Many people are seething that Mitt Romney didn’t drive the wooden stake into Dracobama’s heart on Tuesday, when he handed Libya up on a silver platter.

Still others say it was just a prevue of coming attractions, laying a trap for what to expect at Monday night’s debate on foreign policy.

For several reasons, I think it didn’t matter, inasmuch as even had Mitt said nothing, 95% of all the viewers who watched that short dust up in front of the fair Candy Crowley, knew that the “I said it was terrorism the day after the bombing” that regrettably flew out of Barack Obama’s mouth was a lie.

Anyone who followed the news story of Chris Stevens’ assassination has known that for several days (time line not required) that Obama, Hillary, the crawfish Jay Carney, and UN Ambassador Sudan Rice had been pushing a story entirely opposite to that of “a terror attack.”

And even people who hadn’t been following the Libya story, still knew Obama was probably lying, for that’s all he had done the entire evening. The Libya contretemps was late in the debate, and Obama had already laid out his first bodacious lie in the first ten minutes, when he denied having cut US oil production, then went on to infer that $5/gallon gas was a sign of an economy on the rebound, while $1.85/gal gas was a sign of an economy in decline.

Ten minutes into the debate, Mitt Romney owned the Truth-o-Meter, so thereafter, even when Obama said the sky was dark, people still looked outside just to confirm.

Still, everyone is excited about the coming debate on Monday night, in part because everyone knows there will be new revelations about the Benghazi “affair” before then. Everyone expects at least one more shoe to drop. It’s very doubtful that the gang that can’t shoot straight will be able to cover up all its loose ends in making all those stories fit comfortably inside the “we called it terrorism before we denied it was terrorism” narrative.”

And that could be of some worry.

You may not recall the same clamor for “justice” in 1998 after Osama bin Laden had blown up two, not one, but two, US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Bill Clinton cavalierly bombed a pharmaceutical (aspirin) factory in Sudan in retaliation, insisting the factory produced chemical weapons. Later, 1999-2000, the factory owner sued for restitution…and won.

One man, one innocent man who was just as much a political expedient and statistic to Clinton as the three “bodyguards” around Chris Stevens were to Obama, was killed in the bombing.

If Libya has a Ali-bin-Daniel Webster, he needs to let every mother in the country know to pray under her breath, and every business man to watch his wallet and the skies, for Obama is on the loose, looking for some red-meat retribution and vengeance, not to mention justice, for the harm that country’s bad guys brought on his America’s reputation.

Resurrecting “Bring me Pedicaris alive, or Raisuli dead” (T Roosevelt, 1904) is too late by three weeks at least. That window closed while Obama & Co were still trying to frame the hapless Nazouli in California. But it doesn’t mean Obama won’t try to appear manly, a la Clinton, for it does seem Obama needs to be able parade into Monday night’s debate with somebody’s scalp hanging from his belt.

In my view it will be the already scalpless James Clapper, head of the National Intelligence Agency….as a sure sign of at least some level of innocence.

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