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Pulling the Trigger on Revolution, Calling Down the Swarm

The media is covering the wrong story—but probably out of ignorance as much as conspiracy.

You may not recognize it yet, but the (counter-) Revolution is on.

Even conservatives are missing this naked reality, only for different reasons than the media. They simply won’t let themselves connect the final dot, and say that awful word, “insurrection” – out loud. Conservative pundits correctly defined the Clinton’s attempted revolution 1992-2000, and Obama’s successful one in 2008, including its means and its grand design. And recently, after Ted Cruz did his “readings” in the Senate, they’ve even outlined the basic elements of a rising counter-revolution these past two weeks. It’s all real, still they just can’t bring all that together and say that awful word. They can’t bring themselves to call this duck what it is, a quacking and waddling revolutionary duck, as if to do so would be to encourage it.

But this revolution is real. It has started, or rather, shall I say, it has moved past words. It is now on the ground. And a wheelchair shall lead them.


Bottom line: for those who have already thrown in, there’s no going back. It’s either fight or surrender, because the Left isn’t just sitting back. Watch this play out a few more days and you’ll see what I mean. Middle of the road is no longer an option. Resist or surrender the only terms.

When Ted Cruz strode to the Senate floor just 18 days ago, the baton was thrown down. And as I wrote then, people have started choosing up sides since, both in the Congress and out on the hustings. It is no longer touch football, but tackle, and will get rougher in coming days, weeks, and months.

I view this as a good thing, though admittedly, it is filled with peril.

We are now moving toward bare-knuckle fundamentals; fundamental statism versus fundamental constitutionalism; fundamental Evil versus fundamental Good. Horns will be locked. Not if, but when.

So the ball is rolling, and while the media has tried to portray the current congressional back and forth as still within the realm of political regularity, with a lot of drama, a lot of tension, but an outcome that has been scripted…this time the signals are unmistakable that this isn’t going to be the case. This 15-rounder will go to the bell, whether Boehner, McConnell, Reid or Obama wants it to or not…unless there’s a knock-out.

All this because Ted Cruz and his entire cabal (remember that word, gang?) are not about to lose a minor battle (which this CR shutdown and debt limit fracas really are) then meekly slink back into the anonymity of their caves. Neither will the more bellicose lefties. Game is on.

A few over there on the Left, maybe Obama himself (though I doubt it) know that the end game, one way or another, is near, twelve months tops.

The good news is it is not an end game according to the Left’s plan or on their time table, which is a little off-putting to many on the Left. They like things neater than this. Cruz threw everything out of whack. They don’t like to have to fight while trying to make stuff up. As we’ve seen, they’re not very good at it. We’ve already seen sprinkles of honest journalism because of if.

And also as predicted by us and not accounted for by the Left, citizens on the sidelines have joined in this fray in an big, and increasingly annoying and unpredictable way, by-passing normal political party check-points in the process. There is now a direct line between our revolutionaries in Washington and revolutionaries out here in America.

What are the Obama people thinking?

Note the Obama administration’s response to: 1) Ted Cruz, then 2) the stranglehold the Tea Party House members have had on Boehner so far (after all, he fooled them once before with the backroom 2011 debt ceiling deal he and McConnell cut that gave us the 2012 Sequester last year), and 3) finally the slow but accelerating rise to anger by the American street.

In this, Obama has been predictable, but only to a point. He’s huffed and puffed, and come close to throwing a hissy fit. But due to his six-fingered Count Rugen (Princess Bride) wheel-and-turn impersonation before Assad and Putin, he’s wisely been advised to holster his ladylike side and at least try to appear manly, especially before the Republicans…fergodsakes!

Instead, but again, in character, for craven meanness, spite and malice, and faux-badassness, Obama has exceeded even my expectations, enough so, that I have to believe the president (or his advisers) are trying to incite violence, real street violence.

Is violence, not pain, their end game? Instead of hearing us yell “Ouch,” do they want to hear gunfire?

What are they thinking? Your guess is as good as mine, but the president is not trying a bluff here. If it’s a bluff, it’s already been called. The vets-in-wheelchairs took care of that at the WWII Memorial.

Obama doesn’t seem to be daring the American people to rise up. He’s seems to be inviting them to.

Only to what end? So that he can declare martial law? So that he can seize even more extra-constitutional powers? So that he can finally call out that secret militia he has billeted all over the country? We don’t even know they exist, but his actions seem to indicate that he knows some body of armed, trained elite guards have his back…because the Marines down at Quantico sure don’t.


