Socialism’s Elitist Slip is Showing, Dominique Strauss-Kahn

It seems Socialism has allowed it’s elitist slip to show again this week.

If you don’t already know it (see here), the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested Sunday as he tried to board an Air France jetliner (First Class) back to Paris from New York.

He allegedly tried to force sexual advances on a house maid in his hotel suite ($3000/night, courtesy of G8 taxpayers). He was buck naked so, no, he wasn’t fumbling for his change purse so as to leave her a tip.

If you didn’t already know it, Strauss-Kahn is French and was about to run for President of France.  He is also a Socialist.

He has been charged criminally for this assault, which for some strange provincial reason, is still considered a crime in America. Today he sits in a single cell at Riker’s Island awaiting an appearance before a judge on Friday, at which time a plea should be entered, an appeal for bond made, and as is the French way, some whispered mention of restitution to make all this unseemliness go away.

It will be interesting to see if the judge allows bail, as DSK is sure to leave the country, possibly never to return. Les Américains sont si stupides, (Americans are such stupid-heads)…about men of position taking their pleasures whenever and wherever they wish. The French at least understand these overpowering compulsions for immediate companionship.

Indeed, for French polls show that 54% of Frenchmen believe DSK to be the victim here. Instead of noblesse oblige, the modern sentiment, per Bill Maher, seems to be that the hoi polloi should oblige de noblesse, up to and including lifting the skirt when circumstance presents them with this sordid duty. Or, as Tex might say, unbuckling his pants, “Why hell, Honey, I guess this just ain’t your lucky shift.”

(Don’t worry, Maher will someday find himself buck naked, his wrists tied to his ankles, leaning gingerly up against a Joshua tree, and hear those every words…from Tex..for Tex gets around, and God moves in mysterious ways.)

Of course, like most American pollsters, it isn’t clear as to the demography of this poll, but we already know that 99% of the French press is socialist or communist, as is as much as 60% of their population, so by my count DSK may be lagging a bit in these polls.

I did say that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a socialist, didn’t I?. And aren’t socialists supposed to to be running around in Mao jackets, used Dockers and worn-out Bass Weejuns? Aren’t they supposed to ride in coach, just so the people, for whom they work, can save money and look upon them as paragons of virtue and economy? Even the commissars of the USSR sneaked off to the woods to enjoy their dachas and private stashes. I knew Central Committee members who never wore cotton in public. How pedestrian to parade oneself around like a filthy capitalist pig, gorging at the public trough like a philistine. Bourgeoisie.

Socialism just had a serious equipment malfunction.


Of course we always knew this was socialism’s real gig; to loot the earnings of builders and take it for themselves, while actually asking the people to eat even less cake.

And by virtue of DSK sitting in a lonely cell for five days, it proves that American socialism is still a backroads piker compared to the aristocratic pretensions of its betters in Europe. While we only pluck the golden goose, they feel beknighted to rape it should the urge descend on them.

No respectable French magistrate would even have required such an esteemed personage to forced to appear before him, much less in an orange jumpsuit. Tres horrible! Rather, they would have expected  DSK to send his boy around to gather up the charges, sign off on them and pay the € 200 appearance bond. It would all be rather routine.

I expect on Friday a New York  judge will do the same, although the bond will be much higher, as it will also be expected to be defaulted upon. And a quiet whisper will have been made in the judge’s ear about a discreet solatium (“gomen nasai money” in Japan) paid to that ambitious scheming woman, who will then refuse to press charges, or appear in court, as the case may be. By nightfall GSK will be winging home to Paris, and, like Roman Polanski, probably never show his face on American soil again…although it remains to be seen about the sanctity of United Nations soil across town, where, no doubt, his next appearance will be met with a thunderous ovation. Quel homme! Quel homme!

Don’t expect a personna non grata declaration from the Obama administration.

If some of you are wondering why this is important, think back to the many displays of grandeur and public exemptions demanded by the Democrat leadership, Hollywood (DiCaprio attending the World Cup in South Africa), athletic public figures (Kobe Bryant, rape, Ron Attest, anger issues, the entire NFL, something.)  From Nancy Pelosi’s private Air Force jet to San Francisco each week, to Lindsay Lohan all week long, we are seeing rank and privilege through the lens of a socialist-rich society, looters one and all, living off money they stole from earners.

DSK is reminding us, and while Bill Maher makes light of sexual assualt when carried out by someone who probably has listened to Beethoven’s 3rd, and for sure seen Yanni live at the Acropolis, that the American Left’s slip is showing as well.

God, how I yearn for the self-made man again, whose greatest crime will be to buy a Lexus, then spend $10,000 in moon caps, lake pipes, louvres and ooga-horn, turning it back into a Celica. Or come to the golf course dressed like Rodney Dangerfield.

Our political class seems to be trying awfully hard to catch up with Europe.

So then, we should be reminded about just what it is we’re fighting for.

And against.


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