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Say it Ain’t so, Flo!

You may not have seen this.

Seems this fellow Matt Fisher’s sister had an insurance policy with Progressive, of Flo fame. Part of that policy was for uninsured/under-insured motorists.

An uninsured fellow killed his sister in a car crash, and instead of paying up, Progressive paid for the defense of the perp in court in order to mitigate the damages they would have to pay the girl’s estate..

The case continues, I hope.

Progressive Insurance, if you didn’t know, was founded by Peter B Smith, who joined with George Soros in 2005 to create the Democracy Alliance, to defeat conservatives. He supported Obama in 2008. A big progressive (sic), he must have become disillusioned with Obama as he decided to sit out the 2010 midterms and has since withdrawn from the Democracy Alliance. He’s been quiet this election season, so far.

But it doesn’t seem to lessen his ability to make money, which  exceeds everything the left has ever said about Bain Capital.



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