The Mob Next Time?

“The Lord said a fire, not a flood next time”

(from an old Negro spiritual)

I first wrote about this in 2013, but it needs updating. You see, the Quickening is upon us.

I’m not Ann Coulter’s biggest fan. We’re separated by 20 years of a kind of snark that doesn’t sit easy with me. But she does lay liberalism low at times, and sometimes she can be very serious and sober. In Demonic, How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, she lays out a notion that is important for us to understand today, for the idea of mob psychology transcends liberalism.

Only it’s not liberals I want to discuss here.

It’s us.

You see, Ms Coulter uses as a launching point for her book the French Revolution and Reign of Terror, 1793-94.  That’s just seven years after America embraced the U S Constitution, and just twelve years after the about-to-be-shaved French monarchy helped us set ourselves free from the English monarchy.

The Reign of Terror in France wasn’t spontaneous. It wasn’t just a big riot, like Baltimore appeared to be, but was defined by a guiding influence, as Baltimore and Ferguson really were. The Committee for Public Safety and Citizen Robespierre “encouraged” the French mob to first track down, then tie up, bring to ‘”trial” and finally, cheer and escort up the steps to meet the National Razor, an estimated 40,000 undeserving rich people…in a time and place when they really were undeservingly rich.

For Americans it’s always been hard to understand why the Europeans fear bottom-up democracy so much. The French Revolution is why. This grotesque image of “popular will” is why. The mob. This is why they fear it. And by fear it, I mean nightmarish fear. To Euro regulators today, the average Italian villager is still just one deregulation away from taking every member of their management class and hanging his head on a pike.

The average American can’t even imagine this sort of distrust for the masses….at least until Barack Obama came along.

It is fear of this sort, of a popular explosion by the people, that caused the Euros to create their top-down, micro-managed democracy, which is no democracy at all, but rather a class-driven fasco-socialist order, which, as we now know is teetering on total collapse. After all, that’s what top-heavy bureaucracy-driven orders are driven to do, just as lemmings must one day just up and leap off a cliff.

I could have written this drip, drip, scenario for the ending of socialism in Europe a year ago. In fact, I did three years ago, only now their prospects are much more nightmarish, and one in which we may share. For today, the suicide-fuse in Europe is the recent incursion of tens of thousands of Middle Eastern “refugees” who are invading without pausing to get their shots, or have their papers stamped, if they have any, and refuse to be denied by any barricade. And yes, it’s true, many were originally invited by the same Euro- bureaucrats who thought it would be a good idea for a variety of social and economic reasons. Instead, they have allowed this invasion to  spread almost as quickly as that time in 1346 when rats (ironically from the same region of the world) escaped 12 Genoese galleys in Sicily and quickly spread over Europe, killing over 100 million or 50% of the entire European population in only seven years. I could tell you it’s called the “Black Death”, only Loretta Lynch might indict me.

In Europe’s defense in 1346, no one knew what was causing this plague (a little flea on the rats) resulting in the deaths of thousands of Jews, whose fault every bad thing was when no other thing could be blamed. But today, as we will see, everyone knows the cause, only are not allowed to say.

Still, as sorry as I am for what is befalling Europe, and the possibility the “mob” may be reconstituted there as a result, that is Europe’s problem. The management class there, their strong suite was never foresight, so what will emerge is anyone’s guess. All I know is that they do yet have a plan while a full 100-year blueprint is already sitting on at least one imam’s desk, and it is called  “the Caliphate”.

More worrisome for us is that here in America, Barack Obama, who wants mightily to be counted as first-among-equals alongside those dying bureau-monarchs of Europe, is inviting this same scourge to America, and in the process demanding Americans to suspend all our senses… and most of our civil liberties, including he right to defend ourselves, by insisting the vermin among us do not pose a threat…even as 14 innocent Californians are not yet buried…or that they are even vermin at all, as if we are not able to tell a horse from a mule..

The American Mob

Bob Montgomery wrote (sorry Bob, I can’t find the link) about George Will’s “fear” of the tea parties, and I realized, Will’s becoming just like the Euros, fearing the tea party “mob” will rush Washington and drag the whole damned lot of them out and push them up a ramp to meet Lady Schick.

I know, you’re thinking, “Be still my beating heart…” but consider that while all of us have dreams of rough justice to a few select souls, with torches and pitchforks and barrels of tar and feathers…

…in truth we could never be so indiscriminate as they were in Paris. It’s not in our nature. It is illegal. It is unfair. It is unconstitutional. It is un-American.

It is French.

But pause for a moment and consider, maybe our grandchildren might not be so restrained. (I’m doing a series on Millennials.)

And that’s what I’m talking about here. So we need to consider this now. There may be very little time.

Our Duty to act Now, Instead of Postponing for our Kids

Ironically, while George Will fears us as the mob, Ann Coulter points out that it is not us, the hoi polloi, the common masses, but rather a different group altogether… elites, educated (in a sheepskin sort of a way), worldly (in an internet sort of a way), affluent (in an iPhone plan sort of way). and mobile (in a green Volt sort of a way) who contain all the ingredients of depravity that infested the slums of Paris in 1793.

Ms Coulter points out that the mob has nothing to do with class, especially those of us in the working middle or at the lower end. She is so right.

