Benghazi, Murder by Indifference

With damning testimony beginning a week (at least) of startling revelations about the State Department and the White House’s handling of the murderous terrorist attack on the US embassy complex in Benghazi last September 11, it’s time to pause and reflect and recount that most of this information isn’t really new.

It’s just being corroborated, that’s all.

The bad news, of course, is that all we will learn now will do one of the principals in this coverup no real harm. After all, Barack Obama was re-elected, and that can’t be undone. And he will continue to thumb his nose at the American people for no matter how much these hearings condemn his handling of the events in Benghazi last 11 September, there will be an even bigger fall-guy to turn our attention toward.

Hillary Clinton.

And the media will dutifully do this, although they will be made to appear to do so kicking and screaming, since Hillary is one of the their icons and odds-on pick to the 2016 Democrat successor to Obama. I think not.

To be fair, the most-guilty (probable) suspect in this Libyan murder off-Broadway does seems to be Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama.  It’s even 50-50 that the cover-up may not have begun in the White House, but over at Foggy Bottom. Who came to who begging the other to lie is still not certain, and will likely never be known unless we can get an indictment here.

All we do know is that Hillary Clinton perjured herself in her testimony before Congress earlier in the year, and there’s very little she can do to rehabilitate that testimony or her image…with the media and the Left. (It was never high with me.) As far as the evidence goes, a jury would only teeter between a “preponderance of the evidence” and “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

If Obama actually finessed this outcome, he played it very well.

At the core, though, is why?I doubt anyone intentionally wanted this outcome.

As to why Hillary and/or the White House “allowed” this to happen, a question few in the media will ever ask, contains the real indictment for this entire administration.

They just didn’t care…

….until they saw that things were getting out of hand in such a way that could come back on them.

I think they are still as indifferent to the loss of life in Benghazi as the squishing of a bug on the White House carpet.

Long after Obama had walked away at 5 PM, to play bedtime with Bonzo, or study up on his fundraiser in Vegas, it dawned on someone in the loop that they could no longer tread water with this firefight, and would have to find a good backstroke to swim to shore; by next day. First was the video (probably from Hillary/State since hours before the Benghazi attack the Cairo riots were linked to a pre-video apology from the US Embassy in Cairo), then the Susan Rice Sunday lie-athon (probably coming from the White House, since that’s where Rice’s loyalties lie).

To some extent we also got a clue of the general real world disinterest at the State Department, and their crack management team ‘s detachment from reality, with the testimony of Secretary Patrick Kennedy and that insipid woman, Charlene Lamb, who said she couldn’t provide additional assets to Benghazi because they just weren’t authorized by some little table of authorized assets she carried around.

The real world just isn’t their world. The watchword all over Obama’s administration is incompetence, laced with this sort of  indifference.

We know Obama wanted to get away to something that “was important to him” by 5 PM, hours before the battle in Benghazi had even peaked. He dumped it all in Hillary and Panetta’s lap. “You take care of it.”  After all, Al-Qaida had already been demolished. It couldn’t be very much.

And quite frankly, if Hillary’s hands-on grip to the job was as distant as Kennedy’s and Lamb’s, she probably didn’t know that her own crack team of asset bean counters had actually hired elements of Al Qaida to serve as security for the Benghazi compound in the first place.

Indifference, not terror-sympathy, not hatred of America or George Bush, but sheer self-indulgent indifference to the lives that were being lost on the ground, sheltered in the vain and arrogant belief that none of the real killers in Benghazi that day even existed any more (a belief still held by the White House, even after three more Americans died last month in Boston) is what killed those men at Benghazi.

For one brief moment, when Obama and Hillary had to greet the families of those victims of their indifference at Dover, when their bodies were brought home, did they acknowledge even a glimmer of embarrassment. Their inability to look those families in the eye and show any real empathy or grief was probably the only expression of (hidden) guilt they were ever able to summon.

But hey, I got elected, Obama thinks today. And if you think this can be really damaging to Obama’s legacy, you must first ask yourself if Obama cares about his legacy anymore. He’s not Clinton. He may not have to.

Hillary can (and should) be brought back and indicted. So should several others in State, only they likely won’t. Nor should the whistle blowers expect to find a restored professional life or protection from John Kerry. A practiced turncoat all his life, he loathes them when on the other side.  Their lives may yet be ruined.

There are only two ways to convict a person of these kinds of crimes; in a court of law, or in public opinion. And in the latter, unable to stifle the testimony or the facts, we already know the media wants this to enbd a draw, so that the Beltway crowd can return to their corner believing they’d won, while critical-thinking America will once again feel they’ve been denied a decision because of a partial ref’s decision. (The LIV’s of course, still will have never heard of Benghazi unless Wendys or other chain names a flat bread sandwich after it.)

For me, this isn’t about politics.

This is about murder; murder by indifference.

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