On the Anatomy of a “Sea Change”

In the late 1950s it was finally decided that photographic histories of the holocaust could be made public and the book racks soon filled with them, although I was too young to buy them. But I could look at them, only at 12 or 13, it was a lurid interest at best; piles of naked bodies being bulldozed into mass graves, emaciated survivors, and then later, special publications showing the “artwork of the death camps.” It would be even more years before Dr Mengele would become a household name, associated with these lamp shades and “art paper” made of human skin and terrible laboratory experiments on live humans.

In 1961 a fine film, “Judgment at Nuremburg” was released inquiring, Hollywood style, about the central arguments (and controversies) surrounding the Nuremburg trials, where, we are cynically told even today, that guilty men on the winning side stood in judgment of guilty men on the losing side. (I just wrote that line in my best Bolshevik-ese.)

I don’t know if public libraries even carry copies of those books any longer. Most people don’t want to actually see them, a type of self-censorship we’re witnessing today, which is not necessarily healthy, nor even tasteful. When the death camps were opened up, Allied commanders forced local towns people to walk through the camps, because, well, they “knew” – only the Nazi system had been constructed so that they didn’t have to admit they knew…even to themselves. The argument goes something like this: If you believe you are civilized, and boast you are civilized, then, if you hear that things such as children being murdered is going on, your civilized condition would require you to step in and put a stop to it. So most people will try to find a way to deny knowing it. This is not peculiarly German.

Knowing this predisposition of men almost everywhere, the manipulative state will then provide the citizenry with every sort of psychological get-out-jail-free card, Fear (of being denounced, or maybe arrested) being their Ace in the deck. Still, the German people had known since the early 30’s that the Nazis were barbaric pigs. They had been rampaging down streets, breaking windows, yelling “Juden raus! Juden raus!” even before Hitler said it was okay to kill them. Every German knew what they were capable of becoming once in power. So, yes they “knew”. And they also held their civil servants; judges, herr doktors, engineers, in the highest regards, as gods even, so when these people put their imprimatur on these acts of a hooligan state, well it was no longer hooliganism. It was legal, and therefore moral. And therefore civilized…etc, etc, yadda yadda.

Don’t tell me you don’t see this sort of psychological hooliganism every day in America, or the same sort of condonance of uncivilized acts by people from the same respected professional classes of our society. Politicians aside, who every American instinctively knows is a criminal, our legal class and herr professor class from our finest institutions have rubber-stamped, when not inciting, the demeaning of every civil standard of decency, intentionally hobbling society down toward some unknown new kind of barbarism.

If you want to debate this, well, I have some photos I’d like you to see, so you can explain to me.

All that remains to be determined is whether the American people have become the same sort of authority-worshipping cupcakes the German people always were, or the independent, kick-’em-in-the-shins, free men and women who still hold to the common morality of civilization, even while the state tries to redefine it down.

America is capable of a sea change in national direction and attitudes the Germans were never capable of pulling off.

I once witnessed such a sea change in the courtroom, when a jury unilaterally declared the victim in the case to be the guilty party.

This was my case, my most famous case. In 1974 I was assigned the defense of a senior sergeant in the MP Detachment who’d been charged with the rape of a WAC.  The sergeant was black and the WAC white.  I was shown photos of a young pretty blond woman with bruises on her wrists, arms, and legs. Ripped blouse and underwear. And of course, her statement. But there was no seminal fluid, according to the medical examination. (Rape only requires penetration…except at Berkeley, where an unwanted leer will suffice.) My client told me he didn’t have sex with her, or even tear her clothes, but he did handle her roughly, because he’d been drinking and was angry because she’d been pestering him for months to have sex with her.

Next day, a line of black MP’s stood outside my office, who one by one told me this WAC had bedded every black MP in Japan except SSG Jones…and had loudly announced she was going to run his “scalp” up her lodge pole as well before she was shipped back to the states. Her scheme was actually common knowledge at the NCO Club and NCO mess..

I interviewed this WAC, Incontinetia Buttocks, and surprisingly, she wasn’t the least bit defensive about this claim. In fact, she was proud. And her knowledge of the functionality of the black male anatomy, when drunk, was, well, clinically startling. I thought if I could get this kind of testimony in front of the jury, I might establish reasonable doubt.

On the day of the trial a normally empty courtroom was brimming to overflow, including my wife, who had never watched me in court before. Everyone wanted to see this mysterious femme fatale work her magic against the machinations of the famed Captain Bushmills (portrayed by Charles Bronson in the film). Surprisingly, the (inept) prosecutor never knew this would even be a defense strategy until SP4 Buttocks blurted all this out in court. But blurt she did. She spoke proudly and defiantly about her quest for sexual immortality, without shame. Looking back, scratch out some of her awful face paint, and add better diction, she could today have been a proud member of the Georgetown Law School student body. She defended sluttery better than anyone I had ever seen, the gasps from the women in the gallery attesting to the untrod social and moral trail she was blazing.

The case finished, the jury retired to deliberate but after only a few minutes, the president of the court, a lieutenant colonel, returned to ask the judge a question; “The jury wants to know if we can bring charges against this WAC?”

Justice? Injustice? You see, SSG Jones was not only acquitted of rape, but beat the rap on Assault & Battery, for which he was very clearly guilty, and I had even conceded. Lesson learned: From the beginning of that trial to the end, an entire moral and legal sea change had occurred in that courtroom, all because that girl challenged the convictions of an entire civilized society.

