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Conservative Activism, A Primer for Those Who Don’t Go To Meetings

A reminder: History is written by the winners

After the November election I noted that the principal politics for the next several months will not come from Washington, but rather out in fly-over country…where we live. And the movers of those events will be unions and other stealth operatives of the Democrat-Left machine, not Congress.

Wisconsin has proved this to be the case.

Look for more of it, for they will break the law, and break it with seeming impunity, out in the open, with little or nothing to fear.

Follow me here, for sensing some pain among our own ranks, this very brazenness might offer some of you an easing of the discomfort you’ve been feeling in your gut the past two years.

Walking-the-Floor-Hurtin’-Over-America Blues:

We can make them afraid. We can deter them. This much I know. But we also need to ease these hurtin’-for-my-country blues.

You see, “out there” is where the action is going to be, and “out there” is where you can be a conservative activist 57 weeks a year, and it doesn’t involve “going to meetings or having to put on a tie” (M Sands).

And in any given town, city, territory (you decide) it will only require four of five of you to get it started. Build it and trust me, more will follow.

Here’s the problem conservative-activists face; Outrage fatigue and boredom waiting for the next election.

In the 1970’s, Peggy Lee recorded a song called “Is That all There Is?” It’s a dark song echoing the fatalistic notion that “Hey, our victories are over almost as soon as they’re won. Besides, we always lose in the end anyway, and the world’s going to hell no matter what we do. So let’s all go get drunk.”

Ever feel that way? One day every other November we go out and vote. Then before they’re even sworn in, we learn of new outrages and that what we did wasn’t enough. So by January we’re counting down the days, about 700 of them, until the next election so we can do it all over again, hopefully with better results.

In  order to manage this we have to stay drunked-up on outrage. Daily we drag ourselves out of bed, go to work, cut the grass, cook, clean, listen to Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, or read our favorite blogs just in order to stay juiced…while our gut is saying there has to be something more we can do today. (There is.)

In fact, common sense tells us America just can’t take this 24/7 “crime wave” by the Democrats and think we can defeat it simply by showing up at some appointed place to vote every two years so can wave a new law in front of those criminals’ faces.  When did a law ever deter a criminal?

So we join groups and go to tea party rallies to hear a bunch of speakers say things over and over again we already know. And the criminals still rule the streets.

Some days we look upon our love of country as a curse, even wishing we could be as insipid as those clueless idiots on Jan Leno’s Citizenship Tests. Right? Let’s go get drunk.

The Pace of Guerrilla Warfare

We learned this in Vietnam and I proved it in business. In warfare there has to be a “pace” to fighting or people can’t stay on the cutting edge, especially for 700 straight days over what, 6-8-10 years? The Viet Cong “outpaced” us. The Taliban are trying to do the same in Afghanistan. The Enemy Left knows this, too. In fact, they rely on it. So does the Establishment GOP. They expect us to get tired and bored and finally give it up.

But find the right pace and men will jump out of bed every morning just to get to it. All they need to do is be able to count coup from time to time…

…or hook a rainbow.

And we know this why? Because we are older and more mature. And have been fishing. We know the power of preparation and waiting. Patience.

The Best Cure in still the Precinct Project

I have to say here out of loyalty to Cold Warrior, Ron Robinson, eBurke and others, the best way to take back this country is slow and methodically, by legal process. But it requires going to meetings. And watching paint dry. Still, this is a sure winner if enough of you will just belly up to the bar of civic responsibility. Taking over the Republican Party…and even the Democrat Party…would be as easy as pie. Just become a precinct committeeman, then YOU can insure that YOUR kind of candidates will be running for public office, and that YOUR kind of conservatives will be running the party.

It’s that simple…only, and here’s the rub, it requires a special kind of grit and attention to detail most of us don’t have.

This is why men still choose Mayhem 10-to-1 over Meetings to fight their battles. Shillelagh Law.

So, what follows is addressed to the lesser men and women…just like me…who choose Mayhem.

A Primer for Conservative Mayhem

The Enemy Left can be found everywhere these days. You don’t have to look far to find them. And they are mobile. They can move from county-to-county and state-to-state on a simple “go” order. They use the internet, but also codes and marching orders from unseen handlers.

These days they have all sorts of methods of attack, from ugly protests (Westboro) to sit-ins and occupations (Wisconsin) to beating up people in wheelchairs (union thuggery) to voter fraud and intimidation (virtually everywhere). Their principle tool is intimidation (legal terror) but they are not afraid to break the law or hurt people.

While they may appear spontaneous, they are 90% scripted. And everyone plays a part. But they are very compartmentalized so they usually only know their single part in the play and not the bigger story line. As in every play, there are Authors (generals), Stage managers (capos) and the chorus line (cannon fodder). Their authors are the true believers, their capos are usually on the payroll, and their chorus line will work for the going rate; a hundred bucks, beer, a doobie, or a chance to get a black eye from cops and parade it on Facebook. Like stream trout, most are primitive.

And they are also the Left’s greatest weakness.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stifle them; where they live and where they practice their criminal trade.


Of course, our main enemy is the true-believers, but we will likely never run into them. Their soft points are their capos and cannon fodder, who have to be induced or seduced with something of value to serve in their armies. Cut these off at the knees and you reduce the true believers to what they really are; paper tigers.

To do this, you will want to know who these people are, and how they communicate.

