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Polygamy and the New Democracy in Libya

No, this is not the grade school pageant in Riyadh.

Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to mention some darker aspects of the new, spreading democracy in the Middle East.

Personally I think she knew all along, but just like her boss, the politics of convenience to a Leftist trumps all the high-sounding malarkey about human dignity, women’s rights, even pedophilia and slavery.

For you see, recently, the interim head of Libya’s new government, Mustafa al-Jahlil announced a return to sharia law.

Now sharia law has been bandied about in American courts to settle property disputes in the various Muslim communities where dispute arose, forgetting that “property” takes on a totally new aspect once sharia law does the Full Monty.

The “barbarian” Qaddafi had outlawed polygamy, just as the “tyrant” Mubarak had in Egypt. Now it is back under “democracy”, and women in Libya are outraged.

They have a right to be, for even as Hillary might say that, “Well, women don’t have to marry an Arab man and become his second, third or fourth wife if they don’t want to,” more often as not those second, third and fourth wives don’t have a choice. Nor are they women.

For you see, they are more often sold into slave…er, marriage as 7, 8, or 9-year old children.

Oh, did I mention sharia law also sanctions the stoning to death of gay men and women who sleep around without benefit of clergy?

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