Of course this is not the case today, for SP4 Buttocks would have her own protected legal class today, with thousands of supporters who would follow any jury member home and commit some sort of mayhem on his or her house. This is the implied threat of all political correctness.

But I think it’s instructive to note how quickly the sea can change when civilization is tested, and we already know the fate of the German people proves what happens when it’s disregarded. It really comes down to who has to sneak and who can walk proudly upon the public highway. I argue that the wrong people are in hiding today, but we cannot allow ourselves to go the same way of the Germans, standing idly by watching another holocaust take place…simply because our betters in the political and academic class say it is both legal and moral.

No, it is not.

If you think that our country is about to break down, it already has. We are at the front end of a barbaric sea change that must be reversed, and while our “good” political class, still a minority, is trying to figure out how to reverse this through the political process, we need to support efforts to start a counter-sea change from the bottom up, by setting thousands of little fires, little fires only seen and felt by the hooligans themselves, about which the media, national or local, will take no note, not even local police. (Who spends time trying to do a dragnet for serial rose bush killers?…or have you noticed the arrest-and-convict rate for gang-sign taggers?)

Today large portions of the public are now beginning to think to themselves, “to hell with the law.” I’ve warned gays for years that they are pushing the envelope, screwing the pooch for what has been the greatest country in the world to be a homosexual in. Normally their sea would change slowly, but now that law directly challenges thousands of years of civilized standards, it will hasten, eventually making it more difficult, not easier, for homosexuals to strut their wares, ultimately driving them back into the shadows.

It will still take take years.

But while public homosexual displays assaults one set of civilized senses, genocide-for-profit assaults a far deeper human sensibility. Consider the difference between Dante’s 2nd and 7th levels of the Inferno. This is why I introduced the few paragraphs on the Nazi genocide and the Nuremburg trials at the beginning.

This sea change has already begun as well, only, unlike the little fires of homosexuality, I expect the night skies might soon be bright, for we are dealing with marketers of death here. Never in my life have I seen public anger rise as quickly, short of a man’s daughter being raped  or his son sodomized by a Scout leader. This can get ugly in a hurry, and to be honest, I feel less charitable to the defenders and enablers of this practice than I do for the morose wing of the homosexual movement.

But I am also uncomfortable, for a lot or relatively “innocent” useful idiots, your standard ordinary Rent-A-Garbage Mouth feminist, often lesbians who have no plans to ever test their reproductive organs in the first place, but who are always down for the feminist struggle, however it was defined for them in Baby-parts 101, (and of course have never seen a holocaust film…a short 6-min film clip presented at the bottom) they will be at greater risk, simply because, like gays, they can’t STFU about things they know virtually nothing about. They will always be the ones who will first feel the heavy boot of righteous indignation.

Just know that caught red-handed, Planned Parenthood isn’t going to appear in public to protest or defend itself. They will send out surrogates, and hire these Rent-a-Shriekers to counter-protest the rising throngs of peaceable citizens. PP store managers would be wise to go to work in London Fogs and Groucho glasses, and drive ’92 Datsuns with a change of tires in the trunk, because they have suddenly made Eric Rudolf look like a folk hero. I hate when this happens, for while I like orderly sea changes, I do not like mob-driven ones. But it’s not me rolling the dice here.

In all my life I have only hated things, never people. Except for Nazis. Not even the Communists, who, much like homosexuals, are what they are out of self-love, insecurity and envy. But Nazis not only killed out of hate, they killed for sport, personal amusement, thinking of their victims as people no more than children teasing bugs before stepping on them. I get that same sense from internet defenders of this Baby Butcher shop business, that it’s all just a lark. Margaret Sanger felt this way about Negroes, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans, sub-human all, only now, with the accretion of time, an even less civilized, but better coiffured Planned Parenthood, now feels the same way about blond blue-eyed Scandinavian babies in Minnesota, inasmuch as their parts fetch a higher price in certain markets.

I hate these people (Greg Gutfeld). But I don’t believe in doing them harm. That is way above my pay grade. I simply have no such authority. But others with less standards will, for they have already loosed their dogs. It’s just a matter of time, which is why I try to warn the poor stupid banshees of the sky that’s about to fall on their heads.

But, as you already know, I do believe in blighting their paths, making their way more stressful and uneasy, and more costly. I believe in giving fear a chance to control part of their lives. I like the idea of them going out every day, looking over their shoulder, then crying to a God none of them believe in that they have a “right” not to be afraid, or to call a human being “tissue”. I believe in washing dirty mouths out with soap.

They simply have no protected right to say such vile things about harvesting babies openly. In the catacombs, amongst their own, maybe.  As the judge in the film (below) said, depraved people murder all the time, and it has no greater moral significance to civilization than an earthquake. But when they do so under the imprimatur of civilization, the entire foundation of civil society quakes. When depraved people invoke law and their own morality to justify these acts, just like yelling “Fire!” in a theater, the First Amendment cannot protect them. Having called down the thunder of humanity they no longer will be able to shriek that they “can do anything they wish with this ’tissue’ ” then retreat to the sanctuary of the First Amendment. The German trials proved no manmade law can trump Nature’s and God’s laws on these subjects.

In shorthand, if you say those things in public and someone breaks your face, not one in ten courts will convict the guy who broke it. And you will have to sit there, with jaw wired shut, and witness a personal rebuke from all mankind just as Sp4 Incontinentia Buttocks had to back in 1974.

The times, like the seas,  are a’changin’. A much-delayed postponed reckoning is about to begin.

Judgment at Nuremburg, holocaust film and final verdict:.




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