1. Intel: You will want pictures of them, their names, where they live, etc.

(Right now they are providing this free of charge, but this will change once you become active)

2. Plans and Ops: Develop plans to “deter” them;

(This is the mystery of it all, which we never discuss in the clear)

3. Psy Ops: Sometimes before an operation, sometimes after, depending on the objective, let them know you know who they are, as their behavior will change on that fact alone

(There has to be a cause-and-effect in every ops, and each will respond based on what he has risked and what he is willing to lose)

4. After-action: Take note those changes you have brought into their lives; Lessons learned, adjust;

(Some will quit, some will enhance their own security, and others look for you)

5. Security: Don’t ever let them know who or where you are

(Let them know you are there, nothing more)

It’s that simple.

Legal Mayhem

There are hundreds of things you can do to thwart them. That’s the idea. As one you can appear to be ten. As ten you can appear to be a thousand. For you see, unlike our side, they are committed to little more than their own appetites and vanities. Most have to be paid to do this work. Their wives think they’re out bowling or their parents think they’re in study hall.

But they are criminals, and assume you will do to them what they will try to do to you.  That’s their Achilles heel. So, you don’t have to lay a glove on them, for in the mere assuming you will behave as they would, most will duck and run…thus depriving the Left of their magnificent services.

Each has his own unique weakness. Paid thugs assume no one will bite back. Oops! Students assume they are on a lark. Oops!, where’s momma? Politicians fear public notoriety. Oops! This craven cowardice of (most) politicians is a noose for most unions, whom they employ. Their employers will cut and run leaving them high and dry, to hang, if you play your cards right. I could go on.

This is how we cut the Left off at the knees.

But I want to stress here the word “legal”. Keep it legal. If you don’t have a copy of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, get one. Everything Alinsky advised is legal. (He also winked and nodded a lot, but that’s another matter.)

Security, Security, Security: Being above and below the radar

(Some people like to refer to this as “in the clear” and “in the dark”.)

I always speak about Security with the end game in mind. It should be your most important concern if you are to be a successful dispenser of mayhem with the Left. From Day One assume you will be a wanted man in someone’s eyes.

You can do virtually anything in the clear (emails, internet, cell phones etc)  as long as no one is paying attention to you. That’s just chatter. But the moment they know “someone out there is trying to get to them” they will start trying to find out who you are. It’s to your benefit to have built a large dossier about them before this happens and leave no fingerprints in the process. Remember, they have more money than you.

You have to work under much tighter security protocols than the Left, for what may be legal today can be made illegal tomorrow…by them.

That’s a fact of life, so get used to it.

So you must be entirely about Security. Goosing the Left is easy. Leaving no fingerprints is hard, for it entails habits you long since gave up when you started to use the internet and joined Facebook.

In the clear you can have a web site, a blog, or be part of your own group (tea parties), even be involved in local politics. To the Left you’re still just a face in the crowd. As long as what you do just falls into the heap of what every other rightwing nut is doing, they won’t single you out.

But delicate operations have to be carried out by old-fashioned methods that are not susceptible to high-tech snooping.

I recommend land lines, “burn” phones, snail mail and note drops for communications. Develop bug-out codes in email. Establish protocols, and put them on paper, then in a locked drawer. Stay away from social networks. This is not playtime, folks. These are people who wanted to do all of you harm even before knowing who you are.

So you must limit your circle of information. Only 3-4 of you should ever know who “you” are for certain purposes. You have to lead double lives with even your closest friends. You can’t brag. People across the country can only know you as Colonel Mustard in the Library. Your greatest compliment will be to overhear someone talk about that “damned elusive Pimpernel”. Don’t look for standing “O’s” or medals. Concern yourselves instead with avoiding warrants.

“History is written by those who have hanged our heroes.” I’m with Gen Patton, don’t be that guy.

So then, you have Intel (in the open) and Communications and Ops (in the dark). A cell of say four, recruiting cells of four that recruit still other cells of four, can get just about any operation going. It took the French years, and some serious torture, to break this system in Algeria. And had the Algerians not been setting off bombs but instead putting sugar in the gas tanks of Citroens, they never would have caught them.

Just remember, this is a target-rich environment. Had we had the assets and an ops plan in place we could have made sure that 80% of the people who stormed the State House in Madison (above) would not show up for Round Two.Â

A lost opportunity, this explains why you want to get out in front of the Left rather than always being reactionary; a day late and a dollar short.

Is That All There Is? Is there a Manual?

Yes and no, as operations-specifics are obviously not the kind of thing to be offered in the clear. I’ve been paid to set up two agitprop groups before, but they had specific targets and budgets. I only offered the design.

But you can do this on the cheap, as there is no time for elaborate fund-raising, but understand, fund-raising requires still a separate set of security protocols. Unless you’re Bruce Wayne and can self-finance.

I recently teamed up with three others who are more technically savvy than I was in the Cold War days, and they will launch a new website in the next couple of weeks (I’ll announce it here) which will serve as a clearinghouse for news about ‘criminal activity” of interest to you. I’ll be involved as a senior adviser. Included in the format will be tips, as well as links for more secure info support, should you be interested.

But yes, if you’re serious about Legal Mayhem, and curing those old Walkin’ Around Hurtin’ for My Country Blues, we’re seriously behind you and can help.

I can be reached at vbushmills@thesandsinstitute.org.





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