UnifiedPatriots is an activist site. Yes, we comment on the news, but we are not a news site. And yes, we rant on the daily outrages, but neither are we an outrage site.

Our centerpiece is to encourage conservative activism, and yes that means more than voting every two years. It means getting involved. It means becoming incubators for change, from grabbing your neighbor by the nape of the neck and getting him to vote, to becoming a leader and taking our Cause uptown, including, Hallelujah, taking back the Republican Party. It is our brand they’ve hi-jacked, you know.

But part of activism, sometimes, is to do nothing but analyze and understand things, and then take that knowledge, not the outrage, and do something about it when the time arises. It’s why I keep a pitchfork under the porch, a 9mm you can’t know where, baseball bats scattered around, a Winchester…etc, etc.

My evolving analysis about the question asked in the title is simply news you can use as you watch things unfold in the coming months. Just watch and learn and keep your powder dry.

Lady Penguin has become quite an expert on the mental state of Barack Obama, having written a string of insights into this man-child’s behavior. I agree with her. This is not a man fully in charge of himself, let alone the administration. I doubt he can run a private meeting and suspect, whether by whispers, or the existence of an inner council, it is well known to the others in those meetings. I think a lot of what goes on inside the Oval Office is kabuki dance.

Of course, then, this means real planning and execution take place elsewhere.

Only believing this causes us to start trying to connect logical dots. If he’s not in charge, who is? Is he their rice bowl, or are they his? And if he is a poseur (I first brought up the Being There candidate…see the film…during the 2008 campaign) is it by accident, one super big Ooops? Or intentional? A Manchurian candidate?

Whatever you think, remember the diagnosis of any problem begins with a unified theory. All the pieces have to fit, and the pieces are still being revealed to, in drips and drabs, so don’t be too hasty.

So, how do we answer the entry-question; if Barack Obama doesn’t care, why?

As early as 2009, people began taking notice of incongruities in Obama’s behavior. He and his administration were doing things that did not make sense, and by sense, I mean even illogical in the mind of a political Leftist who wanted to fool the public. He didn’t meander like Clinton back to the center, and sign legislation he had twice vetoed (welfare reform), or try scorched earth to prevent impeachment.

Unlike Clinton, Obama would lie then not care that he got caught and go on repeating it…in part because the media allowed him to. But: Question, were they protecting 1) him, 2) their investment in him, or 3) merely their own vanities in allowing it to be revealed they could so easily be duped?

All three are plausible.

Of course Obama and his gang didn’t want to fix the economy. That’s been apparent for the longest time. And yes, the GOP leadership is still out there haranguing away on the fact that he sure is incompetent because he’s doing all the wrong things, the wrong way, to bring the economy back…but seriously folks, everyone understands the game here…except maybe the GOP leadership.

But no one seems to want to stretch out the logic to that obvious truth: If they want to wreck the economy, then why? And can the answer have anything to do with the fact, over and over again, when they get caught bungling (Stimulus One), or lying (GunRunner) or corruption (Green Energy-Solyndra) they very casually flip off the public through any number of surrogates and continue to move.

And lately, Obama has even gotten round to flipping off his own party in the Senate, and several donors. This too is telling. He doesn’t seem to care, as if to say, at some point they will have to decide, like sin, whether they are “fer him or agin’ him.” So why bother with cute niceties?

Only is this really Obama really flipping them off?

He reports incredible donations ($42M) and yet his numbers and job ranking with the people continue to fall. There are those who speculate that all the money in the world couldn’t get Americans to vote for him. Still he does nothing to bolster his sagging numbers. He doesn’t seem to care.


Right after the Obamacare bill was passed in March, 2010, American anger at both Obama and the Democrat Congress was deafening, and it built up to a crescendo, with a massive brooming-out of the Democrats in Congress.

But as early as the primary season it was obvious he didn’t care, hanging his own party in Congress out to dry, causing some of us to speculate that he had a plan that may or may not involve Congress?

Indeed, his appointment of czars increased his (their) ability to govern by executive fiat in the absence of Congressional support. Was Reid and Pelosi on board? Oh, Really?

He and his backers now openly speak of suspending Congress for a couple of years. Trial balloons. Questions come rushing to our heads: Would he jail Congress if they were to buck his authority? How? Who would be the marshals? Indeed, which way would the majority of Democrats lean, or again, would it be a vile partisan act by Republicans to stand firm?  Would Mitch McConnell suddenly discover the Constitution? Would McConnell actually go to jail? Wanna bet? Would Leon Panetta order the Air Force to march down to Quantico and disarm the Marine Corps? If not SecDef, then who? Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD?

So many questions.

So we must go back to Lady Penguin’s original analysis that this is a frightened little boy, afraid of so many things, in particular work and not being doted and adored. Did his handlers know that was part of the package?

So how can a smarmy little fop like this do all that? That’s a dot I cannot connect, unless Obama is indeed a faux-Pimpernel.

Obama seems to have the world view of those silly children at OWS who have practiced all their lives at turning away the disapproving wagging finger and scolding look from adults and peers by merely saying to themselves, “They are stupid, I am not” as we’ve seen time and time again on video. The arrogant know-nothing may be the most dangerous animal ahoof.

Obama would have been reinforced at home by a doting mother. I’ll bet he has a little “sticks and stones” rhyme he learned very young which he still whispers to himself when confronted with an insecurity, as he swallows his Extra Strength Zoloft with a glass of water before night-night time.

Does he get through the days with a regimen of uppers and downers knowing there is a final revenge in the end, as the Occupy kids seem to think they too are playing out?

This is not a strong person who can make decisions. Oh, he is president and likes to be coddled like, as does his wife. But if not Obama, who?

If Penguin is right, I know why Barack Obama doesn’t care. All we have to do is to begin to connect the dots.

What I really want to know is who are those handlers?

Who are those guys? And what is their plan?


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