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Gates says Security Leak About Osama Raid Threatens Seal Team 6, Family

OK, we called this first. Right here at UP next day.

The USS Hornet was my first thought Sunday night, because the Japanese take a loss of face very seriously, and the successful bombing of Tokyo just a few months after Pearl Harbor was just that, a giant slap at the impenetrable seat of the Empire.

Not one thing about this operation should have ever been released to the public, about the who, what and where of the raid. A simple “We did it” should have sufficed.

I call upon the U S House Committee of Foreign Affairs to take up the matter of security protocols and precautions in handling the information associated with this operation. We have friends there. Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen should be calling her people together right now.

Bring them in, line them up, put them under oath, check all the emails, all the phone records, from Hillary down to her Gs-5 clerks, to see who the loose lips belonged to. Then indict them and put them in jail.

The entire team, their families, their extended families were always a target, and now they are in harm’s way, all because of a house filled with insensitivity (it never dawned on them), indifference and no sense of honor came face to face with a prodding media who will be nowhere to be seen when any of those members are harmed.

This is not simple neglect. It

is criminal.

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