I hope the people resist this temptation, for street violence is not a good idea, if for no other reason than Obama seems to be inviting it. Remember, they’re still the ones up on horses

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and we’re still afoot. We just can’t go at them in the open, or in ways Obama expects us to, for that will enable him to deploy preplanned counter-measures. They can easily lock down a neighborhood, town or city, under any pretense, essentially “sheltering” America in place, as we saw in Boston.

So if you’re the praying type, pray the people don’t rise up in the ways Obama wants or expects them to. The good news is so far the people are denying him this, only, while still being non-violent they are as in-yer-face aggravating as can be.

I like this.

I like the idea of making the Beltway the most insufferable place to travel for the next year or so, as truckers hope to prove this weekend. We’re learning how few it really takes to accomplish that. Maybe it will work in Chicago, too. Get my drift?

Strategically then, just how do we revolt successfully if Obama’s looking for us to do just that?

First, if Obama can’t see us, or even know who we are, his goose-stepping Immortal Brotherhood won’t be worth a tinker’s damn, will they? And if all we do is make his minions’ lives a living hell, like a swarm of gnats or ants, he can’t justify using SWAT teams, armored cars, and street dragnets to catch us. The optics will be all wrong. Not even MSNBC will cover SWAT teams trying to round up graffiti taggers.

Obama and big government’s weakness is that 90% of his army are soft targets, who go to work in an office, live in a suburb, and who blight our lives simply by issuing memos, only occasionally stepping out into the light to punish some American because he had yelled “ouch” too loudly when kicked. They use surrogates to do their dirty work, as we saw with the National Park Service, who had their front line personnel do all the mean stuff. These are men and women who only want to keep their own jobs, and probably have been having a hard time sleeping lately. Job security versus Right and Wrong; it’s a regular struggle in government when the Left is in charge.

These are also cards the well-trained dark-alley operative knows how to parlay.

So remember, the government, all the way down to the local school district and union thug is still hiding behind a shield of immunity. This needs to be broken down.

It’s on this broad landscape we can paint a target on the backs of an awful lot of people outside DC, in the major cities, especially Blue ones, all the way down to universities, local offices and governments.

This can be carried out by an army of nondescripts Obama’s will be helpless to fight, for all they will carry will be mud-pies, cow-pies, rolled up newspapers, Stinkapoo-Joy-Juice, and the occasional can of yellow spray paint, rose bush poison and ice pick; misdemeanor kits, invisible to any drone or Republican Guard. (Going back to Stalin and Hitler, the Left still has countre-measures, so be on your guard and read the material.)

We already have about 100 out there already, so yes, this dark alley stuff works. But put 10,000 or more out there, sprinkled around the country, and they can make sure that every strutting peacock at the local EPA, IRS, DOJ, AFL-CIO, SEIU, Planned Parenthood, Energy Department, Education Department, Interior Department plus thousands of university professors and public school administrators, will be be sneaking to work before daybreak, wearing hoodies, dirty-old-man’s London Fogs, and sunglasses, driving ’92 Camry’s instead of Volvo’s, or taking the bus, or maybe car-pooling.

They will all ask, “Just how much fun is this anymore?”.

Oh, yes, and did I mention select members of the press around the country? We all know who they are.

Imagine the effect this will have on their higher-ups in Washington and other regional headquarters.

These 10,000 plus can be the most fearsome misdemeanor-committing “assassins” known to modern history, for they will operate totally in the dark. Not even NSA can catch them, mainly because NSA can’t listen in on hand-written notes. In a world running at the speed of light, they’ll be flying JN-4 Jenny’s under the radar, just swarming and stinging, not killing or breaking things, but ensuring that Obama’s entire cadres will be looking over their shoulders and flinching every time a cricket rubs its knees.

These teams’ only mission will be to restore some semblance of decency and honor in government, and make sure every public official knows to be afraid, and to stay on the straight and narrow. That is all. These nameless guys and gals will know when to hang up their rose poison at the end of the day. they won’t overstay their welcome. When the people are back in charge, they’ll go back to being just people like everyone else. It’s part of the training.

Just give us those ten thousand and they’ll move mountains. With Obama itching for an open fight, this may be the only strategy that can beat him.

Finally, this is not a money bomb. A small donation won’t help, but thanks for thinking. But we need much more.

What we need to call down this swarm are a few conservative donors of means, who know it’s time to pull the trigger. I’m just telling you here what can be done and how easy it is to do it, if only the means were made available. So, let others know.

Revolution or Surrender? We want to fight them. And Hell’s coming with us, in the guise of stinging insects.

Have rolled up newspaper will travel.



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