10. You’ve been misinformed.

Follow up to “What do you mean?”:

10a.  When you say something false  it’s because you’re 1) misinformed 2) incompetent or 3) lying. I just gave you the benefit of the doubt.

9.  Which came first, the road or the taxpayer? The taxpayer or the marketplace?

8. You didn’t build that paycheck, either.

7.  Do Democrats have any campaign ads directed at people with IQ’s over 100?

6.   One of us is right, one of us wrong, but only one of us can afford to be wrong

5.  When Obama says “policies of the past” he really means “freedom of the past”.

4.  Do you agree that common sense is now radical thinking? Then yes, I’m a radical.

3.  How can AARP say it supports seniors when it supports rationed care and death panels under Obamacare?

2. Don’t believe in God? How long can you tread water?

1. I don’t like white socialists either.


Make your own list. It’s fun. The idea is to never let them just walk away. Leave them walking away mumbling to themselves.

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