It’s that very difference between the low-downdest most pitiful and mean commoners in France and the civilized and upright commoners in America that we need to address. The truth is that no national group of  “the masses,” in Europe in 1787, ever could have pulled off what the ordinary farmer-and-tradesman masses did pull off in America.

And there was a reason for it.

Even anthropologists and theoretical historians have wondered…is America’s success just blind frigging luck, an accident of nature…or by Design? True, our success is undeniable and no one has ever been able to match it. But if the  proof is in the pudding, Who built  the kitchen, and even the oven? And how could any of those low-born ingredients ever have been able to come out of the oven looking like a culinary masterpiece, haute cuisine, instead of beans and taters.?

The obvious question is, as many of us speculate about weekly, was America the result of Divine Providence or just random chance?

I always contend that God designed it, for no where else on earth could such an incubator for liberty have been contrived other than here. Or given the time and space to gestate. Oh, and there’s a reason why the French weren’t invited to original kitchen.

Quite frankly, and history bears this out, were it not for what happened here in 1787, even the facade of democracy would never have been attempted anywhere else in the world. The entire world’s pretense at free elections and markets today is still an hypocrisy that vice must pay to virtue.(La Rochefoucauld). Had we never popped up the world would have remained pretty much as it was in France in 1781 (not 1793), evolving more to Karl Marx’s liking than Napoleon’s. And Satan would still be “laughing with delight”.

All the pretenses at democracy we see today have been sewn from a spindle first spun in the United States.

God’s Covenant

But this begs the harder question: Did God make the same sort of covenant with America as He did with Israel?

Sorry, while I see God’s face in the Ideal of Liberty, which first appeared here, I don’t see a “sea-to-shining-sea” contract with corporate America. God told Israel and Judah that no matter how often they turned their back on Him, He’d keep His covenant. He did, but for centuries at a time they swam in a pool of muck (of their own making). God has made no such pledge to our territory or to us as a people. This land is but a garden, and we its tenders. Our garden has grown, and while not according to the original layout in recent years, the seed of America the Ideal, has been planted all around the world. Everyone knows this seed exists.

It is for us to tend to our Garden here.

So, if we want God’s favor as a nation, we have to merit it, continually. It will pay God no never-mind to leave us, like a lanced boil, to ooze away into a puddle of pus, if we continue to not doing as we are not doing, or allowing what we shouldn’t be allowing. His Ideal of Liberty can simply pack up and go somewhere else and incubate elsewhere.

Of course you know I want to prevent this. I’m pulling for America.

The Coming Storms, Our Duty to our Children

This next year, maybe sooner, as the Quickening has no defined path yet, we will know if America the Ideal will be allowed to remain here any longer. To be sure, most of us oldsters will stay on and fight even if we continue to lose. After all, where would we go? But we will be fighting for righteousness in an uncertain future. We will no longer be fighting for the next election and that big political turnaround.

We may have already transcended politics. The existence of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz seem to prove it…Trump proving the media can be made irrelevant, Cruz proving George Will is irrelevant.

I say this with some certainty; if we cannot win in this next year, we will “allow” a thirty or forty year dynasty of tyranny over our lives, our children’s lives, and their children’s. And yes, I said “allow,” for it will not be theirs for the taking but ours for the giving.

Always know this; the Enemy will lose in the end. The failure of organized, bureaucracy-driven statism is written on the stars.

But who will reemerge in 4o years to reclaim America will not be us, at least the “us” we recognize now. This is what you must understand.

It will be our children, many yet unborn, who will have lived through two-three generations of having no anchors of faith or civilization, who will reemerge from the catacombs of tyranny. I have seen this, and am still seeing this now in the old Soviet bloc, twenty years after its fall.

You can put your children on your knee, tell them all the stories, and even hide and save for them the books…but they will not understand what Madison and Hamilton are saying in The Federalists thirty years from now after you’re gone. They will wonder to themselves, “what are such men as these” for while you read their words today as civilized men, they will read them as angry slaves. Madison will not sound the same.

You can hide away the crosses and the Bibles, for your children will be punished if caught wearing one or reading one, and in forty years they will have lost all understanding of those teachings. I have watched great grandmothers teach young children to genuflect and cross themselves in churches because neither their children nor grandchildren knew how.

While one of the most poignant and uplifting sights I ever saw, it is also a grim reminder of the long, and uncertain, road back.

It is said our children make us immortal, but arising out of tyranny, these  your children will enter the world virtually alone. They will be your blood, but not necessarily your souls.

It’s now or never.

So do the math. Everyone of you has a kid(s) who is a socialist by training and expectations, thanks to public schools. Faith in God is slipping toward Euro levels, and without Faith all is lost. We already know this. You can’t win twenty years from now. Not even ten.

What will emerge in forty years, when the Obama vision finally kills itself, just as every other Marxist vision has, will be your children…unrecognizable, emerging to take over an uncertain land and future.  They will be angry, lacking every fixed star in the heavens to guide their judgment….the same fixed stars you use every day in the most ordinary ways.

Today you are the Tea Parties. But forty years hence, your children will be the mob.

Consider this as you consider the next 15 months. Put this on your front burner and keep it there.

There will be no tomorrow unless you keep the faith.

Wachen und beten



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