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Will the GOP go “Democrat” on the Republican Outsiders in the Primaries?

In the past I had put on my old Commie cap to imagine what the Democrats under Obama would do next.


Today, it’s more complicated, as now I have to try and imagine what a desperate, back-against-the-wall Republican Establishment will do once the film lifts from their eyes and they realize that not only their base, but the American people in general, just don’t like them anymore, considering them to be little more than Democrats in drag. (Can you pick out the Republican in this wedding photo?)


So, instead of a kepi I have to put on a gayly decorated wedding dress  to signify supplication and the appropriate amount of  fear as to what lay ahead. (From my personal collection, this is a real photo of two Albanian gay men forced to marry in a mock ceremony before being taken out and shot. Did I mention that Albania is Muslim?)

If you are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, or Ted Cruz, two outsider candidates representing the native-conservatism of ordinary Americans, and one candidate best representing the revolutionary conservatism of 1776, the issue isn’t “will they?”, but “how will they?”

Of course the GOP will. They will employ every legal trick in the book, using the old Thad Cochran playbook to bribe, if necessary, Democrat voters to cross over and vote for their guy (I expect only one establishment candidate standing by January). But the GOP also has its own wi-fi hackers who can flip voting machine tallies, and a voter-suppression ground game  that may look remarkably like the fingerprintless precinct tallies of 2012. They’ve always been reluctant to use it.

Not anymore. Why would the GOP take such risks? Because, unlike elections past, the stakes are really high for the GOP this time, for now they risk losing the Party to the People while in the past all that was at risk was losing the country to a bunch of socialist  authoritarians. For the past four years now, the GOP have signaled fasco-socialism is really small-ball by comparison.

I’m saying this now, because, the candidates can’t wait until January to find this out. They need to establishing  interdiction protocols now and some of them, of the dark alley variety.  On the affirmative side of the street, the best for Americans to spend their money the next few months will to fund the work of Cold Warrior and his Precinct Project, which nationally, can provide a platform for the People to take direct control of the Party…

…then fire that ugly woman on the left in the photo above.


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