Obama’s Energy Consumption Model; Hidden Statist Math

During the 2008 campaign Obama wagged his finger at Americans and lectured, “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times.”

Well Obama lied, (as soon as he was in White House he bumped up the heat past 72. They say you can grow orchids in the White House now…and wow!, has Michelle left a carbon footprint to die for?)…

…but he was also speaking to a true belief.

You see, Obama lied on at least two other levels, and while we’re accustomed to his lies of fact by now, these include a secret admission of his heart, and also embedded lies directed at many on his own side. It’s those lies that could be his undoing.

Obama’s Economic Model

Most political analysts who heard candidate Obama back in ’08 assumed he was merely making political points with his leftwing constituencies; about fuel efficiency, SUV’s, alternative fuels, mass transit, coal use, carbon footprint and global warming, all on the energy front, and healthcare concerns about our poor dietary habits on the food front.

But I think he actually believes the alternative energy drivel (solar, algae, etc), only he hasn’t mastered the math which convinces even a Walmart shopper that you can’t drop one energy source today (oil) then stand around 5-10-20-100 years waiting for a replacement to be developed.

Even the simple-minded know that’s dumber than forty rocks, not to mention a non-starter for a guy running for re-election.

Still, Obama was expressing a (semi-) belief in a model he’d learned in academe as to how his kind on the Left view world resources and their proper management and distribution.

They see a pie of a fixed size, but only one pie, which can never be enlarged or multiplied by making other ingredients and popping another one in the oven. They see this pie sort of like how the Catholic Church viewed the universe in 1400….speaking of flat earth thinking. So when you think of the zero sum math of the Left’s economic pie, think of  Galileo and Pope Urban, and try to consider, really consider, the almost bottomless insipidity of the Left’s rationale.

America has proved this theory to be booshway ten ways from Sunday since 1787. I even think one of the primary reasons America was created in the first place was to disprove this silly notion, so as to show the rest of the world all the wonderful possibilities people can enjoy once they discard the static theory of zero sum economies and understand that wealth can be multiplied, and dispersed beyond our ability to count.

It’s America’s disproving this thesis, first in the face of the Euros, who have a dozen other class reasons for wanting to see America fail, but later in America proper, once our best and brightest were sent abroad to swap political sperm with the Europeans in the post-Civil War era, that brings us to this place in history.

Don’t fret, for despite all the warnings the past 100 years, this collision was inevitable.

They had to rise, we had to fall asleep, and then reawaken. That’s how these things work out.

Leftwing economic math is the math of scarcity.

The Left sees the United States as consuming more than its fair share of this pie, thereby depriving the rest of the world their fair share in those same things. In OccupyHerdSpeak, for the US to have this much stuff, other countries can’t have any stuff.

Pay attention to the ratios of their consumption model, for you’ll see it again.  They say we are only 5% of the world’s population but use up 40% of its annual production. T’ain’t fair, they say, as if to say, if we didn’t use it, the stuff would still be there to be distributed to someone else to use.

T’ain’t so.

Interestingly, the pie Obama was taught about in college was ten thousand times larger than the pie Karl Marx assumed in 1844, and three times smaller than the pie we now have, yet the Left insists it is the same damned pie.

Why they have to say this is the point I’m driving at, for it hides the lie they are telling their enablers.

The real truth of fairness is that were it not for Obama’s kind of people ruling the other 9/10th’s of the world, everyone could drive an SUV, and keep their house heated or cooled at 72 degrees, and that there are enough resources, fixed and renewable, which can sustain that level (not the current level) for a thousand years on earth.

And while the most obvious proof of this is America itself, consider emerging non-European socialist states, China and India. Even as Obama and his kind are attempting to use legal coercion to force a moribund economic model on America according to an equally moribund theory, on the one hand communist China is disproving the “scarcity theory” implicit in the socialist model by creating new wealth and resources daily, making that fixed pie bigger, (while trying to ease out of communism altogether, but maintaining “face” for alleging it worked at all the past 60 plus years) at the same time the European Union is disproving socialism’s sustainability on the consumption end. Production kills the theory of socialism almost as easily as spending does the reality.

