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Applying the Scarlet Letter to Out-of-Control Schools

There’s been a spate of these lately, where a kid carries a pocket knife to school, a school official discovers it, calls the police and has the kid arrested, when it would have been much easier just to walk up to the kid and relieve him of it.

There is a purpose behind all the drama and mock outrage by the schools.

Read the story carefully, for we already know how this will play out. Parents have to get a lawyer, the kid has to appear in court, charges are dismissed, but only after a stern reprimand to not just the kid, but to the parents, for allowing their child to do what every kid I knew did, and every parent of those kids allowed, all the way from Grade 1 thru 12….without even one of those knives ever being brandished in a menacing way.

I just listened to our local Saturday morning talk show, who brings down the entire House of Outrage on events like this, loud and vociferous rants, so the story is out there.

But what they don’t do is tell citizens how they can prevent the schools and “the system” from coming off the winners in these outrages. what they don’t do is tell citizens that they even should do anything. Maybe they aren’t allowed.

Still, there is much more here than meets the eye, and no one even in the local media really seems interested in exposing it.

There is a regime of terror in American public schools. They are desensitizing humanity, not sensitizing it.

When you read the story, note that the readers are made to feel that the parents should feel grateful and relieved that this 8-year old will likely get off light, that the local district attorney is doing him a favor by not charging him criminally. Truth: No county attorney who wants to be able to show his face on the golf course next weekend would ever consider taking that sort of case to trail, especially before a jury. His/her career would be finished. Besides losing, he’d be laughed out of town.

And there’s no hint of wrongdoing (stupidity) by the school. Where’s the Irish cop, when called to the “scene of the crime”, asking the teacher, “Teacher, me darlin’, why didn’t you just take the knoife awa’ from the boy, and send it home in an envelope to his ma, w’ a note?”

Just where is the name of that teacher, or that school representative who penned this insipid comment justifying the school’s actions?:

“We take very seriously our responsibility to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that is free from disruption. Students who violate student conduct regulations are subject to suspension and/or expulsion, and, if the offense is a violation of the law, to prosecution.”

Other than closing ranks, just where is the school board?

The dirty little secret is that this teacher didn’t overreact.  Hell, a 14-year old girl, much less an adult teacher, could have disarmed that kid and taken him to the office and written him up. She acted according to policy. And probably with relish. maybe even a sneer. After all, had she done the commonsense thing, she may have been written up herself. Maybe even be sent back to Re-education camp in Remedial Terrorizing.

You see, she and other officials run teams of snitches throughout the schools, kids who come running if a kid pulls out a pocket knife, a cigarette, or an aspirin tablet, or draws a picture of their BB gun in the sand. These rats can be found anywhere; in the hallway, the bathroom, on the playground. I lived in a town where all the kids walked to school, and recall that one little 5th-grade snitch walked home with only one pigtail. I think it was over an alleged abuse of Play-Doh.

What is being taught here isn’t that knives are bad, or wrong, but that “YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!” Kids and their parents are taught to be afraid. And every once in awhile, just to highlight the point, an example has to be made of some kid. (I notice that it rarely happens at the same school twice, local outrage so harsh, at times, but am beginning to see patterns that tell me several schools may coordinating. Next fall it may be candy cigarettes in Tennessee, and instead of police, child protective services may be called in. See how it works?)

This is all according to rules and process, mind you, which is why local media, not even conservative media, never really questions it.

I’m sure you been following the more national story of the high school senior honor student in NC who accidently left his skeet gun in the trunk of his car, so went into the school office to call  his mom to come get it, was overheard by one of these school-nazis, and was promptly arrested on more serious felony charges. Liberty University in Virginia has already offered him a scholarship, but note how the story reads here that the school, and county attorney, are doing him a favor by allowing him to graduate. Favor, my sister’s black cat’s arse! That county attorney has no better chance of a conviction than the Virginia DA in the pocket knife case, and no better chance of a golf game with friends next Sunday if he tries. He couldn’t sweep out the drunk cell in the county jail to fill the jury box and get a conviction. Nor will he try.

But you see, we won’t be there to witness any of those things. It’s media legs will be shot by Monday. More importantly, we’re conditioned to be content with one-hour of rants, then on to the next outrage. The schools and the system always win because of the way we always react. Nothing changes. My Saturday morning  radio pals have already spent their outrage, and their regular viewers have already gone out onto the porch and kicked the dog. By Monday the story will make the rounds of the barbershop, golf courses, saloons and coffee shops and then be forgotten.

What survives is the terror of making even the slightest misstep or wrong move, that a simple pointed finger can bring out the Swat team.

I’ve spent a lot of time  in societies where people have to go into the bathroom and turn on the shower before feeling free to speak their minds. In Moscow, 20 years after the fall of Communism, two people simply walking down the street still cannot being themselves to make eye contact as they pass one another. This sort of fear (terror) runs deep.

I want to say watch this story in Chesterfield and North Carolina, but in fact it has probably already come and gone.

And we still won’t know the name of that school teacher or that chool administrator, or that silly school policy.

There’s a lesson here.

Once we learn how to place a large Scarlet Letter on those names, and start to dog them as they go back and forth to work, or make them so “famous” people get up and move to a table across the room at Wendy’s just because they noticed that big Scarlet “A”  sitting next to them…once they learn the price of cupidity, then common sense and the citizens will be back on top, where they belong.

When they notice the similarities  of being terrorized with being the instrument of terror, they will know. Many of them are not fit for being in charge of or instructing children. They need to be rooted out, especially when they are so proud of themselves.  It’s only for citizens to convince them that they really should consider other forms of employment.

Now if you think I’m encouraging criminal acts here, I’m not. Everyone who reads me knows that. There are dozens of legal and nonviolent ways to make a wayward public official’s life miserable…(and without leaving any fingerprints). Storming the next school board meeting the next time would be helpful, too. I’m just saying.

Just keep in mind, the point  here isn’t revenge. Make them stop. It should be clear that the only way to make them stop is to make them afraid.

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