So, Just How Many Stupid People Can the Democrats Depend On This Year?

We’ve all seen the ad, Romney killed a man’s wife 7 years after he left Bain Capital. Before that, he hadn’t paid his taxes for 10 years. And we have that on the authority of none other than Senator Veracity Himself, Harry Reid. Then, before that, an Obama operative said Romney had committed a felony because he continued to sign documents for several months after he left Bain (a routine duty).

Then there was the now infamous thus spake Obama comment, “You didn’t build that,” in front of, let’s face it, a crowd of folks who mostly hadn’t even built a paycheck, much less a “that.” Who do you think shows up on call at any convention center midday anywhere in America, but the out-of-work rent-a-throngs? Working folks and business owners are somewhere else.

We should always be reminded to look at who it is a campaign slogan ad is directed at, for among other things, it tells us the sort of opinion the campaign has for its audience. All the things I mentioned at the top were directed at people the Democrats have a low opinion of, for they rely on their inability to think.

Pollsters divide voters into 1) eligible voters 2) registered voters and 3) likely voters. In these the pre-convention, pre-Labor Day days, polls mostly count eligible or registered voters, which is a far cry from the people who will most likely vote. If they started paying attention too early to likely voters, using other key indicators, such as voter enthusiasm, from the “damn straight,” “you bet your bippy,” “be there with bells on” likely voter to the “Oh, I guess so,” “it’s my civic duty,” “yes, but I’ll hold my nose” likely voter, the drama part of this campaign would already be over. The MSM has to keep the drama alive to justify their ratings and advertising rates as well as their place (as they see it) in the election process. And pollsters? They stand to make millions the next 70 days. This is their Christ-, er, X-mas Season.

This is all theater.

But seriously, how many Super Bowls have you bothered to stay around to watch the second half the past 20 years? If this were an honest election, and it isn’t, the only people who would watch election week coverage this year would be psychologists, sociologists, and the local suicide hotline. And they’ll all be studying the stupids…only this year, like rainfall in the Midwest, I think we’ll see the fewest number of stupids involved in an election in recent memory. This three-year long Obama drought has parched the Democrat landscape. And all he can promise is a war dance on the builders and earners in America.

When you see an ad such as the Joe Soptic, “Romney stole my job and my benefits, then killed my wife” ad…so filled with falsehoods it’s hard to know where to start, you have to ask the question, what moron can believe this swill?

My first instinct was to turn to the uneducated, ignorant and poor. Then the rank and file union members, and finally the elderly. Mainly because they get their “news” second and third hand, through preachers, community organizers, and unions bosses.

But why? If so, where are the ads directed at the urbane and educated? Where are the ads directed at the million of intelligent and analytical independents who seem likely not to vote for Obama this time around?

In truth, we haven’t seen any yet. Not one. I have yet to see or hear a single Obama ad (or speech) that doesn’t push the envelope of credulity so much that the average inquiring mind wouldn’t pause to give it a second thought.

Maybe the IQ-challenged aren’t the stupids Obama’s targeting after all.

Just how does an Obama ad filter down?

A preacher I know once asked, who is the greater threat; the deliberate liar, the proliferator of the lie, or the person who accepts the lie without question? A moral question, it has serious cultural, and now political consequences. But most of all, it draws into question just who is, and who is not “stupid” these days.

Political ads are often directed at audiences who never hear or see the ad. Most of Obama’s core constituencies never watch anything other than local Channel 6 news. Stupid kids get their news from Comedy Central or their toke-buddy’s blog, but these days only those who are secure even though they can’t find a job. In the best of times Obama could depend on local preachers, college professors, union bosses, to carry his messages. But none of these call into play any critical thinking or persuasion, as we know it. Instead it’s all carrot and stick.

That Mitt Romney closed down a plant four years after he left Bain, and three years later a laid-off worker’s wife died? That’s a bit rich, isn’t it? Even for the Democrat faithful? Well, actually, no.

The absence of intellectual curiosity is depthless among the Left, critical thinking nonexistent. So, as with the Soptic ad, it didn’t just play to the unions in Pittsburgh and the ghettos in Detroit, it also played with the grand old dames on New York’s Upper East Side, the girls who still read Maureen Dowd and have all seen “The Vagina Monologues” twice. It was also gobbled up by the Obama wing of Harvard Law School, the Geithner wing of the Dartmouth math department, and the Valerie Jarrett/Rahm Emanuel wing of the public restrooms at Union Station in Chicago.

The Dem’s have a genuine Stupid base. Our friend Grumpy Elder shared with us part of its nexus. But as you can see, IQ doesn’t quite capture it. You see, these people are smart. It’s the Democrats who see their base as stupid, and they make no distinction between the overweight welfare madams in New Orleans, the GM shop steward in Lansing, or the girls at the Westchester Dog Show. It’s not that they don’t know it’s all a lie, it’s that they don’t want to know it’s a lie.

When the Democrats and Obama are spending all their money propping up their base with mindless drivel and lies (none dare call these “distortions”), while saying nothing that would compel Independents to rethink Obama, or urge Republicans to stay home, you gotta ask…who’s winning here? When for the first time since maybe Reagan in ’80 they are running campaign ads in California and New York…both sides….in June…you gotta ask, who’s winning here?

Memo to Obama: There just aren’t enough Stupids this year, including the layabout, licentious and slatterny, newly greencard-upped, drugged up. just-out-on-parole, even dead-in-East-St-Louis vote to augment the usual suspects found at Harvard, the environmental movement, Planned Parenthood and the front office at GE corporate to win this election.

Of all the people who have changed their votes since 2008, 100% of them won’t vote for Barack Obama.

As a hard-looking storekeeper, sitting on the front porch of his store in Baxter Corners, Letcher County, Kentucky told me when I asked for directions to Harlan, “You can’t get there from here.”

So just how many Stupids can the Democrats rely on this election season? A lot less than last time…only no one will admit this out loud.


Mick Hensley, who you might recall quit school at 16 to work in the coal mines, but found time to break my nose twice before he turned 15, would definitely be counted among the Stupids by the Democrats.  Mick decided to forego book learning because it didn’t interest him, but also because he knew that a coal miner earned almost twice as much as the only jobs available to a college graduate in our town, school teacher. Uneducated, yes, but Mick could count.

So, we’ve been looking in the wrong haystack for the Democrats’ stupids.

While Obama is trying to keep his Stupids Alliance intact, Romney, Ryan and just plain old common sense are separating the Democrats from what they thought were their most solid base, the I can-tell-a-horse-from-a-mule vote.

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