Good vs Good

This is important to remember at all times if you are going to go beyond merely being angry at what appears to be sheer venality in the OccupyWalmart movement:

This is not a war between Good and Evil but a war between two polar opposite ideals of Good.

Never forget this. For there is absolutely no sense in trying to debate, argue  or reason with lab rats, just as they have decided not to bother with you now that they have been organized under the benevolent guiding hand of the Marxists.

This is what they were engineered to do.

Virtually everything you hold to be good, they hold to be bad. Your faith, your belief in personal responsibility, your belief in merit and reward. Your belief in work, honor, integrity.


They think all these things are bad. They think all those things that get in the way of living their lives as irresponsibly as they want, is bad. They think all accountability is bad.

But they believe free stuff is good, and just like the vanity abortions that make up 80% of all baby killing, they don’t think it is fair that they should get free stuff unless everyone gets free stuff, except people they don’t like.

They are the 99% and the other half should get s**t.

They think a BA in 17th Century Baroque music should be worth the same as a degree in engineering. They believe money grows on trees, and we should plant more money trees so everyone can have one in his back yard.

They believe me, me, me is good, good, good. They think shirking duty is courageous. They think cowardice is noble. They think there is virtue in lying to anyone…not of your tribe. They believe truth is treason, and facts are disposable.

They are tribal, they are primitive, they are ignorant and backward. And they are proud of it.

They think cars, cell phones, Nikes, all come from the same kinds of trees money come from. They don’t believe in God but still assume someone had to have planted all those trees. They don’t believe in Satan either, but think his freebies are way cooler than planting trees.

They think that freedom for all is bad, and privilege for the few is good.

And they think we stand in the way of them having a world built on their idea of Good.

So, don’t waste your time. No one can be persuaded away from a vision of what he believes is good. That’s a law.

So they will keep thinking that way until they are re-educated.

Konzentration Kamps for Kidz

Beneath the child-like exterior there are some darker notions about how they plan to deal with us once they win.

The don’t hide the fact they believe re-education camps are good, and have even selected the American west as the place we should all be sent. These are concentration camps, and most of the people to be sent there will be older since most Americans younger than 40 will already have graduated from the national concentration camp called public education.

If the Marxists win, they will do this. Trust me.

But if we win

I believe we should send them to re-education camps as well. Only we don’t have to build shacks, with barbed wire and guard towers.

All we have to do is cut them loose. That’s all. Just shove them into the world head- first and lock all the doors.

Our concentration camps will be Life, which they’ve assiduously avoided, nothing more, nothing less. No interventions, no seminars, classroom lectures or handouts. And it will be total immersion. Head first. Push them out there, and throw away the key.

Every time they ask anything, we answer, “Figure it out yourself.” Every time they ask for anything, we answer “Go get it yourself.” “Fix it yourself.” “Find it yourself.” “Buy it yourself.”

Most of course will find their way back to the right path, but they’ll be a few years behind their peers who never strayed in the first place. Most will never realize their true potential, so most will live in anger as they pull down hourly wages (for career decisions they made in high school…the easy road, they thought) and now find themselves working for bosses (with degrees or experience) they think are as dumb as rock. This is God’s way of teaching humility, or punishing hubris.

I’ve seen this on truck shipping docks and small manufacturers all over the country…it is an eternal hell for them – for by the time the film falls from their eyes, around 30-35, most are married and no longer can find an easy way to go back to school to trade in that degree in Hopi Indian chants for an AD in drafting or design. They become bitter and angry, only they can’t get a job where they can even get a chance to sign a union card.

Tough toenails. We will lock away all the free stuff, especially abortion. If the states want to keep it, fine, but make them pay, which means a job. Pay as you go.

Sure, a few will crawl away in basements and build bombs, and we’ll have to deal with this for a few years. But unlike a few of my generation, they will find the door to respectability shut and locked. There will no teaching gigs at Northwestern after they’ve done their time.

First, We have to Build the Wall

But, as we all say must be a condition precedent to an immigration bill…we have to build a wall around our schools to insure no more lab rats escape.

And this means that while we lock this generation into the concentration camp of Life, we have to ensure we’re no longer creating any more. We need to shut the schools, K-12, Freshman thru Law School off from sending any more of these mindless cretins into our midst.

And that, believe it or not, can be carried out with incredible swiftness and finality…in my view, four years, if the states and federal government will collaborate. A scythe, not a scalpel will best fix the educational laboratories in America.

That’s where our revolution is headed.

The alternative

Of course, if you think this is draconian, consider that their side could always win.

And once we’re safely stowed away in the New Mexico gulag…

…then they’ll all be taken out and shot…

…for that’s what always happens to useful idiots when the “good” guys win.

You can look it up.


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