sanders’, beginning with the police state such a model eventually requires in order to survive beyond even a few years. But for definitional purposes all we want to do here is create a profile of the type of people who prefer this model, a lot of Democrats, and sadly, of late, too many Republican, all brought together by one common appetite, greed. And highest on the list of founding architects of this governmental model are Hillary Clinton and husband Bill. When viewed in this light, multiple felonies or no, it stands to reason that Hillary Clinton should receive the accolades as a master of the Craft; a Beethoven among Bruckners, a Rembrandt among Brugghens, a Steinhem among Flukes, a Madoff among Three-Fingered Louie’s.

This model is called Fascism.

If Bernie Sanders is a throwback to the 1960s, Hillary and Bill belong to the 1920s and ’30s when a new form of socialism came onto the political scene, in which a less intellectual, and more gluttonous lower middle class form decided to shake down the wealthy instead of taxing them into oblivion. Instead of connected born-to-privilege children, the original European fascists were from middle class, even lower middle class origins and were driven by thousands of pages of psychopathies to define their hatreds, their envies and their lusts.

Fascism had some intellectual antecedents from the 19th century. There are actually books out there on Nazi economic theory and policy,  heady stuff, actually, but the world only knows it for its as political enterprises under Mussolini and Hitler. The Second World War and Holocaust quickly made the world forget that for a few short years the trains actually ran on time in Italy, a feat no Democrat has ever been able to replicate. The horror of the war years overshadowed the gutter-trash origins of fascism, or that its outcome was foretold by the rapine, carnivorous gluttony and avarice that defined German fascism. They were philistines. Pigs. Ravenous barbarians, with all the airs and pretense of civility and fine manners the finery and stolen art could disguise. Bolsheviks called them “middle class socialists”, but the Reds missed by a wide margin German fascism’s penchant for sexual perversion and almost religious sadism.

In modern fascism today in America, Adolf Hitler would look more realistic being portrayed by Moe Howard than Charlie Chaplin.

Socialists are driven by hatred for the wealth-creation process, which always excludes them, (envy), depriving them (in their minds) of their rightful place atop a social hierarchy which places wealth above intellectualism. This is the quintessential Marxist penis-envy. Although still a strong come-hither for the academic class, where at least today they can drive a BMW instead of a Ford (not that many years ago) and wield great power in developing young minds, college Marxists are still small potatoes compared to the Lamborghini a middle-women broker at Planned Parenthood can earn for selling baby parts on the black market. And it steams them.

It seems, even on the Left, private sector black-arts trades bring bigger rewards that old fashioned socialism, and Bill and Hillary Clinton have proved it over and over again. Where else, other than fascism, can being a criminal-for-profit gain you the nomination for President of the United States instead of a jail term?


Both are extremely dangerous and their foliowers very serious. They both have something they want to achieve and something they want to protect. As always, follow the money. And the pigs.



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