TOLONEWS is an Afghan Press Agency. In covering the Kissed By an Angel fatalities, we see a lot of their stories coming coming out of the battlefield.

The CIA is allowing the US military a greater say in assessing how the war in Afghanistan is progressing by letting it have an input in analysis at early stages, the Associated Press reported.

The move has caused upset among some members of the CIA who worry that the new director, the former commander of US troops in Afghanistan David Petraeus, may try to overhaul the agency.

However, the change was ordered by current Afghanistan commander General John Allen and backed by the CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell before Petraeus started his new job.

“I saw it as strengthening the analysis, better informing the analytic process,” Morell told the AP in an interview on Friday.

Morell is attempting to shrink the gap between the intelligence community’s often negative view of the war and the more optimistic one expressed by commanders in the field, the AP reported a senior intelligence official as saying.

The change will affect how the CIA conducts its semi-annual review of Afghanistan.

This answers a question we’ve been asking as we’ve watched battlefield casualties drop, versus prior years, since the spring. Why isn’t any official someone saying we’re beating Taliban back?

The UN continually makes negative assessments, as has, apparently the CIA.

Maybe Gen Petraeus can fix that. The Harvard statistical analysts almost cost us a war in Vietnam.

Oh, wait…

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