Should Congress Pull Obama’s War-Making Powers in Libya?

I say, when a man is down, kick him.

And in the middle east, Barack Obama is down.

The Arab street doesn’t seem to like Obama for the same reason the African-American street is beginning to dislike him here. He isn’t Muslim enough. In fact, the only people there who do like him are the communists/socialists/fascists who plan to be the last men standing after everything else unravels over there. Then they can go about the business of finally undoing Israel, which all this seems to be about, even if Obama is merely the Judas goat to bring all these parties together.

Whether he’s an Islamist conspirator or just stupid no longer matters, in fact.

Mostly Obama dithers. In foreign policy it may be the only thing he’s actually good at. In Egypt he dithered. And in Libya he has dithered, which causes me, about the above observation, to lean more toward stupid. A Sword of Allah or a Defender of the Faith, he ain’t. Or any other sword or defender, for that matter.

What could have been a 30-day operation at the outside, and should have begun 3o days earlier than it did, dither, dither, dither, instead of celebrating in Tripoli, the so-called Libyan rebels aka “democracy forces” are sitting on overturned ammo boxes in the desert near Benghazi waiting to have some buses brought out to ferry them to town. Delegations of select spokesmen who can be relied on not to give the game away with a wayward “workers of the world, unite” or “death to the Jews” are being feted in New York, London, and Paris. But still their “army of freedom” waits, and waits, and waits, swatting sand fleas and those  #%*&*# Saharan flies.

Europe’s first “sitzkreig” since 1940. And America’s first stalemate (none dare call it “quagmire”) since LBJ left office.

But worse, this has now become Obama’s constitutional problem. He has committed American forces, and he has committed Yankee dollars, along with a few on-the-ground military advisers. Shades of JFK, 1961-63, this practice was supposed to have been ended in 1973 with the War Powers Act, whereby Congress limited a president’s power to unilaterally start or fight a war to 60 days. After that he had to ask Congress’ permission to proceed.

That 60 days has run.

But true to form, Obama has said “No” we’re not obliged to keep to that 60 day limit, and “No” we don’t need Congress’ permission anyway…a point incidentally, almost similar to what Ronald Reagan brought up as he was funneling arms to the Contras in Nicaragua in the mid-80s. Reagan invoked his constitutional executive powers to conduct foreign policy as a trump to the many Boland Amendment restrictions.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee will begin hearings this week to investigate this. I’m anxious to hear the administration’s legal defense. But the White House will try to keep the issue narrow, very narrow…

…while  I think our guys should make this investigation as broad as they can, for  I expect the White House to play its cards wrong, by invoking Reagan among other things. But while at first glimmer it may seem they hold some of Reagan’s  cards (which he decided not to test in court), the WPA is very pointed about direct military intervention, such as in Libya, which Reagan did not do. It’s these sorts of military incursions the WPA specifically addressed.

Legally Obama doesn’t stand much of a case, so the Congress will be on very firm legal ground to deny Obama his way in this. But, politically, as this article from The Hill lays out, the Senate at least is unlikely to do so; in part because 1) there are too many left-symps in the Senate, and 2) too many GOP members who will be persuaded to see a false politics instead of a simpler scenario in the region in which Israel and an Iran-centered Islamo-fascist regional authority are the real end game. They will not want to be presented to the public as being against embryonic democracy movements, when in fact, no such thing exists.

We say, bring that argument on. For we can prove this. It’s a winner for us. History has showed Ortega was not a democrat, but communist,  and Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, well, they were communist, too, and killed millions for which one US Congress of another time has yet to have to stand in the well of history to explain.

I think the GOP House needs to go its own way here, and do what it can to deny the White House what it wants in its Libya policy no matter what the Senate may or may not do…

…but not just because of the politics of it, but also because of the Good vs Evil, the Israel, Alive or Dead, of it.

If you’re going to stand in the well of history, makes sure you take the high road to get there. Cowards have a different well, and a different road.

The End Game

As much as we dislike Muammar Ghaddafi, he at least is the devil we know. Muammar Ghaddafi hates the Jews as much as the next guy, but he had been cornered by Ronald Reagan and GW Bush and thought it best to stay mum about his beef with the Jews. All the while his light sweet crude tasted just as sweet in Paris and London as it ever did.

But undercoating this current Obama policy in the region, this rebel “democracy” brood carries with it a new-old politics tinged with a more virulent  hatred for the Israelis, more along the lines of what Adolf Hitler had in mind, which, shazzam!, one of the leading groups finding favor with Obama there, the Muslim Brotherhood, traces its roots back to. So, once again, there is talk of removing this race from the face of the earth.

Only, while this rhetoric has been common for years on the Arab street, these groups will soon have both the political will and capability to carry it out. Thanks to Obama and American policy.

This is fact, members of Congress;  all you have to do is make it public record.

For, as has already reared its head in Egypt, inside the leadership of this “democracy” rebel force awaiting Ghaddaffi’s demise are the same people burning Christian churches in Egypt today, awaiting their triumphant march into power with the next scheduled “election,” courtesy of Mr Obama.

These are not democrats (little “d”) but rather your standard Marxist “demokrats’ with a “k,” and in Libya they need do nothing but allow that sweet crude, loved by the Europeans, to turn the French, English and Italians into more open enemies of Israel than most of them already are in their closets. Libya’s strategic proximity to Israel and a new Muslim red dawn was always thru Paris and London.

All we say is let these hearings reveal to the American people these truths. If the media won’t broadcast them, we will.

These Congressional hearings should tie Obama’s stated policy pursuits and the stated objectives of its beneficiaries together.

Then tie a tin can to its tail. I don’t care if these hearings take up the rest of the year, for in my view the findings from the hearings will prove more important than the money spent on this silly sitzkreig.

Let Obama decide whether all that will come out of these hearings will be a bad policy decision, cut short by the will of Congress…or a trail of discoveries that could lead to impeachment.


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