America’s Gutter Trash Move into the Big Leagues- Joe Biden

"Gutter Trash" is a term I heard all my life. It signified a person, most often a man (since women had their own names that you could identify with). As I got older, I always...

Crime Syndicate; How China and Russias Bought off the Washington Establishment

My background for this observation is 30+ years with China, the Far East, including the last days of the Soviet Union in both Russia and Ukraine in 1991-1992 and finally the mostly Balkans through 2009. This is a book...

A Memo to President Trump: Beware of the Green Card Bias

This is a hard subject to talk about. President Trump and I belong to a generation when the natural law of "becoming American" was still operational, even for Indians who immigrated here in the 1960s....

No More Ms Nice Guy; “The Power” Next Time

What follows is more than mere speculation. My opinions here are based on many years of face-to-face experiences with Marxist totalitarianism, but as known by its victims and not its camp followers. This analysis is also based on almost 50...

Maoism in America?

For years we've been steered toward the old Soviet Union as the model of Marxism to either admire or hate in America. In the process very little notice has been given to Maoism and the rise of the cult of personality...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans