This is not a new subject, but it needs to be said from time to time, for time is drawing nigh.

First, let me talk about the picture, one of Frederic Remington’s early magazine drawings, from around 1890. I first saw it in when I was in college. It’s not fanciful at all, but a true rendering of a kind of hunting few men could ever summon the courage to try. But there are eye witness accounts of this kind of buffalo hunting, and it was called “splitting the herd.”

When I first saw it I thought those were the two bravest men I’d ever seen. But a few years ago I told Moses Sands what I thought about it, and knowing the picture, he said, rather curtly, “Well, you missed it altogether, then.”

(You have to scroll down to near the bottom to see how Moses punctuated that comment.)

Our Rules of Engagement

You already know our 1st rule and I hope you abide by it as well, for it separates us from the commoner element. It’s the “John Wayne Code”: Never throw the first punch, but always throw the last.

There’s a corollary to that rule, named for Joseph Reddeford Walker, explorer and pathfinder for John C Fremont and first Republican candidate for President.  Walker’s 2nd Rule, simply put: Finish it.

In other words, don’t let there be a rematch. These are my Marquis of Queensberry rules for fighting the Left.

Force Analysis

As you may also know, my partners and I have been in the analysis business for several years. Sometimes we even got paid for it. We’re older, and we’ve been around. We know socialists in most of their original haunts, from Moscow to Beijing, onto Washington, also in basements and back alleys.

While Obama is trying to force us into submission under the sheer weight and intimidation of government, hoping we’ll just roll over and accept our fate, I think his troops already know that won’t happen. The die is cast. They will have to come and move us physically, in operations that will have to be a little bit bigger than a simple local police dragnet.

Sooner? Pre-election, or later? Post-election? I’m not sure. But my guess is sooner, as they lose all their leverage if we win next November, and just know, most of them have gone too far to simply walk away and wait for the next round of election cycles. They can’t afford to let this go.

So far we’ve hunkered down, prayerfully counting down the days (about 365 now), keeping our faith with Rule #1, and our powder dry, waiting for the trumpet’s sound when…well, what?

Right now, History teeters in the balance.

But to be more pointed, I mean History a hundred times bigger than the Crusades or any war. History as momentous and earth shattering as the Reformation, only compressed into two years instead of a century. For here and now Man’s Freedom ends, completely, or rises from near extinction to stand taller than ever for a millenium.

And as much as you may not like “history” happening this soon, or on your watch, or in this un-pretty manner, when you go to bed at night, thank God for the millions of ordinary citizens who finally stood up and said “enough is enough.” They’ve made it all happen. They’ve forced the Obamaistas to play their hand with far fewer assets than they planned and on a time table they’d have preferred not to have to use. It’s been a mantra of ours, “throw them off their game plan.” Make them play certain cards too quickly, and discard others. Get out in front of them. They really aren’t that good at extemporaneous planning, or as the old Texas Rangers called it, “fighting on the run.” Below, you’ll see why.

I’ve been trying to size up the “army” of militia, goons, thugs, goose-stepping Black Muslims and cannon fodder they’ll need, trying to estimate just what sort of real assets they have to finally crush freedom in America.

My own view, stated here, is that they really don’t have what it takes. They’re pretty puny in fact, and I haven’t even mentioned our strengths yet. I say this both as encouragement to you, and as a stark notice to them…and to those who will send them.

You see, they don’t want to ride us down without us first doing something very criminal in the eyes of the world, as the media will define it. Then they can call in the regularly constituted elements of law enforcement to put us down. So far we haven’t taken the bait. So remember that 1st Rule.

Beyond that, they originally wanted to be able to deputize a posse, actually an army of men wearing badges, who, once formed and trained, could pretty much tell state police, national guard units and local cops where to stuff it. That was to Obama’s national police force, or Janisseries, or Revolutionary Guard, call them what you like.

The Revolutionary Guard

I take Obama’s words very seriously, and he is a master, even better than Bill Clinton, at using words and phrases with double meanings. Double-nintendos. Hope, change, transformation. So when he said he wanted to form a national police force with the training, skills and equipment equal to our armed forces, I took him at his word. But that was supposed to be, in our view, a project launched and in process by 2012, ready to march by 2016 when he was to leave office constitutionally. That’s about how long it takes, 4-6 years to train such an army, especially if you’re only fighting defenseless civilians, and I squeezed the time table a little just to accommodate election dates. (Note: You don’t form something like this and then hand it off to the next president in line.)

So again, thank all those people who have pushed the Left’s time table forward to 2012, before they’re ready.

Instead they have a rag-tag army of squatters, druggies, and other “shite-ing bovines” strewn over, where? The downtown areas of Democrarun cities across America, where mayors are too crooked or too fearful to roust them.

Politically, Obama couldn’t get elected in 2012 if he had 10,000 Panther crackerjacks standing sentinel at polling places around America. Unless there is some hidden canyon somewhere in Utah sheltering 100,000 trainees, that Revolutionary Guard of his is still on paper. All those kids getting laid off in the private sector were supposed to give a salt and pepper aspect to that new army, but that hasn’t happened yet, either. So they’ve already dipped into Plan B, C or maybe even D to try to find out how they can keep at least an impeachment-proof Congress afloat, so that maybe he can steal 2012. (Obama may not be the first president to be impeached, but he may very well be the first to do time. I was sorta hoping that would be ol’ Bushel Britches, myself, but who am I to quibble with destiny?)

So, for the time being I have to assume Obama’s Revolutionary Guard will not be wearing badges and marching down I-95 with armor back-up anytime soon.

But what about the rest?

Top to bottom, they’re thin, but still bigger and better financed, and better “dressed out” than us. Their numbers are swollen, tens of thousands of’ em, only how well will they fare in a real fight? Face to face? Taken in order of fightability:

The Leadership

If you haven’t noticed, some of our womenfolk have taken direct aim at Obama’s manhood…with a knee. Now a few of our ladies, right here at UP, could go bear hunting with a switch, so it doesn’t really surprise me that Sarah Palin, who seems to have some Oglala Sioux in her, would take notice of the effeminate nature of the Left’s leadership. It calls to mind so many villains through history, Obama and Osama right up there among them, who felt they could send forth all sorts of thugs to do their bidding, whilst snuggled away in the safety of a command center way, way to the rear.

Now, this isn’t to say they wouldn’t do the dirty…but only if your back is turned, or down some dark alley. But eyeball to eyeball? Precious few. Even union thugs are cowards in a fair fight. Top to bottom, the Obama Force is the shiv in the back, sniper, and bomb-in-the-baby-carriage kind of battle group. I doubt Bill Ayers, if we gave him a single shot revolver at ten paces, and one of our ladies a rubber band, spit ball and a nail file, could escape the field after discharging his pistol without first having lost an eye and gutted like a fish.

So no, they may plan the fight, but they won’t be any help in it.

The Cannon Fodder

As we know from the Occupy crowd, these number in the tens of thousands, and can be relied on to show up just at about any event on command, sometimes wearing masks, maybe carrying placards, or arms linked, throwing cups of urine into the face of police, and turning heel and running like hell when the tear gas is set loose. When you snatch one, they scratch and kick and squeal (and the girls kick up a fuss, too), a cop on each limb (sort of like I always dream of Nancy Pelosi right after her sentencing) carrying them to the paddy wagon.

This is a kind of dance, a rite, with these kids. What fun! For in the gathering a few days later, after bail has been set, they all gather and compare notes, awarding John Kerry-like purple hearts for every scratch…especially the embellished ones, for their heroics is always in the retelling “with advantages” (Shakeapeare), assisted by a friendly toke.

The Occupy Movement is resplendent with such memories of valor today.

This is about as good as they get, and precious few of them at that. So while they may show up with placards in front of a home, or bombard a senator’s email and phones with death threats and f-bombs, it’s unknown to both us and Obama how well they will fare if ordered into a straight line assault against police in Oakland or Wall Street, for instance. The vast majority are more in tune with the Lone Haranguer (remember him, from The Wizard of Id?), their only real skill broadcasting that the Christians, conservatives, Republicans, are (effing) finks…all in the security of Mom’s basement Man Cave, still in their matching plaid bathrobe and open-toed house shoes.

Beyond the blood splatters on their X-Box they have no idea what it really looks like to be hit up side the head with a club, or take a through-and-through in the shoulder. It’s all make believe.

The vast majority of the bathrobe army, long before they can see the blacks of anyone’s eyes, their courage will desert them at the first sign of blood, or that sense, like a buffalo, that the herd is turning, and they will turn heel.

But ten percent won’t. Those are the war lovers, and whether out of some dark past experience, or simply some hole in their soul, knowing nothing about what they about to do, still know it is better than anything else. In an army as big as Obama has, this number can still be significantly larger than we are.

The New Black Panther, et al.

I’ll dismiss this bunch out of hand even though they are well armed, and have some rudiments of leadership and working as units. They seem to drill well. We are not likely to see them on our battlefield, unless the country is destroyed by a meteor and they have to leave the cities foraging for food. You will find small units in virtually every American inner city, where everyone, even rival gangs cut them a wide swath. I’ve spoken of this bunch before, they are “turf bound,” and much like a video game warrior, they lose power points the further they move away from their home base. So the Philadelphia Panthers would lose half their points by the time they got to Chester, and would be little more than armed kids from the ‘hood by the time they got on the Turnpike, assuming they could find it without a guide. They just ain’t any good at sallying forth.

Union Thugs

If the Left has shock troops, this is them. You’ve seen their handiwork already, beating up old people at Tea Party rallies, including some old black man in a wheel chair, recalling to me one of Richard Widmark’s c1950 film noire roles as a gangster who pushed an old lady in a wheel chair down a flight of stairs. Probably the meanest thing done I’ve ever seen in film.

We like a writer-activist here named Labor Union Report very much, who also hosts his own website, and is nationally known for what he knows about unions and their thuggery. I invite you to bookmark that site, as the unions, and his perspectives are far and away out in front of what you will see on candidacy and election-based blogs like RedState.  This is where the real war is.

Coming for us, over that hill, I see unions as the vanguard, the shock troops of Obama’s assault forces, since he doesn’t have that Revolutionary Guard in place yet. Look for them to begin to play a larger roll in the Occupy movement now that it has discredited itself for rape and drugs and hygiene offenses that has rendered it virtually irrelevant.

As with Richard Widmark, they also have the requisite meanness to push old ladies down a flight of stairs. Most of them would do it for 50 bucks. But that’s also their biggest problem, they have to be paid. They’re Hessians. Privateers. Very few are actually down for any cause, just the extra money, and for some, maybe satisfying some inner need to kick old ladies. They are mostly goons, in other words. So no one knows just how far over that hill they will charge when met with real face-to-face resistance that isn’t being paid by the job, and that ain’t blinking. We’ll see, I guess.

Personally, I’m not sure SEIU can pay them enough, especially since their wives think they’re out bowling. The last thing they want their wives to see is them come home from bowling draped over the hood of a PT Cruiser. There’d be hell to pay then, for sure.

So, I’ve said they are pretty thin. War lovers, thugs, goons and sadists, mostly for hire, or the blood lust, versus us, we few, who, last I checked, aren’t being paid squat. But that’s just one of our advantages.

There are others:


Coming full circle, this takes me back to that drawing by Remington, and Moses Sands’ punctuation, when I said those were the bravest men I’d ever seen. Moses said, “No, that ain’t bravery…

…that is supreme confidence.”

You see, Tea Partiers, Patriots, Citizens here, are for the most part are older. It doesn’t mean we’re lame, but that we’re mature. We’re experienced. Some of us have been shot at. Some of us have even been hit. Our knuckles have been broken (in my case a nose, twice) so we know certain kinds of pain, both in the inflicting and the receiving ends many don’t. And we fight without being paid, which should tell all of you that we have something in our ammo pouch the Left does not have.

To win, we must set our jaws firm, our eyes fixed, our hands so they don’t quake and our fingers so they don’t quiver. Our eyes should be black as coal.

This fight will not be for the squeamish, but neither will it be for the screechy and squeaky. Outrage makes my hands tremble, so we can do without it. Stow it. Instead, imagine shooting a rabid dog, your favorite dog. It is not pleasant, and there is no “revenge is sweet” crap to sing while doing it. You must be cold as ice.

So when they come at us the only white they will see will be the gleam of our teeth, for you see, we smile a lot. After all, what an honor to be among the lucky few who get to stand shoulder to shoulder on this spot in History, and to be able to thank our Maker for it…and we’ll all be happy to introduce them to our Maker as soon as they will make themselves available.

The odds? Well I figure 20 to 1, and considering all the elements mentioned here…still allows us time to bend over and reload. We’ve scrutinized your troops pretty well, and we know our abilities.

They are surrounded by a smaller force of men, who are about to relieve them of their god forsaken lies.

Can they steal the election in 2012? Can they take over the streets in 2012? Maybe. In the words of Reddeford Walker, “That remains to be saw.”

Either way, Rule 2 applies.

We will finish it.

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