The Big Lie

From his point of view, Barack Obama is right on one paramount thing:

For his kind to be in charge, from Bill Clinton, to Jesse Jackson, to Harry and Nancy, to Ahmadinejab, to the latest pot-bellied pig running North Korea, the world must be arranged according to that academic model Obama subscribes to…because then, and only then can only their kind control and redistribute it.

Who they haven’t told this lie to is their own rank and file who empower them.

You see, it’s the only way their kind can matter in a world where the “wrong kind” of meritocracy reigns, which is the genesis for all Marxian theory. For by every other indicia of human merit, from building a nation, from building an economy, from building a business, from learning how to play the clarinet and turning it into a musical career, from building a vegetable garden out back then selling out front, Obama’s kind come in last in every single test.

Only in the meritocracy of political prestidigitation can they be on top, and in America, they’ve been working on achieving this for over 100 years.

They can’t build anything, they can only take. Stealing other men’s production, not just their wealth, is the only skill they have…or ever had. And politics is their only avenue.

Secret Leftist Math

In some deep recess of his soul, I think Obama actually believes in this zero sum model, but only as an affluent child can justify taking his sister’s Halloween candy by telling her it’s for poor kids down at the homeless shelter, when in fact he wants to keep it for himself.

So, when they say America has 5% of the population but controls 40% of the resources, they are secretly complaining that the wrong people control it. The ratio is really fine with them. They actually agree with, even rely on that ratio, for the idea of communism was always about 5% of the population controlling all of the resources and production, parceling out just enough to the general population to keep them coming to work every Monday morning.

So, it doesn’t matter that gasoline skyrockets to $5, even $10/gallon. It won’t effect their access to gas, travel, big SUV’s, hothouse office environments, frequent vacations, and a general “let them eat cake” attitude about the other 95% who do not figure into the management calculus. The Obama’s have already shown how life will be for the ruling 5%; DietCaviar and gouda on Melba toast with chardonnay spritzer. For what it’s worth, it took the Soviets 60 years to get to the point they would strut their privilege this way.

In communist countries, starting out without industry, without a production base, it was easy to hide all the regal accoutrements of office, for they all started out at the bottom, when peasants from the countryside were shuttled into highrise apartments to man the mills and factories. To them even concrete floors were an improvement to the hard dirt mud huts they’d lived in.

It’s easy to build a “new world” based on scarcity when everything has always been scarce, and the masses never knew you could use oil for anything other than putting in a lamp to light the way at night.

But America is (trying to) taking on socialism from the top-down, where scarcity has no recent memory. A guy who used to be able to drive his car but now can’t won’t forget what has been taken away from him. Nor will his children. Nor his children’s children.

Still Obama and his kind think they are getting away with it.

Why they may not is that they are lying to their own kind, especially the rank and file of the movements and their dreamy-eyed academicians.

You see, once the socialists get in charge they, to borrow a Romney phrase, they do the etch-a-sketch thingy, and Obama has given every signal that he clearly does not believe that the elite ruling class has to abide by the rules he imposes on the masses.

What his enablers don’t know (yet) is that they are of the masses too. In the end, useful idiots always go the way of useful idiots.

Equal victims of the lie are those naive academicians who study and teach about the entitlement of the do-withouts to their fair share of the world’s chocolate Holloween treats.  Now to many academicians real life is a gulag, and they can find no easy way in the world we live in daily. So, they actually believe this swill, but in part because they don’t have to watch that candy being confiscated, then only a tenth re-distributed, or to see the thuggish methods employed. Only for awhile do they remain innocent of the carnage their theories have wrought.

Lenin and Stalin (much more than Mao) used these useful idiots with great craft, but always kept watchers standing by so when the film finally fell from their eyes, they could be quickly whisked off to the Gulag, (or eternity) lest they, with equal naivete, begin to make a fuss. Some say when the film even fell from Lenin’s eyes, Stalin was standing by with equal vigilance to shut them permanently.

And so it goes.

Most leftists believe the other guy should do with less, but not themselves and therein lies the clue to true leftwing math, for it explains why the Left parades about hating what they secretly covet.

Let the OccupyHerd know this and you may have something.


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