If you didn’t think global warming was important, think twice, as this has been what Secretary of State John Kerry has been railing about at commencement speeches and other venues while the Christian wife of an American citizen has been sentenced to hang in Sudan for having married a Christian man. Read the AP story here.

Facts are sketchy since apparently no one wants to offend the Sudanese government, who are carrying on a barbaric war with black Christians in the south, for in America Meriam would carry the name of he husband, while in Sudan her marriage is not recognized.

Meriam is “presumed” to be Muslin by the government because sharia law declares it so since her father was Muslim, even though she was raised by a Christian mother…as a Christian. It’s fairly certain she never followed the One True Path in the first place. But she was condemned for apostasy (a real sharia crime) anyway.

As you can also read in this AP story Meriam is also 8 months pregnant, so the Sudanese will allow her to give birth, (so as to keep the child in a safe, congenial Muslim environment) after Mom is hanged.

Now if you think the AP is really going after this story in a hard-nosed journalistic style, they completely fail to mention Meriam also has a son by her husband, 20-month old Martin, who is in custody as well, awaiting his fate once Mom has been despatched. CNS picked this story-line up only yesterday, asking the lovely (in a rural New England sort of a way) Jen Psaki, chief State Department spokeswoman, whether the child Martin is an American citizen. In her best caricature of Jay Carney, she demurred. (Hint; the same law that presumes Barack Obama is a citizen, one parent being American, would equally make young Martin a citizen, only State ain’t saying so. Wouldn’t be prudent. In fact, they seem to be a little embarrassed that we even know there is a kid involved.)

This is classic Obama foreign policy politics in a nutshell, Arab Muslims on one side, making genocide on black African Christians on the other. Talk about your existential corner. But then one Christian escapes the Sudanese seine net, comes to America, becomes a citizen, marries and starts a family. What to do? What to do?, Obama wonders…when able.

Half-way around the world, an American Marine sergeant accidentally wanders into Mexico and has been in shackles in a Mexican jail since, (over 30 days) awaiting, well no one knows what, but probably a ransom pay-off, as this looks like a typical Mexican border cop shakedown.  Finally the Marine’s mom got some notice with Glenn Beck and that story too is gathering some public steam, also laying in the lap of the State Department.

In all this hubbub, just where the hell is John Kerry? The thrice-wounded-but never-drew-blood Vietnam hero John Kerry? He’s making speeches about global warming, about my apostasy, and your apostasy because we won’t believe a word he says on the subject? Syria? Ukraine? Benghazi? Been there and bagged and tagged those serious issues.  So surely he can find time to tell the world that Sudan’s conduct is “unseemly, inappropriate and not in keeping with 21st Century standards of conduct” and bag and tag al-Bashir as well…unless of course Barack Obama is conflicted about the whole Islam, Christianity, black and Arab thingy, and doesn’t want to appear too judgmental against a strong support-base back here in America. (Law: Arabs with bucks know Democrats will do anything for bucks.)

If you don’t know where the title comes from, it’s from the 1904 abduction of Mrs Pedicaris, an American citizen, and her children, by a famous Barbary brigand named Raisuli. Teddy Roosevelt dispatched a company of Marines, and said “Bring me Pedicaris alive, or Raisuli dead.” That was how America once sounded, as we climbed the world’s stairs in work boots. John Kerry is how we sound as we descend them, in bedroom slippers.)




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