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The Souls of the Establishment, A Morality Tale of Self-Destruction

“The Souls of Black Folk” was a classic study by W E B DuBois, 1903. Recommended. The title just seemed to fit here.

First, like a true 14tn Century French bishop, Erick Erickson donned his mitre and scepter and preached a homily of good will while one of his dungeon denizens, Friar Kneepants, mocked Sarah Palin’s daughter, proving that while you can take the kid out of the 5th Grade you can’t take the 5th Grade out of the kid.

Sarah responded here….ever so more politely.

(I think it was PJ O’Rourke who wrote, almost 20 years ago, they are living testimony to the meaninglessness of a law degree these days.)

But moving away from Establishment jayvees, Frank Luntz, Fox News political insider,  launched on Donald Trump by essentially accusing him of using language which, to date, only Luntz is willing to use…that’s right – the “f-bomb.”

Luntz said Trump — and Democratic presidential insurgent Bernie Sanders — are “delivering a big ‘f—- you’ to the elites in America.
“And that resonates on both sides,” Luntz said. “But ‘f—- you’ doesn’t solve anything. ‘F—- you’ doesn’t make life any better. ‘F—- you’ makes you feel good, but it doesn’t get you where you need to go. ‘F—- you’ doesn’t make America strong. ‘F—- you’ doesn’t solve anything.”

By my count that’s 6 “F-you’s”….only Donald Trump never said that even once (although I assume he has in private), but Frank Luntz, a representative of the staid, sophisticated Establishment said it.

Then there’s Rick Wilson, not a household name, but a highly paid GOP inside-the-Beltway consultant. Rick lost it in a Twitter war, asking Ann Coulter if Trump “pays more for anal?”.

No really.

If we can just get a “c-s-m-f’r” out of George Will the People’s Seige of Washington could unexpectedly end a year sooner than we’d hoped, since the barbarians already seem to be in the city, not outside the gates.

So what gives?

Isn’t it curious that Donald Trump, and his fans, are the ones accused of all sorts of vulgarity. per Charles Krauthammer. Still, who is it that actually employs vulgarisms?

When the Establishment steps out of character, from jayvees to Senior Fellow, there has to be a reason for it. But first of all, it has to be approved, by an unwritten code everyone seems to know by instinct. And whoever it is that grants ultimate approval of when to launch into f-bombs, and about whom, we know they are not from the Right, but of the Left, and have been since 1930 when the Green Book of Washington Society was first published. When a Republican came to town, not that many really, Ike, Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, it was like someone had pulled the city’s drapes. The town may as well have been a Mennonite township in Indiana…no drinking, no swearing nor hot-tub rendezvous. Even the hookers packed away three or four colors of lip rouge until the next Democrat came to town. Ike was a homebody, Nixon was simply de classe, and Reagan actually invited commoners in through the front door of the White House instead of the servant’s entrance. And George W Bush prayed! You could see his lips move. Really. Washington society, many of them Republicans, counted the days until these people would leave town.

In matters of class rank and membership, even George Will marches to the beat of a left-handed snare drum.

One of the safer rules you can assume in Establishment society is that the private sector is fair game. The English had a rule for centuries that to be a gentleman your line had to have not worked for a living for three generations. Using this single scale, adapted for American standards, you can see anyone “in the trades” (business) may as well be a longshoreman to the society denizens of Washington, no matter how many billions he has in the bank. Wall Street has their own club rules, as does New York, Boston, etc., I think San Francisco has a special Dames of Reformed Whores wing, since many of its most self-righteous blue-noses came out of its Barbary Coast bordellos. (God bless America, as there is no one as self-righteous as reformed whore.) But the political class of Washington sees itself above Mayflower madams and San Fran doxies for after all, they control the biggest population of male prostitutes in human history.  The license to steal FDR gave to that city exclusively made them the most powerful ruling class in the world.

So it isn’t about money, but power, idle power, standing power, and when that power is threatened they have circles of protectors, all who, in one way or another, feed off of them. How powerful are they? Well, they think it is eternal, but as I have suggested in the past, just Google “Famous American Tories,” the crème de la crème of American society in 1776, and whose memory had been absolutely erased by 1783, all because they had discarded the simplest moral equation in order to maintain their status as one a few thousand satellites orbiting a sun that was about to be blotted out. They rolled the dice and crapped out.

As for Trump’s recent attack dogs, none of whom are in the Green Book, or could ever hope to be, what connects Erickson, Wilson and Luntz is the standard rice-bowl theory of all history…and the “class-wannabe-ism” inherent with it, which, I might add, is doubly noxious when found in Southern Baptists, for hypocrisy has an especially bitter taste when mixed with mockery.

Will, Luntz, Wilson, Erickson and poor old Baggy Kneepants all share one thing in common…their livelihoods and status inside or around the Establishment and all the good things that go with a larger-than-you-or-I-ever-see paycheck, all of which depends on their maintaining that status. We suffer no similar insecurities.

Can this be fixed? Few if any corporations were ever reformed from within. In the private sector cancerous corporations have to fail and be replaced by leaner, better managed corporations until they too became too self-indulgent, and fail. But in the public sector, where the Establishment can be meaner than a Mississippi sheriff with dogs at a civil rights march, and just as undiscerning, these always fail via revolution. Ask Batista. Ask The Romanovs. Ask George III. The United States has never experienced this sort of “reform” so we can’t be sure we can come up with a less militant form of replacing one establishment for another. It’s a crap shoot.

What we can know is that George Will, Frank Luntz, Rick Wilson and Erick Erickson, are clearly oblivious to any threat to the nation or the culture, and only to their (rather comfortable ) position inside this political culture. Their gutterlike return to the 5th Grade so soon has shown they are blind, as they say, “to the big picture” but nonetheless afraid.

Their hatred for Donald Trump is real, and runs much deeper than most of you know, for reasons I’ve tried to lay out above.

And now you know why the so-called Washington Right has always been in alliance with the Washington Left should anyone or anything threaten their joint divine right to rule.

Donald Trump also represents a threat to the Establishment’s ability to control behavior and conduct across the country, through political correctness, seventy years in the making. You see, Trump is blazing a trail across the country as to how people everywhere can say “screw you” without the “f-bomb”- but also without the feigned-politeness the Green book society demands for public utterances. Thanks to Luntz, we know better. They may well lose the ability to be the final arbiters as to what is and is not “correct” because of this. Erickson, Luntz, and Wilson have helped immeasurable in this regard.

Donald Trump seems comfortable inside his own skin, which has caused the Establishment prematurely to expose the fact that they do not live inside their skins at all, but instead live a public charade. For all we know, George Will still runs around his house in his underwear and sock garters…and we’re sure John Kerry sits on the couch with a beer can on his belly, watching TV, when no one’s looking. Kerry

They are a pretty ordinary sort, actually, and have lost all sight at what they are actually good at, besides seeking the approval of strangers.

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